What Shoes to Wear with a Denim Dress?

Denim dresses are becoming trendy across many nations in the world.

Denim is not just material; it’s love. Designers came up with some trendy and innovative denim creations now and then.

There is hardly anyone out there who hates denim dresses. Since denim is a more casual material, you need to choose the shoes to wear with a denim dress in a trickier way.

As the wrong shoe makes you look chicer or mess it all up. This makes deciding the perfect shoes that go with your denim dress a bit challenging.

You can create different amazing looks just by pairing the appropriate shoes with a single denim dress.

So, here in this article, I am going to cover up all the variety of shoes that you can pair with your denim dress to make it more versatile.

What Color shoes go with denim?

There are different colour tones of denim, mostly we will discuss two or three options in this guide.

There are white denim dresses, blue denim dresses, and dark blue denim dresses. While wearing denim dresses you may think about what coloured shoes should you wear with the denim dress to get the perfect look.

But the fact is, that is not a big issue. Because denim is a such fabric that goes with any colour perfectly.

The colour options that you can choose to pair with a denim dress are: white, black, beige, grey, nude, and brown. These are the most wearable colours for denim clothes.

The print option that you can choose to pair with a denim dress is polka dots, all animal prints including zebra, leopard, cheetah, and snake prints especially.

What types of shoes can you wear with a denim dress?

The best way to stay up to date is to pick the perfect shoe for your denim dress. There is a variety of shoes that will best-suited with your denim dress.

You can pick any of the following: slides, white & neutral sneakers, strappy sandals, etc.

#1.  Slides:


Summer’s favourite sandals are the perfect fit with the denim dress. It will give you a casual day look. You can choose any coloured slide; each colour will go perfectly with a denim dress even a leopard print one.

Wear a metallic or neutral high-heeled leather pair with a midi or mini denim dress. A handbag or clutch will complement your look.

#2. White & Neutral Sneakers:


White sneakers are shoes that can go with every dress including jeans or chambray dresses of any colour. Moreover, white kicks are one of the best sneakers to wear with every dress in general.

You can make your denim dress super stylish by pairing it with the neutral sneaker. You can create an extra trendy denim dress outfit with white this kind of chunky footwear. You may complete your white sneaker and denim dress look with a patterned canvas shopper bag.

#3. Strappy sandals:


Strappy sandals will make your jeans dress outfit more amazing and make you feel happy. These sandals style comes in both flat, mid, and high-heel forms.

You can also try a strappy stiletto sandal in a metallic hue and complement it with a cute clutch to have the perfect denim dress date look.

What shoes to wear with a denim dress in summer?

#4. Espadrille Wedges:


You love the classic and trendy espadrille wedges and these are great shoes that you can pair with your denim dress in the summer. You can choose according to your need.

There are various colour, heel, and style options available in the market. This shoe will work with any type of denim dress in the summer.

Espadrille wedges usually belong to the casual side, but you can pair them with a nice leather bag and minimal jewellery to elevate your denim dress look!

#5. Mules: 

Mules are great shoes to put on, there is a variety of Mules options available in the market. You can look for mules that are flat heels, high or low-heeled.

There are also offered in various colours, and print options in the market. If you look for a casual or professional look then you can pick Loafers mules as it is going to be the perfect option with your denim dress.

You can also try black, beige, and white Mules options and pair them with jeans.

#6. Clogs:


Clogs are the favourite ones for the summer, but you can also pick Clogs for the fall season. Clogs and denim outfits match made in fashion trends.

You can look for Clog mules or sandals with a high or low heel. You can pick the Sherpa lines that will give you an amazing look when paired with denim.

To look fabulous, you can pick a small handbag and put your hair in a topknot.

What shoes to wear with a denim dress in winter?

#7. Pumps:


Pumps with a denim dress are the best pick for the winter/fall. You can pick a pair of pumps with a block heel with a structured shirt dress. Along with a classy purse, it will be the most eye-catching look for a business professional.

To put on a flirtier look, you can choose nude, pastel, or mesh stiletto pumps to pair with a flowy chambray midi dress for the spring and winter.

#8. Colour-blocking sneakers:

Colour-blocking sneakers are the new trends of fashion that go the most perfectly in the winter. Various brands are introducing colour-blocking sneakers for you.

Due to the availability of various colour options, pairing these shoes with basic outfits becomes a trend around the globe.

All sneaker lovers pick colour-blocking sneakers to pair with your denim dress confidently. It will give you a more stylish and comfortable look.

#9. Ankle-strap heels:

Ankle strap heels are one of the good options to make a really good combination with your denim dress in the winter.

The straps of this heel will give you more quality to your denim dress. If you want a more casual look, then you can pick black ankle strap heels with a sleeveless denim dress.

You can complete this look by picking up some lightweight jewellery and ready to go! 

10. Converse Shoes

Converse shoes make for an effortlessly cool and versatile choice when paired with a denim dress. The iconic design of Converse sneakers effortlessly blends casual and chic, creating a perfect balance for a laid-back yet stylish look.

The combination of a denim dress and Converse exudes a relaxed vibe, ideal for various occasions, from casual outings to weekend gatherings. The contrast between the denim’s rugged texture and the timeless appeal of Converse shoes adds a touch of urban flair to the ensemble.

Whether strolling through the city or attending a casual event, Converse shoes elevate the charm of a denim dress with a touch of timeless and comfortable fashion.


Can you wear boots with a denim dress?

Ans: Yes, you can wear boots to style your denim dress in the winter. This will create a look that is both practical and stylist. Boots never go wrong with a denim dress.

Are black shoes with denim?

Ans: Yes, a denim dress can make its perfect pair with black shoes. The main thing upon which you need to be focused is if there is enough contrast between the colour of the jeans or denim dress and the shoes.


You need to be very careful about picking the right shoe with your denim dress. Here, in this article, I have covered some of the best shoes that you can pair with your denim dress to get the fab look ever.