Helix Piercing Pros and Cons: Is It Right for You?

Are you in search of a new piercing? Want to make your look aesthetic and cool? Well, Helix Piercing serves to be an ideal yet classy option. Moreover, new experiments or modifications are on trend nowadays, and piercing seems to be the most common among all. This sort of piercing offers you a unique, trendy, and attractive look. Make your appearance visible to others from a distant position. Let’s dive into the detailed information of this enormous piercing that makes your appearance fashionable. 

Overview of Helix Piercing

Do you desire this type of piercing? But you are clueless about it, like its procedure along with various other crucial things. Well, no worry, as you have landed on the most appropriate page. This enormous piercing comes under the category of most popular piercings and is done on the ear’s top part. Also known as cartilage piercings and is done only for aesthetic purposes. The piercing is done to enhance the overall appearance. 

It depends on your choice, as it could be multiple or single piercings. It could also be done in varying areas of your upper ear as per your choice to look more appealing. helix ear piercings make use of studs, hoops, or other sort of jewelry variation. However, there are various variations in piercing style, and every variation differentiates from others by its location on the ear. So, let’s have a look on varying types of variations that add glow to your beauty. 

Standard single helix piercing

It serves to be the most common type, that lies on the upper outer cartilage near the ear’s rim. And, this type of piercing is more painful than earlobe piercing but less than any other Helix Piercing. 

 Double helix piercing

This piercing type includes two piercings in the upper outer cartilage, that is stacked vertically over another one. And it seems to be cute with double stud earrings. 

 Triple helix piercing

If a piercing is done in the same spot, just above one another, this type is known as triple helix ear piercing. This refers to the same sort of piercing and refers to the number that you possess on the same ear. 

 Forward helix piercing

Also, well-known as anti-helix piercing, and it lies horizontally. The piercing is done on the outer rim’s cartilage at the ear’s front. This piercing is more painful than any other type and takes much time to heal properly. 

Mid helix piercing

This type of piercing lies in the middle of the ear and gives you an appealing outlook.

Flat helix piercing

This piercing lies on the ear’s upper flat area just beside the standard helix. Its cartilage is a little bit thick and takes time to heal. 

 Piercing’s pros and cons

Before piercing, the question arises – whether to go with it or not. Or, you wish to know about certain crucial things regarding piercing. Have a look at some of its pros and cons that play a major role in making a good decision. 


  • The major reason to try out top ear piercing is its aesthetic look. As, these type of piercings gets customized with a huge range of jewelry variations possessing hoops, studs, and rings. This versatile appeal enhances your personal style along with your overall outer appearance. 
  • In comparison to other sort of piercings, these sorts of awesome piercings are less painful. Due to thin cartilage in the upper ear, the piercing procedure becomes smooth yet comfortable. Moreover, the piercing possesses a short healing time, almost 9 months as per the care.
  • It offers versatility with the help of varying options. This versatility allows you to wear authentic combinations and also allows you to experiment with varying unique styles.
  • Compared to areas with high blood flow, these piercings possess low risk of infection. But it is mandatory to abide by proper aftercare instructions and clean the area regularly. Also, prevent touching the area with dirty hands. 


  • As the piercing process is not too painful, but for some it could be discomforting during the healing process. The upper ear’s cartilage takes a longer time to heal as compared to the earlobe. Due to this, swelling and soreness could occur during the healing process. 
  • Raised scars could arise that entirely surround the piercing site. So, to avoid this, ensure to select a professional individual who follows sterilization strategies during piercing. And a professional only could give you proper aftercare instructions. 
  • Till the piercing area doesn’t heal entirely, avoid sleeping on the pierced ear side to avoid pressure and irritation. And this could be a problem for certain people, usually to those people who sleep on that side only. 
  • As per the Helix Piercing, jewelry variations might affect day-to-day activities. Large yet dangling jewelry gets caught on hair or cloth, which leads to damage to the piercing resulting in too much pain. 

