Why Modest Swimwear Is More than Just a Trend: A Look at the Social and Cultural Impact

Modest fashion has evolved and emerged among women all over the globe. And Modern burkinis now become a fashion statement for some women throughout the globe. Generally, burkinis were designed only for Muslim women who want to cover their bodies while swimming but now burkinis become more than that.

The traditional swimsuit is revealing, but the modest swimsuits were designed to loosely fit a woman and leave her more confident by covering whole body parts except her face and hands. 

More and more women prefer to wear modest swimwear because it provides full coverage to their bodies. This trend is being driven because of more modesty, comfort, and style. But, modest swimwear is not just a trend but a social and cultural movement that has a great impact on society in multiple ways.

In this article, we are going to cover why modest swimwear is not just a trend as well as what are the social and cultural impacts of modest swimwear in society.

The cultural and religious context of modest swimwear

Modest Swimwea

No two women are alike in what they are enjoying to wear, and what they are comfortable with. The cultures, where people have varied aspects. Religion and culture always played a vital role in the fashion industry. Many cultures don’t appreciate body-revealing dresses to enjoy water baths.

There are also some beliefs among the people who don’t want to expose their bodies during pool or beach time. Modesty is influenced by cultural norms all over the globe. It doesn’t equal hiding; because hiding tends to shyness and shame that approaches disempowerment of women.

Modesty must be celebrated as a choice, it is also related to revealing dignity that is sometimes truth-based and empowering. This can be influenced by personal choice, sense of style, values, ethics, faith, belief, conviction, or sense of style.

In the true sense of modesty, there is the freedom to choose what you want to cover up while revealing dignity. So, modest swimwear is also directly related to women’s empowerment.

Modest swimwear and body positivity

Do you suffer from panic attacks while making a plan for a beach? Maybe not because of the water but because wearing a bikini or bathing dress makes you feel uncomfortable.

We all have different body types. Sometimes, we get stressed because of the unwanted weight and uneven shape of our bodies. So, no more thinking regarding this issue because modest swimwear provides you with more comfort and revamps the vibe in you.

Picking the right-sized modest swimwear can put all the differences. Modest swimwear is made from a high-quality, and stretchable fabric material that fits on your body properly and prominently your figure. So, you feel positive. Some swimwear can hide the tummy, waist, and thigh areas that have extra fat.

Another thing, modest swim dresses are available in a variety of colours, patterns, styles, and prints and also have varied coverage. So, you can pick the best one according to your desire.

In the past few years, the mainstream media has had unrealistic beauty standards in the form of stick-thin fashion models or photoshopped celebrities. So, you become more concerned regarding your body image. You must wish to put some self-images on Instagram, or Facebook. Social media is truly related to body image concerns.

So, when you can compare yourself with a gang of people’s appearance and you will be delighted with your body image then you will feel great. The modest swimsuit dress can put you in the first queues when they are judging themselves by people on social media images.

Swimwear sometimes can become the cause of higher anxiety for some women. So, if you are finding swimwear that provides the right coverage to your body in ways that respect your values then modest swimwear is the one. Of course, mental health is also an ever-growing concern.

Finding the right swim outfit that satisfies all your needs and desires from the swimsuit facilitates you with mental peace.

The economic impact of modest swimwear

For the past few years, the modest swimwear UK market has boomed all over the world. Whether it is for cultural, aesthetic, or religious reasons; the non-revealing fashion trend has a back. Modest fashion is no longer a small-scale; but a way of dressing that is entering the mainstream.

It is driven by young women, social media savvy consumers who expect outfits that respect their values and provide full coverage to their bodies. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economic Report, 2022, spending on modest fashion increased by 5.7% in 2021, and this sector is thought to reach $313 billion in this coming year.

To merge the modest fashion industry with the contemporary style, layering, and experimenting is the main two key components. Various reputed brands are showing their approaches and gradually ramping up their efforts to reach the modest community.

International brands are seeking a thorough understanding of the customers to succeed in the modest swimwear industry. The key challenge of understanding gradations within each community where the definition of modesty may vary. So, this has meant manufacturing products beyond the basic.

First, the brands started to produce the core pieces of modest swimwear such as swim hijabs, swim leggings, and swim tunics. Then, they expand the ranges that allow the customers to layer. Big brands also collaborate with some designers to design modest swimsuits.

Modest fashion is for the people who choose to show less. Additionally, these swimming costumes also flattering to your body and provide more coverage. So, they tend to be more fashionable if compared to the traditional ones.

Modest sustainable fashion is fast growing movement; it has a greater impact on our environment. The modest swim dresses are made of recycled fabrics and these are eco-friendly. Modest swim dresses are the sustainable fashion statement that implies that there are so many environmentally friendly solutions available.

Modest Swimwea

The social impact of modest swimwear

In this present era, people have the right as well as the freedom to choose their outfits. Social media and celebrities influence people for wearing revealing dresses.  But there are lots of women still who don’t like to wear revealing dresses including swimsuits.

So, the acceptance of modest swimsuits that provide comfort as well as the right coverage is increasing day by day. The enabling of modesty also has a great impact on our society, it is a replication of how much we value and respect ourselves.

It is an in-build thought that a woman’s body must be invisible, or the features of the female body stand for sex. By opting for modest swimwear we can attempt to negate sexualization by covering them up.

People choose their swimsuits according to their interests, personality, and much more. A woman’s personality also reflects through her outfits.

You can get modest swimwear according to your preference that of what amount of body coverage you want from your swimwear. You can pick the right one that fits you and prominently your curves. So, you can feel more confident at the swim or poolside activities. These swim dresses somehow impact gender equality and enhance women’s rights as well as freedom.

Besides, in the world of globalization where people meet with each other to travel, discover different cultures, and enrich different beliefs. Now, people can get closer than the ancient time because of technology. On social media, people post various photographs of their tours, fun activities, and so on.

So, people also can get to know about different modest swimwear of different regions, different countries, customs, and religions. So, the style movement also takes place rapidly.

The future of modest swimwear

In recent years, the modest fashion industry has seen massive growth. Modest swimwear for women has internationally trended, in terms of swim outfits and bath wear, there is still some work to be done. In western culture, the attractiveness enriched on a woman’s body is much more revealing. But, the meaning of modest fashion is just the opposite. It is totally about comfort and choosing how much they want to reveal.

As reputed brands of clothing are expressing more interest to design and produce fashionable modest swimwear, the traditional concept regarding modest dresses is being demolished day by day. Various brands are designing one-piece modest swim such as burkinis, V neckline swimming dresses, halter neckline swimwear, etc.; two-piece swimwear such as swim shorts, skirts, leggings with tops, etc.

They are designing much more versatile swim dresses for women to express themselves, their beauty, and their uniqueness. A revolutionary concept finally represents union and uniqueness, perfectly aligned with a world where these values are essential for a peaceful future.


Swimsuit season has boomed as the summer is approaching. Swimwears are not only beach outfits but also a reflection of your dignity, attitudes, and personality. The swim dresses have a great impact on sociological, cultural, and economical aspects. While it is also the fact that the sense of modesty varies from woman to woman and over time.

Whether it is a personal need, a cultural background, or a religious belief-more and more women showing their interest in purchasing modest swimwear. Additionally, women would get a varied offering for swimwear choices so modest swimwear is important for us, and you too!