4 Rectangle Body Types | How to Dress a Rectangle Body Shape?

Weight is a fluctuating factor for many of us. We all should learn and understand balance and proportion, the earlier you understand it will become easier to dress.

If you fall under a rectangular body shape then it can be sometimes stressful to put on a suitable dress.

Some experts tell that rectangle body shapes lack curves, but I don’t agree with them. Many rectangles have curves. Here, in this guide, I am focusing on the ways to highlight them to define their body waistline.

If you have a rectangle body shape and trying to find out the way to dress then this article is for you.  

Below, I am going to round up a few dress styles for a rectangle body shape and also provide you with a lot of dressing ideas to create more shapes with your outfit.

How to dress a petite rectangle body shape

Rectangle Body Shape

A petite body-shaped woman shares some common body traits and so they need specially tailored dresses to put on. A petite woman has narrower shoulders, shorter arms, shorter legs, and a shorter torso.

If you are a petite body-shaped woman and looking for ways to dress then here are some tips for you.

#1. A-line dresses:

A-line dresses especially those with self-belts that will create a waistline definition will be the best option. A-line dresses are the best option for rectangle body-shaped women. 

A-line dresses will make an illusion of longer legs and a shorter torso. So, you will look taller.

#2. A belted dress:

A belted dress defines your waistline, which is exactly what you dreamed of. As you are petite, you need to be sure that the belt is sited at a higher position than your natural waist.

So, it can create an illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. That is the most ideal proportion.

#3. Flounce skirt:

To create curves on your rectangle body shape, you can wear skirts that work great on a rectangle body shape. The most amazing option is a flounce skirt.

It will add an interesting shape to balance your straight-up and down shape.

#4. Flare jeans:

The best jeans option for a petite woman is the flare legs. First of all, flare jeans add the shape of your body; so it breaks up and down the shape of your natural body shape.

Additionally, if you want to look your legs longer then flared jeans will be the best option for you. 

#5. Jeans with pocket details:

If you want the most feminine style then the best petite jeans will be the ones with pocket details. Pockets with flaps will add extra volume and make your butt look less flat.

Silt pockets also help you to get more curves back.

How to dress a tall rectangle body shape

Still, many rectangular body shapes are facing a bit more challenge as they got extra weight around their tummies as they age. As a rectangle body shape, you want to get more curves and a pleasing silhouette.

If you are a tall rectangle body shape then you can follow the below dressing ideas to add shape and create a flattering silhouette.

#1. Peplum top:

A peplum top fits well to a rectangular body shape. It will create an illusion of a slimmer waist and wider hips. This top is stitched in narrower in the waist part.

So it will make curves in your body. There is a variety of available colours and sizes of peplum tops in the market. This top looks great on a tall rectangular body shape.

#2. Off-shoulder dresses:

An off-shoulder dress adds drama to your rectangular body shape. It will break your regular rectangle body shape. Off-shoulder dresses are designed in a manner that it creates curves on your body.

It highlights your collarbone; so everyone will be attracted to the shoulder part of your body. An off-shoulder dress is an ideal pick for a tall rectangle body shape.

#3. Colouring or print block dress:

The simplest way to create curves and enhances more shape of your body is by wearing a colouring or print block dress. The colour contrast of the dress breaks the normal image of your rectangle body shape.

This dress draws attention to your pretty and long legs.

#4. Trousers with pocket:

You can look at those trousers having some detailing like pockets, pleats, and cinched waist. This will look at your waist and create a proper shape for your body.

This dress makes the waist go in and the hips go out. You can pick a nice wide trouser leg in a heavier leg such as tweed or wool. The pockets will add some fullness and definition to your lower half.

How to dress a busty rectangle body shape

A rectangle body shape is most common in women, they can also have a busty body shape. But it is not a big deal. Nowadays, there are a lot of fashion trends for busty women that go perfectly for them to manage their big busts.

Here, I am going to cover up some dressing ideas for a rectangle busty woman. If you do, then you can follow the tips.

#1. Necklines:

Choose a neckline design for a rectangle body to create more curves and define the shape of your body. You can pick a narrow neckline dress; it will make an illusion of smaller breasts while defining the waist too.

But you should avoid square and straight necklines that will add more rectangular ness to your body.

#2. A shirt that flatters your womanly bustline:

You can look for a shirt with V-neck or U-neck that will make look your busts a little smaller and more proportional.

