Funeral Outfit Women | Funeral Outfit Ideas and Things to Avoid

Funerals are an occasion of grieving, but it is also a celebration of the person who once was.

It is a way to show respect for the character, perspectives, preferences, and good deeds of the individual who has now gone to a better place.

Many different emotions exist in the minds of the close ones who have lost the light of their life. For this reason, such careful considerations must exist before you decide on one outfit for this fateful day.

Ladies’ funeral wear UK varies in some finer aspects than the rest of the globe. Some people might say we conduct funerals more formally; others might point out how we place more value on the traditions and values associated with grieving and goodbyes.

10 funeral outfits for women and accessory ideas that are acceptable at funerals

Everyone wishes to display their sense and traits while dressing up for important occasions.

Dressing up has a huge psychological impact on our feeling at ease and even our sense of self. At the same time, you wish to be as considerate as can be of the sentiments associated with grieving.

Hence, it is essential to dress appropriately and discover a middle between these extremes.

A knee-length black dress

A knee-length black dress
A knee-length black dress

If you are looking for black funeral outfits, black dresses are considered one of the most suitable clothing items for attending a funeral.

But considering the situation’s formality, dresses up to your knee or longer are usually preferred.

However, it is equally advisable to avoid dresses that go entirely to your ankles, as full dresses are considered to be made for happier occasions. Avoid dresses that are too revealing.

Laced gloves and veil

Laced gloves and veil
Laced gloves and veil

Black laces are one of the few intricate embroideries permitted at a funeral and, at times, even appreciated.

If you wish to add a few accessories to your outfit for any reason, It will be good to go with laced gloves or stockings. Try to make sure they are of a dark colour, preferably black or deep grey. White lace will do the opposite of what you intend it to do.

Steel grey pullover

Steel grey pullover
Steel grey pullover

In case the weather is cold on the day of the Funeral, you might wish to add something on top of your main attire.

In that case, you are going for overcoats or pullovers is the right thing to do, as you may want to avoid anything casual, like a hoodie.

The most appropriate colours for women’s funeral outfits for pullovers and coats are light grey, deep grey, steel grey and black. If you want to select a warmer tone, go for the darkest browns.

Grey trousers

Grey trousers
Grey trousers

Follow a similar colour pattern when looking for trousers that are not black. If you wear grey or brown trousers, ensure the rest of the outfit is rooted in black or navy blue.

The main idea is that the overall outfit should be in the darkest tones. You can pair a medium grey with their correspondent darkest shades, but you must ensure that the colours are dark enough.

Navy Blue two-piece suits

Navy Blue two-piece suits

For occasions where friends and family have requested formalwear, We will still be selected from our colour mentioned above palette.

If you don’t want to go for a completely black outfit, a navy blue two piece-suit might be a simple and beautiful way to dress up respectfully for a funeral. Once again, go for dark-coloured shirts underneath.



When it comes to shoes, any bed covered and sad is a good choice. Oxford’s have a historical value and a generally preferred for those occasions where you do not want to dress flashy.

They have a respectful vibe around them, and you will not feel out of place wearing these shoes. They wear the most formal and semi-formal attire and are a good choice in any season.



Loafers have a reason for popularity slowly, and how they have been viewed is now changing. These days loafers are considered to be appropriate where severe and formal occasions.

If you’re wearing a dress and don’t have covered dress shoes, go for a loafer or a pair of Mary Janes rather than opting for high stilettos.

Minimalist pearl designs

Minimalist pearl designs
Minimalist pearl designs

Regarding jewellery, a similar sophistication is expected from the funeral attendees. It means you will not be going for any heavy set for this occasion.

Pearls usually symbolize purity and sincerity and are a popular choice. They also accentuate vulnerability and a sense of calm.

Funeral outfit women where feminity is an excellent factor will benefit from the addition of pearls. While pearls are the best choice, If they are not available, try to go for a light set that primarily consists of a chain and a small pendant.

