Combat Boots | 7 Military Boots Fashion for Men

Combat boots are military boots that are worn by soldiers during their training or job. But, nowadays, everyone expresses interest in wearing military boots.

The best combat boots for men are no longer just only used by soldiers. These combat boots have turned their way through countless fashion scenes, everyone prefers to wear these military boots.

These boots provide a combination of grip, foot protection, and ankle stability. It is suitable for a rugged environment. Here, I have put together 7 military boots that are in fashion and also suitable for every budget.

Whether you need a city break or for the weekend, these are the most stylish combat boots around.

Here is the list below:

7 Combat in-fashion Boots for men:

Finding the best combat boot for men seems sometimes struggling but here I have put together some of the best military boots. These are like to deserve space in your collection.

I am going to discuss their advantages too-from durability to comfort. Also including, I will also suggest what outfit they can be paired with.

Let’s get started!

#1. Overall best combat boots: MYRQVIST TJARNO BLACK BOOTS:

Combat Boots

Material: leather

Colour: Black

You don’t have to be a soldier to take a part in overall combat boots. If you are searching to channel your inner action, then black combat boots are great to start. Besides looking pretty, they are super versatile.

Whether you are going on a trip with friends, or want to pair these boots with partywear; these boots will go perfectly with any attire.

The combat shoes of MYRQVIST lie somewhere between smart and casual- there is no end to the place you can wear them. It comes with full-grain leather, you can find decorative punching on the toe cap. It has double-studded rubber roles so it will go for years with you.

#2. Belstaff Alperton Leather boots:

Combat Boots

Material: Leather

Colour: Black

Sometimes, some combat shoes look a little aggressive, but the real fact is these are very simple and easy to wear. Especially, these boots are very effective during the fall and winter months. Leave it simple, you can pair it with any outfit already hanging in your wardrobe. BelstaffAlperton is the most versatile one.

These boots are made from fully-grained leather and finished with rubber-lug soles. If you are going to one of the most formal occasions then you can pair these boots with a tweed suit or with jeans and a thick turtlenecked sweater to handle the elements in style.

If you think these boots are the one that you have desired then the brand suggest taking one size smaller than the normal size.

#3. Best waterproof military boots for men: Rains Combat Boots:

Combat Boots

Material: polyester

Colour: Cement, Black

It is worthwhile buying waterproof combat boots, especially in the UK. Buying a pair of combat boots that are not waterproof can be trendy but it’s useless. If you need to spend the maximum time of a day outside of your home then investing in a pair that will leave you with soggy feet while exposed to a bit of rain; is not make sense.

You can pick these rain combats boots as they will keep your feet dry from the rain. These are crafted with a water-repellant fabric and finished with heel caps, reinforced toes, and weather-resistant metal eyelets. You can pair these boots with slim-fit jeans and an oversized hoodie or sweater.

#4. Best Rucking combat boots for men; OAKLEY LT ASSAULT BOOTS:

Combat Boots

Material: Cordura

Colour: Black, sag, Tan, Brown, and so on

If you want to experience the comfort of wearing a Rucking combat shoe then you don’t have to be a soldier. These rucking combat boots from OAKLEY LT ASSAULT Boots are the ideal boots for clocking up some serious miles. These boots are designed to provide you with all-day comfort and optimum durability.

If you are expecting to go for a long March then you must give these boots a test run first. Even the most comfortable boots break down gradually.

#5. Best Tactical combat boots for men: GARMONT T8 BIFIDA TACTICAL MILITARY BOOTS:

Combat Boots

Material: Synthetic/ Suede

Colour: Brown

Military combat boots are a certified must-have for men who are in the profession of the security sector, special force, military, or army. But, it is also alright to wear for the guys who want to be looked like an army man.

The GARMONT BIFIDA TACTICAL boot offers a lightweight suede and polyester upper complemented with EVA insole and a super breathable footbed. The rugged rubber soles are made to grip the ground, and they avoid any slips. You need not be worried about trench foot because the quick-drying material is suitable for extreme wet weather conditions.

#6. The best combat boots for men: Dr Marten’s vegan 1460 Boots:

Combat Boots

Material: Synthetic

Colour: Black, red

DR marten has a pretty simple collection of combats boots for men. These boots are featured with all the iconic features that you will love to wear and experience. These boots are made from a fully synthetic material using a 100% vegan formulation.

These pairs of military boots are also available on Amazon. You can pair these boots with your favourite jeans or khakis and you will look fabulous if paired with jackets and oversized tees.

#7. Best affordable combat boots: H&M Lace Up Boots:

Combat Boots

Material: Polyurethane

Colour: Black, Brown

If you are planning for a trip to the hills this coming summer then getting affordable combat boots will be the trickier approach. Instead of packing summer sneakers and sliders, you can opt for these H&M Lace Up boots for running for the hills.

H&M Lace Up boots are finished with toe caps and fluted soles. These are suitable for your work as well as a weekend trip. You can pair these boots with formal slacks or black jeans. What you may particularly like is the addition of zipped sides. If you are eager to be more fashionable then these boots surely deserve a try.


What is special about combat boots?

Ans: combat boots are military boots made for soldiers to be worn during combat or combat training. But modern combat boots are designed to protect a rugged environment. It also provides ankle stability, and grip on the ground.

Why are combat boots so comfortable?

Ans: The combat boots provide better comfort. Comfort is something that you shouldn’t compromise. The military men wear these combat boots for long hours, almost every day. The high-quality cushioned insoles are designed to be durable and also experience great comfort for the feet.


Combat or military boots have seen a great evolution, especially since fashion has entered the civilian’s closets.

But, today’s modern combat boots look a bit different from the past. While leather is a go-to choice for modern combat boots, now it’s rivalled by suede and polyester.

The combat boots have also experienced a decrease in the height of the boots to reflect the ankle length of other boot sizes. Thanks to evolving styles military boots give you more options to choose from than ever.