Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in The UK Redefining Style

The internet has been flooded with fashion blogs since 2000, and so have fashion bloggers. But in this current era, blogging is a whole new game. Fashion blogs are at an all-time high, but I can’t deny the fact social media platforms like Instagram remain the largest forum redirecting traffic towards fashion blogs.

fashion blogs have made our life so easier, It is a hashtag game out in the platform, and that is now we are neck-deep into people’s profiles. we just lost a few days while one hashtag after another. When it comes to fashion, visuals are everything. That is the reason why most people follow bloggers on Instagram since the accounts are very visual. 

Instagram is one of the great platforms when it comes to OOTDs (Outfit of the Day). Here, you can get quicker style inspiration. various major fashionistas write about their fashion statement and personal style on their blogs. 

So, if you are looking for an upgrade of your wardrobe, or are confused about your style and fashion then you can follow some of the renowned fashion bloggers in the UK. To help you choose the right fashion blogger, here I am going to put together a complete list of the top 10 fashion bloggers in the UK. 
Check out my list!

1. Rosie Fortescue

Instagram Followers: 470.2K

Rosie Fortescue is a brand strategist and content creator with a diverse range of skills, She is well known for her fashion blogs, her blogs are a beautiful combination of her love of art with UK fashion. Rosie designs jewelry that just goes beyond the customer’s imagination and desire. 

She always spreads inspiration and happiness for every step of life. The style, beauty, and lifestyle blogger has some amazing high-street looks put together on her blog. these looks help her audience create fun looks. 

2. Samantha Maria

Instagram Followers: 453K

Samantha Maria is one of the renowned fashion bloggers and content creators in the UK. She is the co-founder of the clothing brand Novem & Knight. She is the go-to girl in the blogosphere for her personal style, fashion statement, inspiration, daily outfit, relatable chats, lookbooks, and beauty advice.

Samantha always includes some affordable and accessible items and she has a love and appreciation for old designer piece or accessories. She creates beautiful fashion blogs that help her audience to create their own fashion statement.

3. Rowan Row

Instagram Followers: 1.7M

Roman Row is a UK-based fitness and fashion enthusiast, he always spreads his own style and fashion sense to his followers. He also inspires his followers to maintain a healthy lifestyle just like him. He has dabbled in dancing, modeling, and becoming a diet and fitness instructor. 

He describes his style as “Simple but significant”. When he thinks about creating a new blog or content, he always tries to keep himself in his audience’s shoes. His blogs, content, YouTube, and social channels primarily focus on fashion. Apart from fashion, he loves to create content on fitness, lifestyle, and grooming. He shares his personal experiences through the blogs and content with his audience. 

He won the Influencers Awards in 2018, Monaco in the Fashion category. 

4. Lydia Rose

Instagram Followers: 2.8M

High-street fashionista Lydia Rose has gained a wide number of social media followers, thanks to her recognizable styling videos. If you are seeking beauty tips, stylish styling lookbooks, or shopping hauls then Fashion Influx is the place to grab.

Lydia Rose has teamed up with some of the world’s best fashion brands such as Oh Polly, Gymshark, ASOS, and Very to demonstrate various ways can you upgrade your wardrobe. 

5. Victoria Magrath

Instagram Followers: 1.3M

Victoria Magrath is a brand strategist and content creator with an exclusive range of fashion and style skills. However, she is arguably best known for her well-preferred style and beauty platform, In The Frow. 

This style, beauty, and lifestyle blogger has won the Company Magazine Best Personal Style Newcomer Blogger award in 2013. In 2014, she also won the Company Magazine Best Personal Style Blogger Award. 

6. Sophia Rosemary

Instagram Followers: 214K

Sophia Rosemary is one of the renowned fashion and lifestyle bloggers from Manchester. She has worked in fashion for several years and she has studied fashion marketing at University. Then she decided to start her career as a fashion blogger. Her blogs are the creative space for her life where she talks about beauty and style statements.

She offers beauty tips and inspires her followers in more detail. She loves to share all the relevant styling information about outfits, lifestyle, music, and culture. She just loves vintage items. It’s just three years, and blogging has become her full-time career!

7. Raindropes Of Saphire: Lorna Burford

Instagram Followers: 91K

Raindrops of Saphire is a UK personal style, fashion, beauty, and health blogging site. It is owned by one of the best fashion bloggers in the UK, Lorna Burford. The award-winning fashion blogger shares her personal style and fashion sense with the audience who have similar tastes.

She has created this platform so that people can enjoy fashion, style, and lifestyle and gather more knowledge about these facts. She shares her personal love that she bears for fashion from an open and honest point of view.

8. Alexandra Rose Mcnally

Instagram Followers: 13K

Alexandra Rose McNally is one of the best fashion bloggers in the UK, she started her career as a blogger in 2017. Although she is still new to the UK fashion blogging scene, in this short time frame she has gained a huge loyal following on Instagram. 

Her blogs are the insight into her style, travels, and a bit of her personal life. She always shares her fashion, and style statements on everything, from outfits, and beauty, to lifestyle. She always inspires her followers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Alex has worked with some amazing brands such as Oasis, Lipsy, Very.Co.Uk, and many more!

9. Frederique Harrel

Instagram Followers: 169K

Born in Paris Frederique Harrel residing in London for the past five years in London. Now, Harrel is one of the better-known fashion bloggers in the UK. Her style and fashion sense epitomizes the fun side of fashion. She is the master of vivid color, eclectic silhouettes, and statement print.

She hosts talks and workshops regarding how you can build confidence, a topic that inspires her audience to launch her personal blogs. Through her blogs, she delivers effective fashion, styling, beauty, and lifestyle tips and tricks that help you gather more knowledge to enhance your fashion sense. 

10. Ali Gordon

Instagram Followers: 711K

Ali Gordon, a men’s fitness and lifestyle blogger, is well-known for his self-titled blog and Instagram. Through his blogs and social media channels he shares fitness tips, food ideas, grooming routines, and traveling adventures. His blogs are incredibly popular among the people worldwide.

Throughout his blogging career, he has been sponsored by various companies such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Land Rover, and more. 


Searching online for the best fashion bloggers can be a tricky task. However, if you have not already got your go-to fashion guru, you will be ending up down the black hole of Insta hell scrolling through #OOTD for a long.

So, to save you time, here I have prepared a list of the 10 best fashion bloggers in the UK, so you just follow these personalities on Instagram for the ultimate fashion goals!


Does Samantha Maria have any personal clothing brand?

Ans. Samantha Maria is a reputed fashion blogger who also co-owns a style brand named Novem and Knight. You can also find attractive designer pieces as a beautiful accessory.