What Type Of Dresses For Curvy Women Looks Most Attractive

People are born in various shapes and sizes, and we have been conditioned to appreciate and celebrate that diversity, haven’t we?

However, the fact that you belong to a certain form shouldn’t prevent you from wearing it in a trendy manner.

You’re not a supermodel, but you are a gorgeous regular lady who can still attract attention and make people’s mouths drop thanks to your height and figure.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how you may appear stylish even if you have a curvy body.

What is Considered a Curvy Body Type?

Curvy woman

A lady is said to have a curvy body type if her hips and breasts can be easily distinguished from one another. A curvy body type is shared by many famous people, like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, and Kim Kardashian, amongst others.

Even the iconic Marilyn Monroe had a voluptuous figure. To this day, however, curvy women are rarely shown in the media nearly as often as their more slender counterparts.

Nevertheless, a woman with curves is the ideal of femininity and fertility, which makes the curved body type desired and appealing because of its association with these traits.

Leaner ladies like me like participating in body training and other exercises to make our hips seem fuller.

How can I find my Body type?

curvy woman

When you know the kind of clothing that will look well on you and give you a confident appearance, dressing for your physique is simple.

When you know your body’s shape, choosing to clothe is quicker and simpler since you can start figuring out what shapes look well on you. Discover your body shape now with our handy guide and descriptions, and start learning how to dress for it!

The five most common body types are the rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, and apple. Stand in front of a full-length mirror with just your underwear or no clothing to describe your physical form.

You can identify your potential body type after your first examination. But if you want more precise information, use a tape measure and keep reading to learn the characteristics of each body type.


The most straightforward body type is the rectangle. Due to the comparable widths of the features in the characteristics of women who identify with this body type, it is sometimes called an athletic build.

Similar widths are seen in rectangle-shaped bodies’ shoulders, breasts, and hips. Shorter women with rectangular bodies may seem heavier and shorter than they are.

Measure the distance between your shoulders, breast, and hips to determine whether you are a rectangle. You are probably rectangular if your dimensions are consistent across the board.

If you want to avoid having a boxy appearance, choose clothes that give your body more of an hourglass shape, or mix up your outfits with layers and various clothing sizes.

Contrary Triangle

An inverted triangle, often an upside-down triangle, is anybody form with bigger proportions on top than on the bottom when establishing body type. This body type is also athletic since the waist and legs are noticeably narrower than the breast and shoulders. Take the breadth of your shoulders, breast, and hips when obtaining a measurement for this body type.

You have an inverted triangle body shape if your waist is much smaller than your hips and bust combined, and vice versa. Select clothing that highlights your lower body and lengthens your legs with uncovered shoes when dressing for this body style.


The traditional bombshell form has an hourglass figure. This body type is so-called because of how your waist is shaped about your bust and hips. Examine your physique in the full-length mirror to see whether you have an hourglass figure. 

You may also identify this form by taking measurements of your shoulders, breast, and hips. Your body measures will all be around the same width, similar to the rectangular form, but the hourglass figure is notable due to the distinct waist contour.

Further proof that you have an hourglass body shape is if your waist is noticeably down. Dress for your physique by emphasizing your distinctive waist, and choose clothing that accentuates rather than hides your form. Although uncommon, an hourglass body form may be obtained by augmentation. 


The rounder form that mimics the appearance of the fruit it is named for helps you identify the apple body type. A more circular form, the little definition in the waist, and comparable dimensions are key indicators of an apple-shaped physique.

Measure the widths of your shoulders, breast, and hips to determine whether you have an apple-shaped body. If your dimensions are close or identical, you could have an apple body type.

When dressing for your apple shape, use structured pieces that give crisp lines to your overall look since they often help to shrink your tummy.


Another fruit with the name pear makes up our last body type. A pear body type has a narrow top and broader hips and legs, similar to how a pear is formed. You may find this out by taking measurements or using your full-length mirror.

If you have shoulders and breasts that are notably smaller compared to the width of your hips, you almost certainly have a pear-shaped body type. To add more contour, draw emphasis to your shoulders, arms, and back while accentuating your waist. 

Tips- How to dress a curvy body-

Dresses are the most vital item in a wardrobe for someone short and voluptuous since they are the most effective garment for flattering someone of that height.

However, because you have a curvaceous form, it may be difficult for you to choose suitable styles.