The plain white shirt

The plain white shirt
The plain white shirt

We have mainly emphasized neutral dark colours when it comes to funeral outfits for women. Why, then, are we talking about a plain white shirt?

A simple white shirt is the most formal clothing item of all.

It is expected that the plain white shirt will again be paired with darker tones for a funeral. A funeral outfit for women who don’t want to wear trousers is a simple black formal skirt with a white shirt.

You have to ensure that the skirt’s length is appropriate and that you are using good quality minimalist gold jewellery with the outfit.

Classic brown handbag

Classic brown handbag
Classic brown handbag

A black funeral outfit for ladies can have a slight colour through a classic brown handbag. Most of us have a traditional brown bag at home, and if we cannot arrange for any darker shade, it is best to go with this one rather than a colourful handbag or something more casual.

It is never recommended for women to carry backpacks to a funeral unless it is necessary to do so. A handbag is better than similar radiation, such as a tote bag or small purse.

What to avoid wearing when you attend a funeral?

We keep talking about how to be sincere and wear clothes according to the expected dress code of a funeral.

Are there any specific items that we must avoid at all costs?

Yes, there are, and we have carefully assessed what these might be.

Anything that stands out too much or expresses joviality and flamboyance is to be avoided at a funeral.

Intricate and flashing jewellery

Intricate and flashy jewellery will be considered inappropriate and rude at a funeral by the friends and family of the deceased.

Juniors are supposed to be centred around the person who has departed. Therefore, any excessive individual show of preferences and style is not encouraged. Light is respectful when it comes to funerals.

A white dress

A white dress is usually associated with the happiest occasions of our lives, such as birthdays and weddings.

Unless you are a very close member of the diseased and have an especially memory with them which needs you to wear a white dress, definitely avoid wearing this one. No matter how simple the dresses are, they can still appear sensitive and ridiculous.

Practically anything red

Yes, avoid practically anything red.

This colour symbolizes energy, romance, happiness and seductiveness. All of these are emotions opposite to the occasion of a funeral.

Besides, red is a colour that attracts attention, and you don’t want to draw attention as an attendee at a funeral. It is not a wise choice to use red lipstick.

Go for natural makeup which suits your original skin tone. You can go for very dark lipsticks as well.

Bright floral prints

Bright floral prints are also very eye-catching and symbolize vitality and confidence. That is why a Florida prince is usually associated with vacations and important happy events.

A funeral should not have you waiting for a prince as a dress or not as a form of layering. Try to keep your outfit as plain as you can make it.

Elaborate hair-dos

The wrong accessories or elaborate hairdos can ruin even the most proper black funeral outfit for ladies.

Elaborate hairdos might come off as materialistic and sensitive. Therefore, women with long hair are encouraged to use black coloured pins and clutches while keeping their hair buns or ponytails in one simple hairdo or to keep their hair down entirely.


Is it advisable to wear pink to a funeral?

Pink is an extraordinarily vibrant and cheerful colour. Some people wear washed-out, pastel shades of pink that look sincere and muted. However, it is best to wear neutral tones if you can.

What kind of flowers should I carry to a funeral?

Flowers are a standard offer made to the deceased at a funeral. However, they must be in cold colours like white, blue, and green additions. Red should never be brought to a funeral.

What kind of footwear should never be worn to a funeral?

Mostly, sparkling, dressy shows should be avoided at the Funeral. Most importantly, casual footwear like slippers and sandals show insincerity and are never meant for formal occasions.

Can I wear any other color except black in a funeral in UK?

Ans. If you are not wearing black, you may choose to wear any dark or nude tone at a funeral. However, please avoid any vibrant color like pink, orange, etc.


Ladies’ Funeral wears UK can, however, be managed without you having to worry about purchasing clothes, especially for that occasion.

The process needs you to follow a few mental steps that hold your outfit accountable to the weather and occasion and the religious sentiments of your friends and family.