Back Dimple Piercing 101: What You Need to Know

Anything to look good apparently, some people can have plastic surgery to get back dimples. The back dimple piercing which can draw attention to the sexy spot easily, this trend is grown in popularity.

Back piercing is the type of dermal piercing placed on the lower back on the dimple of Venus. It is located in the intended area where the spins and pelvis meet.
In this guide, I have explored everything you need to know about back dermal piercing such as the procedures of back piercing, the cost, healing time and risk, and also the jewelry for back piercing. Now let’s dive into the guide for piercing on back and getting done on your back dimple also.

Back dimple piercing procedures:

Back dimple piercing is a dermal piercing, unlike traditional or general piercing dermal piercing has a single point, which means that it has an entry point but doesn’t have an exit point.

Back Dermal piercing is generally considered as difficult piercing compared to other piercings.

You must need an experienced piercer to pierce your back dimple. First, you should make an appointment.

1. The piercer looks at your back to recognize if your back dimple is deep enough or not.
2. The piercer will clean the area and mark the spot where the piercing will done.
3. There are two techniques for piercing the back dimple, one is a clamp and needle and another one is a skin punch.
4. The piercer will pierce the dimple on one side with your selected technique place the jewelry in it and do the same for another side dimple.
5. Again he will disinfect the area and it’s done.

How much does the back dimple piercing cost:

Back dimple piercings cost around $70 to $80 each. The jewelry is not included in the cost you might need an extra $10 to $20 for each piece, the price depends on the material.

Other factors that depend on how much you will pay for your piercing are the expertise level of the piercer, studio, and location.

Back piercing healing time:

Back dimple piercing will generally heal in a few months but it can sometimes take around 6 months to fully heal. Here explore some factors that can affect the healing time:

  • Chooses the right piercer: The piercer should be an expert in work. Find the one who knows perfectly about their work and they are in a sanitized conditions
  • Health:  General health and well-being and weak immunity can slow down the healing time, due to slower circulation.
  • Personal Hygiene: If your personal hygiene is not so good then it will increase the risk of infection in the back dimple area.
  • Patience: Piercing is a thing that is not going to recover overnight. so make sure you are following all aftercare conditions and you should be patient until it heals.

Is Back Dimple Piering hurts?

Just like any body modification, there will be some pain in the back dimple piercing. When the piercer pushes the instrument and then divers or anchors it through the several layers of skin it definitely hurts but the pain lasts for only a few seconds for a minute.

The exact level of pain is subjective and depends on the pain tolerance of a person. After all, everyone’s pain tolerance is different.

Some people say that it feels just like a pinch and some say it’s pretty painful. The level of pain also depends on the piercing technique you choose.

Do’s and dont’s after back piercing:


  • The back dimple is hard to reach location so you should seek help to clean it.
  • Clean your piercing area 3 to 4 times a day with saline, to avoid infection and get heal early.
  • Wash your hands with soap before cleaning the dimple area
  • After a shower, gently clean or wipe the area with a paper towel, and make sure it gets dry properly to avoid infections.
  • Wear loose clothes, tight clothes can put pressure on the dimple area and it can hurt.
  • Till the piercing heals, sleep on your side or on your stomach.


  • Avoid using location, perfumes, and sunscreen on wounds.
  • Don’t touch your new piercings without washing your hands.
  • Avoid cleaning your piercing with ointment or alcohol.
  • Don’t try to rip off any scabs
  • Don’t use pools, hot tubs, or steam bath
  • Avoid the sleeping position or any exercise that might hurt or irritate the piercing.

Risk and side effects of back dimple piercing:

Back dimple piercing might be safe if done in sterling condition and by an expert body piercer. Still, there are some potential risks to look out for. Here are some risk factors for back dimple piercing:

  • missing the place: If the anchor is not inserted enough deeply it gets too rugged up then the anchor will get away, or it misplaced in a new skin area or completely take off
  • Infection: Any type of piercing can increase the chance of getting a skin infection and the risk will be higher if the jewelry doesn’t get inserted properly. Ans also if tools are not clean while piercing.
  • Rejection: There is a chance that your body will not accept the piercing and will reject it. It might happen when your immune system pushes the jewel outside the skin.
  • Tissue damage: If the anchor gets too deep it can cause tissue damage, it will work like a small wrecking ball
  • Ripping:  It hurts more when your anchor or diver gets caught in a sweater or into the towel. Anything that can hitch on your back dimple jewelry, it snatch your skin. So need to be extra careful while wearing clothing.

  If back piercing gets infected, what are the signs?

For the first one or two weeks it is normal to get skin crusty and swelling around the piercing area. If you notice the following symptoms then you might have an infection on the back dimple piercing:

  • Fever, pain in the body, and other symptoms like flu
  • Pus-like yellow-green discharge coming out from the piercing area.
  • The fusty smell coming from your piercing

The symptoms when your body rejects the piercing:

  • Jewelry comes out of the skin
  • jewelry looks floppy instead the flat on the body
  • Anchor comes a little out from its skin pocket.

The available jewelry for back dimple piercing:

There are a few types of jewelry available for back dermal piercing. Here is the jewelry for the back piercing:

1. Anchor: The Anchor is the most traditional jewelry for piercing. While piercing, the piercer holds the small pinch of skin, then pierces it with a needle, then he inserts the anchor foot first into the skin and the top of the anchor site above the skin has either a screw top or magnet.

2. Diver:
Diver is the piercing jewelry with a fixed jewelry top. To insert the diver the piercer uses the tool that is skin punch. Skin punch helps the piercer to punch and make small holes in the skin.
3. Dermal top: This jewelry is screwed onto the top anchor and it is removable and interchangeable. You can also use a magnetic top rather than a screw.

4. Barbell: The Barbell has an entry and exit point and it is on the surface of the skin. It is pierced by pinching the skin and pierces it. This jewel is commonly used for surface piercing rather than dermal.


In conclusion, We have discussed in the above guide about the back dimple piercing, which is done to show off the sexiest look. Back dimple also called venus dimples and piercing on back dimples is trending now among youngsters.

We have discussed how to do piercing, the cost of piercing, healing time aftercare for piercing, and a complete guide for those who want to do the back dimple piercing procedure and looking to collect all information before done.

So read out the full guide, follow the instructions, and get ready to do your back dimple piercing and look sexier than ever.