10 Modest Swimwear Styles for Fashion-Forward Women

A modest swimsuit for women is comfortable and allows you to enjoy the sun this coming spring and summer.

You need to find out the best one that perfectly suits your body shape. Once you have found the one that suits perfectly for your curve then you never turn back.

There is a variety of designs of modest swimwear that are designed by renowned designers from halter neck to high sleeve rash guards, everything. It’s also empowering the women to choose what body parts they want to show off and what don’t.

So, whatever your age or body type, you can surely enhance your looks as well as confidence by choosing the right swimwear.

Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up what is the importance of modest swimsuits for fashion-forward women and a brief overview of 10 modest swimwear.

Modest swim outfits you will surely love wearing. In addition to the more coverage you choose, you will get more sun protection.

Why it matters for fashion-forward women

For years, the swimwear industry has brought a revolution to the traditional swimwear industry. Finding the perfect swimwear that would provide full body coverage was tough at that period.

So, many women sacrifice their swimming passion. It includes those women who don’t want revealing swimsuits because of their religion, culture, tradition, comfort, or personal preference.

Traditional swimsuits were evolved too much over the past few years. So, fashion brands also started embracing modest swimsuits.

These swimsuits provide modesty or decency that doesn’t affect fashion. It facilitates women to choose what amount of coverage they want.

The availability of decent swim dresses also enables women to choose the perfect swimsuit according to their desire. So, you can also put your personal preference as the priority while choosing the modest swim dress.

A brief overview of 10 modest swimwear styles

There are mainly three variations that come in a modest swimsuit-one-piece swimsuit; two-piece swimsuit; and swim tops.

Here are the best 10 modest swimwear styles for fashion-forward women in the UK.

one-piece swimsuit – Modest Swimwear Styles

Retro-style swimwear

modest swimwear styles

Retro-style swimming suits are back, and more women are eager to have the fabulous look with a retro-style swim dress. Retro-style swimwear is foolproof when comes to having a flattering swim dress.

Retro style is comfortable, flattering, and versatile for all body types. Retro style swimwear is styling and slimming swimsuit. From high-waisted bikini tops to ruffles and bows; every swimwear comes in a retro design.

So, you can find a variety of lengths, coverage, designs, patterns, and colours among this item. So, they have all the styles you look for.

Moreover, the items are designed with modern fabrics so it provides more comfort to you. you can also have the advantage of technology with extra moisture-wicking capabilities and sun protection.

High-neckline swimsuit

modest swimwear styles

To get a unique look you can go forward with a high-neckline swimsuit option.

You can look for a printed one with a halter neck style because the geometric pattern will enhance the boho touch as well as the halter neck makes your shoulder the focal point. Your tummy will be controlled and the lower half will be covered appropriately so nothing is peeking out.

High-neckline swimsuit is the best pick for women who loves water activities and swimming.

Long-sleeved swimwear

modest swimwear styles

If you are looking for ultimate coverage then don’t look further than a long-sleeved swimsuit. It is a favourite item for surfers and snorkelers. This item is more popular on the beachside or in the pool as people are becoming more UV aware. This item is nylon-based and extra soft which provides you with much comfort.

You can wear this swimsuit inside as well as outside of the water. It is a great pick for spending a long time under the sun. If you are planning for a marine that doesn’t allow sunscreen then you must opt for a long-sleeved swim dress. It is also available in a wider range of available floral prints that you will love.

Ruffled swimsuit

The one-piece women’s swimsuit is made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex is too comfortable to wear and also perfectly fits your figure. The soft and stretchable material of this swimsuit is very lightweight and breathable. This one-piece item provides good coverage to your tubby area and gives you a slimming look.

It also properly covers your hips and legs; enhances your leg lines also provides a modest look. This ruffled swimsuit is a good pick for swimming pools, beach parties, water sports, vacations, and water activities.

Two-piece swimsuit – Modest Swimwear Styles

High-waisted bikini

Two-piece high-waisted bikinis are available in various patterns, colours, and prints. A two-piece bikini is much more sophisticated with a twist front and side boning.

The top of the bikini set will provide much support to the women and enhances their look their best. The bottom is also designed in a supportive manner to keep everything secure.

So, if you are very sensitive about the ravelling of your body parts but also want to be fashion forward then you can try two pieces high waisted bikini swim dress.

Moreover, this item provides all the coverage to the right places while hugging your curves.


To get a more athletic style that provides you still more coverage then you can go forward with a two-piece tankini.

It will perfectly cover the cleavage and your tummy area. You can adjust the fitting of this dress with the adjustable straps of the top provided. The top comes with a built-in bra that provides too much support to your busts.

it has an open back design so your shoulder will get some sun rays. So, you need to make sure that you are applying an extra sunscreen lotion so that your skin doesn’t get tanned.

You will adore this swim dress and can confidently enjoy beachside parties, or activities. You can wear it for a whole day while feeling comfortable. Moreover, it dries so fast.

Swim dress

The swim short and the top is the best swimsuit for you as they provide extra coverage to you. You can keep your beach look classic this coming summer by picking two piece swim dress.

You can cover your cleavage as well as the right parts by wearing this item. The simple cut silhouette has a high-cut leg that enhances your cheeky fit. This dress will be the perfect one at the beach if there is a slight party going on at your back.

Two-piece swim dresses come in various colours, patterns, stripes, and prints. So you will get a huge range of variety in this item. Also, you can pick a strapless one if you feel comfortable.

This item is stretchy and sometimes offers SPF 50 protection. So, you don’t need to reapply sunscreen on your face.


The list of two-piece swim dresses can’t get completed without a boyshorts. Boyshorts are a fashionable way to enjoy more fun at the beach or poolside. Women love to wear this item while they get out of the water. 

The boyshorts will provide the perfect coverage to your body and prominent your curves. You will be more confident while running or bending for some activity while enjoying your family time.

You can also wear this item with your regular outfits. These are also loose than other swim dresses. Some are shorter while some are longer; so you can choose according to your preference.

You can also wear shorts while swimming if you want to be more calm and relaxing.

Swim tops – Modest Swimwear Styles


modest swimwear styles

For ultimate coverage don’t look further than a long-sleeved rash guard. This swim dress is good for snorkelers, and surfers. The beachside and poolside people need to be more aware of UV rays.

So, this dress is the perfect pick for those who need to stay a long time under the sun. This rash guard is nylon based and provides some more protection to your skin.

You can also put it over your tankini swimsuit in or out of the water. Some rash guard items come with UPF 50 protection. You also get a variety of floral designs among the items that you will love.

Halter neckline

modest swimwear styles

Halter neckline swim dresses are any swimsuit where the straps never go over the shoulder, and rather it goes around the neck.

So, if you opt for perfect coverage, this item is capable to provide the right coverage that you look for. Halter neckline swim dresses come in a variety of floral prints, colours, patterns, and stripes. So, you can pick the one according to your wish.

The Halter neckline is more capable to keep your busts in their place; some items come with an in-built bra. So, you will feel more comfortable while participating in any fun activity at the beachside. 

You can make a statement with a halter neckline swimsuit you are lounging on the beach next time.

Wrap up:

Remaining fashionable yet protecting the skin from the UV rays at the beach greatly tailored clothing. While you plan for the beach or pool, keeping swimwear handy is a good idea.

Modest swimwear is fashionable that gives you a flattering and comfortable fit. There is absolutely no shortage of modest swimwear in the market but finding the right one that appropriately covers can be difficult to find out.

We have just tried to tackle this challenge by covering 10 modest swimwear styles for the women of the UK. Hope, these items can satisfy all your desiring options and become your loved ones!