#1. Wrap dress

Curvy Women

Wrap dresses are one of the most figure-flattering styles for any body type, but they are particularly good for petite women and have a curved shape. These dresses are distinctive due to their fundamental elements, which include a wrap below the bust and a v-neckline.

The wrap dress is not too form-fitting or exposing, but it is constructed to draw attention to the wearer’s waist and breasts. In addition, it performs an excellent job of complimenting the curves without creating any pain in the area of the curves.

Wrap dresses are a traditional style that has been specially made to be extremely comfortable and appropriate for a short and curvy woman. Because of this, wrap dresses need to be among the greatest things in a curvy woman’s wardrobe.

#2. Shirt dresses

Curvy Women

The shirt dress, much like the wrap dress, has certain unique characteristics that make it the most flattering option for both petite and voluptuous women.

A vertical line is created by the buttons that go down the dress, giving the impression that the wearer’s figure is longer than it is.

Additionally, it is distinguished by a neckline that is attractive and effective in elongating the body’s appearance. An easy-to-wear silhouette that is also quite comfortable and helps a curvy lady appreciate her curves is the shirt dress. Shirt dresses come in a variety of styles.

If you are looking for an easy-to-wear attire that complements your figure, the shirt dress is an excellent option.

#3. Belted dress

Curvy Women

The belt around the dress’s waist gives the impression that this particular style was created for curvy people. Belts are often used to draw attention to the wearer’s waist, which also draws attention to the wearer’s curves.

Additionally, the belts should not be too flashy; rather, a straightforward belt in a modest size would be an ideal choice for the waist of the petite lady with a fuller figure.

#4. Slit dresses

Curvy Women

If you feel you have no choice but to wear a dress with a slit that goes all the way up to your thighs, make sure it is something that you are comfortable wearing. It would help if you also considered wearing high-heeled shoes with the dress, as this will highlight your curves, make your body appear longer, and make your figure appear more sophisticated.

If you are short and curvy, a slit dress is a good option for you to consider if you are unsure what to wear to complement your figure because your body shape is an asset, and you should be confident in whatever you wear. If you are unsure what to wear for your figure, a slit dress is a good option.

#5. Dresses with vertical stripes

Dresses For Curvy Women

The dresses could feel more aesthetically pleasing and lovely if they had stripes. Dresses with vertical stripes are ideal for women on the shorter side and with curvier figures. This is because the lines tend to produce a visual balance on the shape, which may make your body seem longer.

If you have this body shape, you should choose vertical stripes rather than horizontal lines since horizontal lines tend to give the appearance that your body is bigger than it is.

Therefore, if you are looking for a dress that will give you the ideal silhouette by emphasizing your curves and giving the illusion that you are taller, then the one with the vertical stripes is your best bet.


What size is a curvy woman?

No one size is considered curvy because all bodies are different. Curvy women, on the other hand, have greater bust-waist-hip dimensions and a higher ratio between these parameters than slim women. For instance, 36-32-40 or 40-35-46. (in inches).

What size is considered plus size?

According to the standards of the fashion business, “plus size” refers to clothing sizes 18 and above, while “extended size” refers to sizes 7X and higher.

What should I wear if I have a curvy body?

Wrap tops cinch up around the waist, highlighting your contours. Wear only tailored dress shirts and avoid boxy cuts. Consider shirts with darted waists.

Try a garment that gives volume to your breast and shoulders, such as a shirt with an empire waist or a blouse with a waistband.

How can you dress your curvy legs?

Loose shirts that cover the thighs stretch the figure. Pants with a wide or straight cut make the thigh look slimmer. A-line skirts and dresses cover wide legs while emphasizing the upper torso.

The upper torso’s vivid hues and patterns draw the eye away from the thighs.

What’s the difference between curvy and full-figured?

A full-figured lady has a rounded frame, large breasts, broad hips, and a thick waistline. The phrase curvaceous refers to fat distribution on distinct body areas that form curves rather than total weight. The hourglass form is often linked with curvy people.


Do you struggle to dress appropriately for your curvy size? If you are unwilling to accept your physical size or the society in which you choose to dress, you may often dress inappropriately.

However, if you know the best advice for trendy and generic dressing, the way to go is to wear big clothing. Follow the pointers above if you want your curvy-size outfit ideas to be in line with current design and fashion trends.