Men’s Fashion Glasses Ideas with Various Beard Shapes

Beards are the spotlights for a few years now. Just like your glasses, your facial hair can work to complement and highlight your face shape. The combination of your glass and beard must increase how symmetrical your face is.

It’s all abbot making an illusion of an elongated face or rounding your face out. If you are a regular glass user then you should consider how your beard style and the shape of your glass influence your face shape.

You can be surprised to experience the dramatic change it can add to your look. Your face shape and the style of your factor in why certain glasses look best on you.

Here, in this article, we are going to create a handy beard and glasses guide so that you can easily pick out the most flattering beard shape and eyeglasses to match.

Glasses for bearded men: choose smartly

We have found the best sunglasses and eyeglasses that go perfectly with your bread and face. When you choose these glasses, these glasses will fit your face better and enhance your angles, so you will look good!

#1. Oval-shaped face:

Men’s glasses for oval shapes with beards involve almost all fashionable styles. As you have a long, rounded face you may not want to try long bread. Because it can make the shape of your face narrower.

With a narrow chin and wider cheekbones, you need to choose such glasses that will naturally balance out the shape of your face. Oval and round frames work the best, but square frames and larger aviators go perfectly too.

You can try these frames for oval-shaped faces:

  • Aviator glass frames
  • Round glass frames
  • Oval glass frames

#2. Square face shape:

Men’s Fashion Glasses

If you have a square face shape, surely you have strong jawlines. To show off the chiseled jaw that is the main feature of a square face shape, rock a shorter bread that will have a greater impact to create the hard lines.

With strong jawlines, you must have a prominent forehead and hard cheek angles. For this type of face shape, glasses with round, and wider frames go well. Because they will be prominent and balance out the angles.

You can try these frames for a square face shape:

  • Transparent frames
  • Bowline glasses
  • Oval of round frames
  • Wider frames

#3. Long faces:

Men’s Fashion Glasses

A long face is known as naturally elegant and includes a jawline that is longer than it is narrow. You can give a longer face a more roundness by growing out a full beard. As this will musk the narrow chin while making an illusion of a wider, and more angular jawline.

When it comes to glasses, you can avoid small circle frames, as this will make your face look larger than complementing it. Instead, you can choose a pair with thick brow lines like semi-rimless specs or acetate frames.

 You can try these frames for a long face shape:

  • Acetate frames
  • Rimless frames

#4. Rectangular face shape:

Similarly, to the square face shape, those who have a rectangular face shape have an angled jawline, but the face tends to be longer. If you have a rectangular face shape, your face and cheek will be of similar sizes. You need to soften these features by adding some roundness.

When it comes to a beard, you need to style it with a beard that is shorter at the chin than it is at the cheeks. That means your cheeks and sideburns will be fuller looking than the chin.

Long, wide, and rectangular face shapes should go with round, and colorful frames to draw attention. You can also opt for brow line glasses that bring the eye to the center of the face, it will allow you to show off your face with a full beard style.

You can try these frames for rectangular face shapes:

  • Round or curved frames
  • Colored frames
  • Browline glasses

#5. Heart face shape:

Men’s Fashion Glasses

Heart-shaped faces have higher cheekbones, typically with a wide forehead and narrow chin. The most prominent feature of your face is the wider forehead and the hairline.

So, when it comes to beards, you can keep the sideburn and the middle of the chin quite short in length and thickness. While you can let the facial hair of the other part of your face grow a bit.

You can complement your face shape, you can opt for some rimless glasses but don’t go with any oval-shaped frames.

You can try these frames for your heart face shape:

  • Rimless or semi-rimless glasses
  • Rectangular frames
  • Square frames

#6. Diamond face shape:

Men’s Fashion Glasses

As the name suggests, the diamond-shaped face has cheeks that are wider than both the jaw and forehead. A diamond face shape is narrow around the eye line. Diamond shape faces are longer with full cheeks and have slightly narrower foreheads.

When comes to beard, let the beard grow beneath your jaw and you can keep it small around the chin and sideburns. You can trim it out into an oval shape so that your cheekbones don’t appear angular.

Go for wide brow line frames that will enhance the width of your forehead also toning down the appearance of your prominent cheekbones. Rimless glasses will blend well with each look and give you an intellectual appearance.

You can try these frames for your diamond shape face:

  • Horn-rimmed glasses
  • Rectangle frames
  • Browline sunglasses


What glasses style best with a beard?

Ans: To look more stylish you can choose geometric or angular styles with a beard. Geometric or angular glasses will help to create sharp lines and draws attention to you.

What is the most attractive beard with a glass style?

Ans: Some trending glass styles with beard are oval and round glasses, aviators, and rimless glasses are great options. Cat-eye, semi-rimless, and brow lines are the most trending beard with glasses these days.


When we speak about glasses our minds go straight to the trendy styles that celebrities and models wear. But, you should look for glasses that can complement your whiskers. Glasses are an accessory that is often counted as a necessity rather than a styling fashion accessory.

So, you need to look for the best glass that perfectly suits your face and beard so that you can get a deeper appearance without much effort.