How to Remove Gel Nail Extensions at Home without Acetone

There are also some benefits of getting nails over other options; such as increased durability, also protection of your underlying nails.

Nail extensions look so pretty but after a while when your real nails start peeking from the bottom then it suddenly looks weird.

But it is also necessary to be aware while having gel nail extensions as well as during the removal process. Taking proper care for the removal process of your gel nail extensions keeps the rest of your nails strong and healthy.

In this article, we are going to cover some nail extension ideas and some care tips for every type of polish and manicure.

Check out this guide on how to remove gel nail extensions at home without acetone to enjoy the nail care that you deserve.

Nails extension ideas

Gel Nail Extensions
Gel Nail Extensions IDEAS

There are a lot of nail extension ideas that have different uses according to their pros and cons. But now, we are elaborating on 3 types of nail extensions here.

Acrylic nail extension:

Gel Nail Extension
Acrylic nail extension

Acrylic nail extensions are made using acrylic material. Acrylic nail extension is the most popular type of nail extension and it is used worldwide. The application of Acrylic nail extension is very easier.

You just need to put the acrylic nails over the real nails that look similar to your real nails. It will be attached to the real nail using glue at the top of your real nail.

Hard Gel Nail Extension:

Hard Gel Nail Extension

As the name suggested, gel nail extensions are composed of a gel material also known as gel overlays. The gel that you will use will be covered at the top of your real nails. It looks like your real nail and gives a very glossy look.

Gel nail extensions are applied under the UV light that helps them to firm up.

When applying for gel nail extensions over your real nails, you will get your real nails covered with the gel. During the application, you will not feel any pressure.

It is quite comfortable and looks more natural than acrylic nail extensions.

Fiberglass Nail extension:

Gel Nail Extension
Fiberglass Nail extension

Fibreglass nail extension is also called silk nail wraps or silk extensions. Fibreglass nail extension is not so much popular as the other two types.

When it comes to applying for fibreglass nail extensions, it is quite simple to apply. You only need to paste the tip on your real nails and whenever it gets drier you need to spray the setting spray over it.

It will incubate it and freeze it up making it look like a nail as a whole.

Nail extension price list in the United Kingdom:

  • Full set/ Overlay (acrylic):£27
  • Full set/ overlay (acrylic)+ removal: £32
  • Full Set+ Overlay (Gel Powder):£30
  • Infill (Acrylic):£20
  • Infill (gel powder):£20
  • Full set/ Overlay Pink & White:£40
  • Infill Pink & white:£32
  • Nail Extension Removal:£12
  • Nail Art:£5

Way to remove gel nail extensions at home without acetone:

We are going to walk you through several ways to safely and easily take off your gel nail extensions at home without using acetone.

Filing away your gel extension:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to remove your gel nail extension is to file it away. To do so, you first need the 100-grit part of your nail file away from the coloured part of your gel extension.

Once your coloured polish has been removed you can see your original nails. You can use the 180 grit part to buff and smooth out your nails.

Buffing will remove most of the base coat of your polish.

Lastly, you can wipe your nails with some alcohol and apply some cuticle oil over them.

If you want to remove it faster then you can use an electric nail file.

Use the gel polish remover:

You can use a gel polish remover; it is a non-acetone solution that will break down the gel polish.

These products work faster and better work than acetone. It will remove your gel extension within 6 to 7 minutes.

The gel polish remover is a harsh product that if it goes to your skin, can lead to severe skin irritation.

While using this gel polish remover, the first thing you need to do is to fill the top coat of your gel nail polish. Then you can apply petroleum jelly around your nails over the skin. Then apply the gel polish remover onto your nails and leave it for 5-7 minutes.

Once you can see the gel polish is breaking up, you can use a cuticle pusher to push off the gel polish

Remove the gel polish with soap, oil, and water:

You can remove your gel manicure with a mixture of warm water, soap, and oil for 15 minutes. You need to soak your nails into this mixture.

You can see this mixture is removing your gel extension.

Manually peel off your gel nail extension:

Unless you are in truly hurry, we will recommend not applying this method. Because when you will forcefully peel off your gel extension it will remove the top layer of your nails. It will make your nails brittle.

But, somehow if you need to apply this method apply an ample amount of oil and then gradually apply a circular pusher to peel off your gel manicure.


How long do nail gel extensions last?

Ans: You can expect nail extensions to stay two to three weeks. Moreover, your gel nail extensions may come out in a short amount of time.

Are gel nail extensions better than acrylic?

Ans: Hard gel extensions are more flexible and stronger than acrylic. Hard gel extensions will give you more natural-looking nails than acrylic. Gel nail extensions also provide you glossier look.

Do gel extensions damage your nails?

Ans: You can expect artificial nails can leave your nails brittle, thin, and parched. Still, some people are fond of gel extensions. But you should follow some of the tips to reduce the damage.

How much do gel extensions cost?

Ans: Their gel extensions range from £5 to £72 in the UK. However, this also depends on your location and preference. If you are searching for high-end designs and unique colours then you have to pay more pounds.

What are the dangers of gel nails?

Ans: Nail extensions are incredibly increased around the world. Although it can be beautiful and long-lasting there are also some dangers to nails. Gel extensions can cause peeling and cracking, and nail brittleness and the repeated use of gel extensions can cause skin cancer.

Wrap Up:

There is a variety of nail extension types. Every artist has their preference and choice. You need to hire an experienced nail artist to get the best result. Besides, you need to be very careful regarding the removal of gel nail extensions.

It will be best if you can do it in a salon. But if you want to do it at your home it is all right.

You must avoid using acetone as it is very harsh on your skin. You can apply one of the above-mentioned methods to remove the gel extensions.