12 Must-Have Dresses To Wear With Boots

Do you love wearing ankle boots with the dress? The days are gone when styling a dress follows the same formula. A quality pair of boots is one of our all-time favorite wardrobe staples. We all know that boots go well with skinny jeans, but what about other outfits in the wardrobe

We all love to rock wearing our minis and maxi dresses combining a trusty pair of heels in the summer months. In this coming warmer months, we turn to more colorful options. However, most of us wonder about what to pair with the dress, and whether my favorite boots go well with the dress or not.

However, some shoes such as timeless combat boots work with any outfit. So, you can bring out all of your boots and add them to your sandal rotation. To gather more knowledge about dresses to wear boots just go through my article till the end. Here, in this article, I am going to put together 12 must-have dresses to wear with boots.

1. Denim dresses and Buckle Boots

The emerging style of buckle boots goes perfectly with denim dresses. Of course, the emerging style works well with other leather pieces, but why not level up your fashion sense with a denim dress? The row of buckles of the shoe adds a hardcore sense to the entire casual outfit look. Moreover, this low-maintenance outfit works great for both day and night events.

2. Sheer Dreses and Leather Boots

Sheer dresses are one of the best trends to come in 2024. This cheeky, and skin-abarking look works great for late-night outs. But, it is not necessary that you only need to pair a sheet dress with heels. 

Here, you can bring the wrong shoe theory into play for a new fashion statement. You can add a level of casualness by pairing leather boots pair with a sheet dress. Let your shoes shine through the mesh fabric.

3. Maxi dresses and Chelsea Boots

You can take out the colorful maxi dress from your wardrobe this coming June. A maxi dress enhances your beauty by offering a casual loom but still exposing your fashion-forward attitude. Chelsea boots work well with casual and semi-formal outfits. Chelsea boots are one of the best picks to pair with a colorful and vibrant maxi dress. 

Apart from the looks, a pair of Chelsea boots comfort your shoes in the summer and spring. These boots are versatile. You can pair this boot with everything from floral prints to relaxed sweater dresses. So, just bring out the Chelsea boots and make a fashion statement for all.

4. Slip Dresses and Combat boots

There is no better way than to pair a slip dress with combat boots in this coming summer months. The 90s are stronger than ever, so the fashion of slip dresses is capturing our wardrobes fast. A slip dress is quite perfect to expose the feminine feel. 

I recommend you pair a Slip dress with a pair of combat boots, it will give your ensembles a little edge for sure. Your styling sense will catch everyone’s attention towards you while passing the road.

5. Cut-Outs and Thigh Highs Galore

Image- Amazon UK

For the females who enjoy the vibe of the sheer trend, cutout dresses are likely a staple for their wardrobes. If strappy shoes seem to no longer do the trick, you can opt for a pair of thigh highs galore. A thigh-high galore offers a luxurious touch to your overall looks.

Yes, good thigh-high boots are for the brave women, and if that sounds like you then there is nothing to stop you from getting this combination. So, just bring out your cutouts from the wardrobe and pair them with thigh-high boots. Everyone will make a turn towards you, for sure!

6. Baby Doll Dresses and Cowboy Boots

Baby doll dresses are our all-time favorite outfits. Baby doll dresses come in both mini and midi versions. Whatever yours, a pair of cowboy boots will always create a fashion statement. cowboy boots are the most appropriate one if you want to stand out. In essence, cowboy boots are casual footwear.

A combination of a baby doll dress and cowboy boots can add a playful and dainty vibe to the Western ensemble.

7. Neutral Hues and Snakeskin boots

If you are searching for your color palette of the day to be the most muted, then spruce up your ensemble with a pair of embossed boots. You may be fond of snakeskin print like me. Whether you love bright neons or toned-down neutrals, a snakeskin-printed boot will offer you a much-needed vibrance to your look.

Moreover, thanks to the advancement of technology, there is a great array of ethical choices to choose from. 

8. Skinny Jeans with Riding Boots

Riding boots tend to be a slimmer fit, you can team it with fitted jeans. You can easily tuck the jeans into the boots without having any unnecessary bunching around the top of the boot. While opting for a pair of riding boots, you can avoid wearing any baggy jeans.

Riding boots are a classy fashion staple, and you can pair them with a wide range of outfits. So, if you want a sleek look, just pair skinny jeans with riding boots this summer.

9. Mini Dresses and Slouchy Boots

Wondering about what dress with boots go perfectly? If you just love experimenting with fashion, a slouchy boot can be the perfect addition to your outfit. To pull off the essence of the fashion statement, you can consider pairing your slouchy boots with a micro mini outfit. 

Whether it is a T-shirt dress, or a full-on LBD, a pair of slouchy boots work perfectly with that. What is the amazing part of this look, depending upon the length of the dress, you can even double up the length of the pants. This look is both comfortable and stylish.

10. Split hem Maxi dresses and Knee knee-high boots

if you are wondering about what dresses to wear with boots, don’t get stressed. Here, I am to help you out.  If you just love a split hem maxi dress that shows off your thigh, you can pair it with knee high boots. knee high boots are an all-time favorite shoe for women. Almost every fashion-sensing woman keeps a pair of knee high boots in her wardrobe. 

To achieve a seamless transition of dress into a new season, you may be very intentional about what kind of dress will go perfectly with a knee high boot. So, just bring out your favorite split hem maxi dress, it will show off your boot slightly. Also, you can blend them perfectly underneath a maxi dress.

11. Ankle Boots and Sweater Dresses

Ankle boots are my all-time favorite boot item. With ankle boots, you can have outfits to pair for almost every occasion and event. From casual to more formal, there is a great array of outfits that go perfectly with a pair of ankle boots. However, there are a handful of ankle boot styles that are perfect for the summer months but a list goes beyond your imagination for the winter months. 

So, just bring out your ankle boots and take out your favorite weather dress for a corporate event or a coffee run. 

12. Corset Dress and Platform Boots

Image- Pinterest

Platform boots seem to be one of the trendiest items in 2024. So, if you are looking for something innovative with your style, just take out your platform boot and pair it with a corset dress. A corset dress perfectly cinches in the waist, so if you desire to look skinny, just wear it.

A pair of platform boots will add an extra height, so style this chunky footwear with a romantic corset dress to become the showstopper ever!


There is a wide range of outfits that work well with a pair of boots. The list just goes beyond your imagination. Knowing about the must-have dresses to wear with boots can be helpful wardrobe knowledge. Whether you prefer a laid-back look or something a little bit more polished look, just consider wearing boots in this approaching summer months.

Here, I have wrapped together 12 must-have dresses to wear with boots, you can pick one or more combinations from my list and experience the experimental journey. Hope, this journey will become full of praise, and warm comments.