How to Style Tennis Skirt Like A Fashion Icon 2023?

For many years, tennis skirts have been a staple in women’s fashion, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Because of their versatility and figure-flattering design, tennis skirts are a wardrobe staple for any fashion-forward lady.

Tennis skirts are adaptable, enabling you to assemble looks suitable for everything from a picnic in the park to a formal dinner.

Like a fashion icon, how to wear tennis skirts in 2023 is discussed below, along with 5 tennis skirt outfit ideas.

How To Style Tennis Skirt Like A Fashion Icon 2023?

Tennis Skirt

#1. Choose the Right Fabric

The first step in achieving the tennis skirt look is picking the appropriate fabric. Cotton, polyester, or Spandex are ordinary for tennis skirts because they are lightweight and allow for ventilation.

If you want to project an air of refined sophistication, choose a skirt made from a smooth, silky fabric that drapes wonderfully.

You may also create a fashion statement by wearing a skirt with a unique pattern or texture, such as lace or wrinkles.

#2. Pair it with the Right Top.

You may wear just about anything on top of your tennis skirt. Choose a simple tee or tank top to project a laid-back attitude.

You may get a cool, edgy look by pairing a skirt with a crop top or graphic tee. Choose a blouse or a fitted button-down shirt if you need to project an air of professionalism.

You may look cosy and put together by layering a sweater or cardigan over a skirt.

#3. Accessorize with the Right Shoes

Tennis shoes and skirts may either make or break an ensemble. Wear trainers or other athletic footwear to project a relaxed, sporty vibe.

The ideal way to spend the day here would be to conduct errands or play a leisurely game of tennis. To seem more formal, pair your skirt with high heels or sandals.

This addition instantly elevates the look of your present outfit. Another approach to making your outfit is with shoes that have eye-catching designs or themes.

#4. Add Some Color

Tennis skirts are great since they are available in various colours and designs.

Even while a straight skirt in black or white will always look excellent, don’t be scared to try out some daring hues or patterns. You may make a bold fashion statement and showcase your taste by wearing an animal print or floral skirt.

A shirt and shoes in the same colour family are the best tennis skirt outfit ideas for styling a colourful skirt.

#5. Mix and Match

Tennis skirts are great because of how many different ways they can be worn.

They’re versatile since you can pair them with a wide range of shirts, shoes, and accessories. Wear a black skirt with a shirt and shoes for an elegant evening look, or wear a more casual yet fashionable ensemble by teaming a white tennis skirt with a denim jacket and trainers.

You should try new things and have fun with your look.

5 Best Tennis Skirt Outfit Ideas

#1. Sporty Chic

Tennis Skirt

Put together an athletic and stylish look by wearing a white tennis skirt with a basic tank top in either black or white and a pair of trainers.

Using a baseball hat or denim jacket, you may give your clothing a more edgy look. Denim jackets are also a good choice.

This is one of the best tennis skirt outfit ideas for a day spent doing errands around town or for a friendly game of tennis with friends.

#2. Preppy Vibes

Tennis Skirt

You may get a sophisticated and preppy style by wearing a pleated tennis skirt, a button-down shirt that has been ironed to a pristine state, and some loafers or Mary Jane shoes.

Accessorise with a pearl necklace and a purse with structural lines for timeless elegance.

This is one of the best tennis skirt outfit ideas for a day spent at the workplace and on a more formal occasion.

#3. Boho Chic

Tennis Skirt

Combine a tennis skirt with a floral or paisley design, a flowing peasant blouse, and some shoes for a stylish bohemian style.

To add a bit of boho flare to your ensemble, accessorise with some spectacular earrings and a hat with a broad brim.

This is one of the best tennis skirt outfit ideas for just what you need for a day spent lounging by the pool or attending a music festival.

#4. Casual and Comfortable

Tennis Skirt

Put up a laid-back and comfy outfit by wearing a tennis skirt with a basic t-shirt or tank top, and finish the look with some sandals or trainers.

If you want your look to have more personality, choose a skirt with a pattern or eye-catching colour.

If you want a laid-back and unfussy style, accessorise with a crossbody purse and some sunglasses.

#5. Glamorous Evening Look

Tennis Skirt

If you want to seem elegant for the evening, wear high heels, a tight blouse, and a black or navy blue tennis skirt.

Add sophistication to your look by accessorising with some statement jewellery like a choker necklace, dangling earrings, and a clutch purse.

This is one of the best tennis skirt outfit ideas for a night out on the town and a more formal occasion.


What goes well with a tennis skirt?

Tennis skirts are versatile and may be worn with various outfits. Add a pair of trainers or sandals to the mix for a more casual or athletic feel.

What is the difference between a skirt and a tennis skirt?

The style and purpose of a skirt set it apart from a tennis skirt. Specifically made for tennis, a tennis skirt has either built-in shorts or compression leggings. On the other hand, a skirt may refer to a wide variety of garments that cover the legs.

Can you wear a tennis skirt with heels?

Yes, You may get a stylish and sophisticated image by pairing a tennis skirt with heels. It’s the perfect way to elevate a tennis skirt to an evening-appropriate level of sophistication.

How do you wear a tennis skirt without flashing?

The length and fit of your tennis skirt are crucial if you want to prevent flashing on the court. Ensure the skirt is a good fit and long enough to hide your pants without getting in the way of your game. Wearing shorts beneath might provide another layer of protection from inadvertent bareness.


This post covered the topic “How to style a tennis skirt?” topic. As such, tennis skirts are timeless apparel that can be styled in various ways.

There are many different ways to dress so you may experiment with various styles. Putting together a stylish and practical outfit is as simple as experimenting with different tops, shoes, and accessories.

Thus, acquire a tennis skirt and test it with various skirts and pants.