Septum Piercing Jewelry Styles and Trends

Body jewelry is not only a fashion or trend it’s totally about expressing yourself or your personal expression and the septum piercing is not an exception to this trend.
The septum piercing graces the many more faces of women and men. Septum piercing gaining impetus as a must-have piercing choice. 

Septum piercing is not only to express beauty but also the statement of your self-expression as it has different cultural significance in different parts of the globe.
However the popularity of septum piercing growing crazily around the globe, and it is expected to get new jewelry, new trends, and new designs in this piercing jewelry.

In this article I will discuss trendy and stylish septum piercing jewelry, I am sure it will definitely win your heart and you will think to do the septum piercing at your face. So let’s dive into the beautiful world of piercing jewelry.

What is Septum piercing?

A Septum piercing is placed at the bottom part of the nose and goes through the sweet spot which is a thin piece of skin known as cartilage. This cartilage is located between the two nostrils.

Septum piercing is done y so many cultures in the world and for a wide variety of reasons, and have religious and cultural reasons. With cultural and religious background, the septum piercing is also a trending style statement and it is famous as a form of ornament.

In so many cultures it is worn as the symbol of power, spirituality, and wealth.

Septum Piercing jewelry style and trends:

A Septum piercing has come a long way from its religious and cultural significance. Nowadays it’s a style statement and a vibrant way to express yourself.
A style and trend in this type of jewelry are growing to provide a wide array of tastes and preferences.

The septum is likely pierced with a circular barbell also called CBR. It is important that the jewelry is made with high-quality material. There are a wide variety of options available for you in septum piercing jewelry, whether you prefer classic, bold, or unique design.

In this section I have mentioned the list of trending jewelry for septum piercing below:

1. Captive bead rings:

Anyone who wants to pierce should have captive bead rings in their jewelry box. The captive bead ring has a small ball that fits at the end of the ring. The bead is most challenging to put into place as this ring doesn’t require the threading.

The small ball that fills the gap in the ring is made with rubber, silver, gemstone, gold, glass, or pearl. These rings come in various sizes and can be customizable according to your perfect fit.

2. Septum Clicker:

Septum clicker is one of the most famous piercing jewelry and it’s become a top pick for piercing lovers. This ring uses a hang to open and close easily.
The name is given to the clicker as they make the sound of clicking while locking the hang.

Clicker ring comes in many design and styles and they are easy to use as they only need to lock the hang. There are so many choices for the wearer to choose from and can easily swap out for any look.

Clickers are available in gemstones, ornate patterns, charms, and unique shapes and designs. The clicker is available in gold, silver, stainless steel, surgical steel, and titanium. The durability depends on which material you are choosing.

3. Circular barbells:

These circular barbells look just like horseshoes with balls or spikes at both ends. You can choose a ring size and ball size according to your personal preferences. Circular barbells also have diamond beads, and neon color ends which will offer you a style statement.

The beads at the end of circular barbells are removable which allows you to easily insert and remove them. These beads come in different styles, plain, and decorative. Choices of beads can offer a different look 

Insertion and removal of the beads can be a little bit difficult, it requires some practice for beginners.

4. Seamless rings:

Seamless rings or seamless hoops are made up of a single metal loop without beads or clasps. This ring is sleek and minimalist in design. There is no opening and closing bead or clasps available, as the ring is made with a single unbroken loop that offers the ring a sleek look.

Seamless rings are a little bit different than other rings like beads and clickers as they dont have beads or clasps at the end of the ring. It can be worn and removed carefully and with patience.

A seamless ring can be available in different metals like gold, silver, stainless steel, surgical steel, and niobium. These rings are customizable to any size to customise it to perfect fit and piercig lover must have this ring in their jewelry box.

5. U shape septum retainer:

This jewelry is shaped like the letter U and it is an alternative to traditional rings. this ring is most commonly used by individuals like office work, school, or who want to wear simple septum rings.

You can add some pop of colors like neon, pastel, and jewel shade. These rings are angular in shape so they can add a border to your look. Retainer comes in different metals like gold, silver, stainless steel, or glass.

The septum retainer can be flipped up if you want to hide your piercing.

6. Crescent pinchers:

Crescent Pincher is the classic type of septum-piercing jewelry. this ring is of half moon shape or crescent, available in a wide range of styles and designs. They are plain simple or bold you can choose according to your tastes and preferences.

A Pincher is easy to insert and remove and it is important to maintain it regularly. They are made with metals like stainless steel, gold, silver, and surgical steel. 


In summary, I have discussed in the guide about the septum piercing. Septum piercing is not only a fashion statement but also it is a form of self-expression.
Spetum piercing has a rich history according to different religions and cultures. This type of piercing involves a wide array of styles and trends.

The popularity of septum piercing is continuously growing, so it is a wonder to see the style and trends that come with this piercing. In the above guide, I have mentioned jewelry like captivating bead rings to crescent pinchers.

These all are trendy and stylish jewelry for piercing available in different shapes, and sizes and made with different metals. So if you want to do septum piercing and want to express yourself with trendy jewelry then read the full guide and follow the trend.