Mandatory aftercare instructions

Top ear piercing requires proper care to avoid any damage to cartilage, like scarring or bruises. Ensure to follow certain mandatory steps during the healing procedure: –

 Wash appropriately

Daily wash of the piercing area is mandatory in every type of piercing. Ensure to take around 2-3 times saline soak or salty bath. Be cautious while cleaning up the cartilage piercings and don’t move your jewelry too much during cleaning. This could result in a bumpy scar that might be highly painful. To avoid this, place a cotton ball entirely soaked up in saline near your piercing and hold it there for almost 5 minutes. Then, gently dab the area with a towel. 

Keep piercing Dry

Moisture should be at a distance from new piercings, and these types of piercings require high care. Ensure to keep the piercing area dry, as a wet area leads to a high risk of infection. Quickly dab off the liquid near the piercing area and make it dry. Once an infection arises, it becomes a little difficult to cure it and it results in cartilage bumps. And these bumps get eliminated via surgery that is painful.

Maintain cleanliness 

Ensure to sleep with a new pillow under your head during the Helix Piercing healing process. This is done to avoid dead skin and bacteria harming your piercing. For more hygiene, change your pillow cover every night. Or cover the pillow with a clean cloth if you don’t wish to change the covers daily night.

There are certain things that you need to avoid during the piercing healing procedure: –

  • Pool swimming.
  • Drug intake.
  • Alcohol intake.
  • Putting makeup on the piercing area.
  • Don’t remove the piercing on your own.
  • Never play with piercing.
  • Avoid the application of antiseptic. 

Jewelry type for piercing

Incorporate a unique style that makes you look more gorgeous. But proper jewelry combination is the major part of making you extra beautiful. If you own another sort of ear piercing, think of a harmonious combination, that truly enhances your style. The ring seems to be a perfect choice for piercing, either worn alone or with other jewelry. Search for a tragus or lobe that embarks a simple yet elegant composition. 

Accessory jewel screwable also seems to be a good option for ear piercing, especially for helix ear piercings. Opt for a titanium cabochon or gold trio, as it offers simplicity to your look. And, it adds an original touch to your appearance along with elegance. Select durable jewelry that could accommodate any sort of swelling for a long duration during your first piercing. Wear a type of jewelry that doesn’t move a lot and doesn’t provide discomfort.

When you decide on an upper ear piercing, you insert jewelry into a fresh wound that could be painful. As the piercing exposes the material to the internal tissue of the ear, you are required to select jewelry designed with top-notch quality products. Jewelry material should be body-compatible, that don’t cause any irritation or infection. And, the material preferable for the piercing is titanium or stainless steel. 

 Factors to consider while selecting jewelry type

While selecting jewelry for top ear piercing, it is crucial to consider certain factors to maintain your style and healing process. Let’s have a quick look into some major factors.

  • The material of helix jewelry serves to be a major factor, as varying types of materials are available. Select the material as per your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, select hypoallergic material to prevent any allergy or skin infection.
  • Helix jewelry is available in numerous styles, including, cuffs, studs, and hoops. Your desired style depends on your look and personal choice. Studs serve as a classic option, while cuffs add a modern touch to your appearance. 
  • The size of the jewelry is also a major factor to consider, as it avoids too much pain. If you wish to achieve a subtle look, select small-size jewelry. But, if you wish to look more elegant, opt for a large size. Select jewelry that seems balanced with your ear. 
  • Another major factor is its placement. Helix Piercing is done in varying areas, including double helix, forward, and outer helix. Jewelry placement also depends on your desired look and personal choice. 

Helix piercing – Is it harmful?

If you think that this type of piercing is not painful, then it is wrong. The piercing is painful, and if you get an infection at that site, it becomes more painful. To combat it, you are required to take care of the site properly with proper aftercare instructions. Make use of good quality jewelry material in piercings. 


helix ear piercings allow you to express your look in a unique and classy way. Grab the attention of a huge crowd while flaunting your piercing with beautiful jewelry variations. Although piercing possesses various benefits, it is essential to consider its drawbacks. Ensure to opt for a professional for the process who gives you proper instructions to tackle piercing pain. And, by determining its pros and cons, determine whether the piercing is an appropriate selection for you or not.