You need to tuck the shirt under your pant to create a curve and shape for your body. You will feel self-conscious and every torso of your body will be on display.

#3. Cocktail dresses:

If you are a rectangle busty-shaped woman then you can confidently wear a cocktail dress. It includes a peplum and those with asymmetrical details. This style makes the illusion of a curved shape.

Short cocktail dresses with ruffles are the best pick to cover your big busts. This cocktail dress also highlights your slim legs. It will make you proportional.

#4. Empire dresses:

These empire dresses gather just beneath your bust instead of your natural waistline. It will emphasize your upper body rather than the lower part.

This dress is suitable for rectangle busty women as it draws attention to the below bust areas. This dress creates more curves and gives a proper shape to your body. Empire dresses have come in a variety of sizes, colours, and lengths.

#5. Straight dresses:

Straight dresses are comfortable and effortless; straight dresses are ideal for women who desire to look in casual cool styles. This type of dress doesn’t have a built-in waistline; it falls directly from the shoulder.

Straight dresses are the best ones for women with shoulders the same width as the waist such as rectangle shapes. This dress comes in a variety of fabrics and colours.

How to dress a fat rectangle body shape

Many women worry about their tummy area, but with these easy fashion tips, you can effortlessly dress sexier even being overweight. Dressing well according to your body type is a skill that needs to develop.

Whether you want to increase your confidence or look attractive improve your style with these dressing tips. These tips will help you to showcase your best features instantly.

#1. Vertical lines maxi dress:

Vertical patterns and stripes make you look taller and fit. If you are a fat rectangle body-shaped woman then you can wear this item fearlessly. It will create more curves and proportionately shape your body.

You need to consider the frequency and the width of the strips. Wider stripes can make you look bigger. You need to choose maxi dresses with narrower and more frequent stripes.

#2. Trapezoidal dress:

A great idea to hide your tummy area is to wear a trapezoidal dress. It is a high-waisted dress; so it will make more curves to your body. You can wear a more dark-shaded trapezoidal dress; also you can wear many exploring things as well.

#3. Loose tops:

A loose piece of clothing is a great option for a fat rectangle woman. If you don’t want to show your belly area then it will be an ideal pick. But it is recommended not to pick something a couple of sizes too big.

This can be a mistake that makes the body look bigger. You can pick beige, cream, pale pink, and pistachio colours for a loose top.

#4. Show off your legs:

The bottom part of your outfit plays a crucial role to look sexiest. You can wear quality, and well-fitted trousers, pants, tights, or leggings to look more fabulous. You can put on slim jeans, or tightly fitted pants to emphasize your legs and make you more fashionable.

It will put more curves to your body and makes you more proportional. You can pair the trouser with an informal top to emphasize your curve.

#5. Fit and flared skirt:

Balance is the key factor when choosing a skirt for your fat rectangle body shape. A flared skirt will create an illusion of curves. You need to pair a flared skirt with a V-shaped neckline top.

You can tuck the end of the top into the skirt to get the proper shape. In this dressing style, you look fabulous and be able to hide your tummy area.


What type of jeans should be a rectangle body shapewear?

Ans: If you are a rectangle body shape, you can look for high-waisted jeans. It can be the best solution for you. it gives the illusion of curves and also draws attention to your waist and hips.

What should you not wear if you have a rectangular body shape?

Ans: If you are a rectangle body-shaped woman, you can avoid boxy jump-and-play suit styles, shapeless clothing styles, and any outfit that add extra volume to your hips and waist.

What are the best fabrics for a rectangle body shape?

Ans: If you are a woman of rectangle body type then you need to choose fabrics that are frilly and add volumes like cotton, silk, linen, and satin. You need to avoid skin-tight or clingy fabrics such as spandex.

Should I avoid any specific outfit in case of a rectangular body?

Ans. Yes. If you have a rectangular body, it is better to avoid jump and play suits. Moreover, do not wear any outfit which makes your waist and hips look voluminous.

Wrap Up:

There are different types of body figures and one of the most common shapes is a rectangle shape. As many as 46% of women have rectangular body shapes.

A rectangle body type can create a problem when choosing outfits. As I have mentioned before, if you have a rectangular body shape, you need to create the illusion of having a thin waist.

The goal of your dressing is to shape the waist so that you can distinguish the upper and lower part of your body. You can pick the styles that I have mentioned above, but it’s ultimately upon you how you put them together in an outfit.