Get Ready to Sparkle with the 7 Festival Glitter Makeup Ideas

Makeup allows us to become whoever we want to be.

With makeup, you can transform yourself into anything and you have the opportunity to be highlighted with the genuine sparkle on your body.

Festival season is approaching. One of the most favorite things about the festival is to dress well, you can choose the best festival outfit and get creative with festival makeup ideas.

Glitter has a massive trend in festivals and all the occasions where you want to be innovative with some glitter makeup ideas.

Hence, you can master some of the top 7 festival glitter makeup ideas and also combine them with a trendy outfit and be ready to impress people with your glow.

7 glitter festival makeup ideas

1. Add a subtle glow to your face with glitter makeup:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

If you are going to a music festival but still want to use glitter makeup on your face then you don’t need to be covered with sparkles all over your face. For some girls, a subtle nail polish with some sparkles is enough to glow.

If you want some glow on your face then you can try some pastel colors and be subtle. It is not right that glitters need to be so intense that it becomes irritating and tiresome. You can achieve a modest impression by adding baby pink or white droplets beneath your eyes, it will make you look sophisticated and elegant.

If you want to be looked modest you can avoid red, purple, and black.

2. Hair glitter:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

Do you like the girls with glittering roots to be fabulous that you always desire to replicate that look? You should not stop yourself to add glitter to your glowing hair as it will also work well on your hair like your skin.

The ideal festival glitter looks can be glitter on your cheeks in addition to your hair. We assume, washing away the glitter from your hair will not be struggling. There are some tutorials from where you can master the skill to add glitter to any part of your body quickly.

3. Decorate your cheeks with glitter:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

Some parts of your face will not look good with glitter. Your chin or forehead wouldn’t look so good. So, even if we exclude these parts of your face though you can have enough opportunity to put and decorate your face with glitter.

The most significant area of your face, the part that everyone notices first is your cheeks. So they genuinely have the potential. If you are going to add glitter to your cheeks for the first time then you can try neutral colors such as silver, gold, or even white.

You can save the intensifying colors for the areas closer to the eyes so you can draw attention to them. But, you can also try light purple, or turquoise, if you prefer to go without eye shadow.

4. The areas around your cheekbones and eyes:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

There is a significant part of your cheekbones that needs to be heightened to look awesome. That part is your cheekbones. Cheekbones are the most suitable area for highlighting, so you can fearlessly add some glitter.

This area can take a lot of sparkles at once and still look fabulous. You can freely add some glitter to your cheekbones even if you are wearing a glittering eyeshadow. Everyone anticipates that you apply glitter and makeup on that area also. You can completely cover the area around the eye, this will be the most well-known approach to wearing glitter for a festival.

5. Try heart-shaped glitter on your face:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

If you have applied stars on your body and you have enjoyed it so much that you no longer use sphere-shaped glitter. Now, you want to add some creative style of glitter to your body. Heart-shaped glitters come in various shapes, sizes, and hues. The heart will make you incredibly affordable too. Especially, heart-shaped glitter will be the perfect application for such festivals as valentines’ day, and so on.

But, hearts and stars are only the available glitter shapes. So, if you browse the online section then you will discover something that you want.

You need to experiment with shapes as they are the most visible and attractive to people on any occasion. So, you must not be afraid to give them a try.

6. Glitter on your lips:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

There will be no exact definition of makeup without attractive lipstick. You can highlight your eyes in various ways but for most ladies, lips are the most crucial part of their face. Your lips will look the best if you apply matte lipstick with a sophisticated shade. But you can also give it a chance to glitter, it will also work well on your lips.

Glitters are naturally very attractive and look pretty in many ways even without trying too hard. But, you should be careful when you are going to put glitter on the lips. The shade of the lipsticks containing glitter must be chosen very carefully. You need to choose the appropriate shade for your skin. Not all colors will fit when there’s glitter.

7. A simple glitter eyeshadow:

Glitter Makeup Ideas

The perfect blend of drama and elegance lies in the slitter eyeshadow. If you want to look subtle while traditional, you can go for this. You don’t need to put any glitter on your body. This is the safest and easiest way to shine brighter.

Makeup helps us to try things very easily but if you are not up for that, let it away. Yes, glitter makeup is not easy, especially when you are wearing a bright-colored outfit. So, choosing the right glitter eyeshadow can be challenging for you for the very first time but you will learn to add just the right amount of glitter to get the desired look.

These glitter-containing eyeshadows come in various shades, and you can also combine them with Smokey eyes and eyeliner.


What can I mix with glitter for my face?

Ans: According to some renowned beauticians, Vaseline is the best product to use for making glitter stick on your face. You need to spread the petroleum jelly over the intended area of your skin where you would like to apply glitter. Then press the glitter with your hand or a brush over the area of your face.

How to add glitter or sparkle to your skin?

Ans: here are the steps to apply glitter or sparkle on your skin:

  • Step 1: you need to start your skin with a matte base.
  • Step 2: You need to apply glitter glue over the cheekbones, nose, or any intended area of your face. You apply the glitter glue using your fingers.
  • Step 3: Use your fingers to dab the glitter or sparkle over the top of the glitter glue.
  • Step 4: enhance your look with lipstick, and lashes, and dab some extra glitter over the lips.

How to get glitter off your face?

Ans: Like any makeup, you can remove glitter from your face using oil and a cotton pad. You can use baby oil, basil, olive oil, or cleansing oil to do the task. You have to soak the cotton pad with the oil and glide it over your skin. Instead of rubbing you can use it in grabbing, or sweeping gestures.

Wrap Up:

For some special festivals such as music concerts, glitter makeup is a lot of fun to experiment with. Whether you are lucky enough to be in a festival field this summer, glitter is the answer.

It is the most easiest and effective way to add some sparkle to your look and we have explained 7 glitter makeup ideas to be sparkled more with one of these ideas!