Top 10 Fashion Boutiques in London

London loves fashion and fashion also loves London. From across famous streets to the storefronts of the boutiques fashion is everywhere in London!

London is a very popular city across the entire world for its chic, and independent boutiques with a variety of contemporary fashion. The staffs of the boutiques are also quite knowledgeable and cooperative with the customers. 

There are plenty of fashion boutiques in London in Oxford or Regent Street that can blow your mind. Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up the top 10 fashion boutiques in London you must visit to experience the trending fashion of the UK.

#1. 69b Boutique:

Fashion Boutiques
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The very talented Merryn Leslie, the former fashion editor, founded 69b boutique in 2011. She aimed to bring sustainable fashion to everyone who desired more than just chic outfits. So, she introduced Riyka, Beaumont Organic Labels, and Here Today Here Tomorrow into her boutique.

She sold this boutique in 2020, and now the owner is a sustainable fashion expert, Emma Bonar. She is also enthusiastic about affordable and sustainable fashion, the essence of Merry Leslie has remained with the brand.

Now the boutique has introduced a variety of brands such as Veja, Dedicated, People Tree, komodo, and so on.

Location: 69b Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

#2. AIDA Shoreditch:

Fashion Boutiques
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If you are looking for an affordable and sustainable boutique owned by any fashion-conscious woman then AIDA is just right for you. In 2012, four sisters founded the AIDA boutique and they named it after their nan.

If you visit this boutique you will be amazed by how the founders have put the vibrancy of Shoreditch as a neighborhood into their boutique.  In this boutique, you can see chic indie labels for men and women at affordable prices. They offer a variety of high-end fashion brands including local items.

Apart from the fashion, they have a small cafe inside the boutique where the visitors can enjoy the sight and sounds of the neighbourhood. So, you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon at the boutique.

Further, they have a book corner from where you can buy a book and spend the whole day reading it. Moreover, we can say that they have approached all the variations to make this boutique stand out in the competition.

Location: 133 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

#3. Lowie boutique:

Fashion Boutiques
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Lowie is a London-based women’s wear boutique that was founded in 2002 by Bronwyn Lowie. She was upcycled clothes since 13 years old, so there is no doubt that her brand is big on sustainability.

They offer a fabulous collection of dresses and recycled cashmere Jumpigans. Lowie is very independent mind in storing other renowned brands. You can get scarves from Miss Pompom, sustainable skincare products by Upcircle, and socks by Catherine Tough.

Location:  18 Half Moon Ln, London SE24 9HU

#4. Modern Society:

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Shoreditch is a famous destination for shopaholics. You can see a variety of café, boutiques, and premium stores in that area. At many places, you will get boutiques attached to cafes. Modern Society is one such establishment.

The boutique is situated on Redchurch Street and offers affordable and sustainable fashion with a strong cup of coffee. The boutique was founded by NazifaMovsoumova, who also put her effort to showcase genderless labels including clothes. She always tries to be in line with the latest trend.

This boutique was the first in London to introduce Salt Surf’s, Sandy Liang’s, and Far Footwear’s covetable coats.

This boutique also offers a line of T-shirts and crystals if you are looking for one.

Location: 33 Redchurch St, London E2 7DJ

#5. Browns East:   

Fashion Boutiques
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When it comes to London fashion boutiques, there are few more important than Browns East. Browns East was founded in 1970 by Joan Burstein and her husband. She was effectively known to London and she was curious to bring some of the most important and most interesting designers into London. They have introduced a variety of items on the shopping counter including womenswear, kidswear, Menswear, fine jewellery, shoes, and so on.

Browns have one parlour and a bar inside the shopping house. You can reach the parlour where you will be offered exclusive treatments and after that, you can meet a signature cocktail at the bar after your styling appointment.

A fusion of the traditional and contemporary, their environment blend with exceptional creativity and services to offer the customers an extraordinary experience like no other.

Location: 21 Club Row, London E2 7EY

#6. Goodhood:

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When it comes to laid-back luxury, Goodhood’s vibe is almost horizontal. Goodhood is a blend of contemporary and street brands. They have a variety of contemporary brands including Ganni, Aries, Addidas and Vans, and Mara Hoffman.

They have a careless sense of curation across the product range including menswear, beauty and grooming products, jewellery,

So, you can mingle with some of the designer’s outfits this summer. You can’t resist purchasing the jewellery showcased in glass frames.

So, if you are in London then make sure to explore the collection of Goodhood.

Location: 151 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3QE

#7. Jessie Western:

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The owner of the Jessy Western Jessy and Vicky, have brought a new sustainable fashion into London with their boutique. Both sisters are very passionate about American stones and they were very interested in bringing American handcrafted silver and turquoise jewellery.

Beside stone jewellery, they have a great collection of tasselled jackets, ponchos, silver concho belts, embellished fringed tote bags, suede skirts, cowboy hats, and hand-painted cowboy boots.

These sisters mainly work jointly with Navajo and Zuni artists to highlight and celebrate their ethnic crafts.

So, Jessie Western satisfies all the features that a good boutique should have. If you plan to visit London then Jessie Western is a must-visit place.

Location: 82B Portobello Rd, London W11 2QD

#8. D.A.Y boutique:

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D.A. Y. Boutique is a London-based luxury store that is named after the initials of three sisters Disha, Apee, and Yukti. These three sisters followed in the footsteps of their parents and founded their boutique on Bellenden Road in 2018. You can surely visit this boutique to find an array of unique products from UK and European brands.

You will get outerwear by Rains, and chunky necklaces by Rah Rah studio Barlin. Also, you will be amazed at the pieces from London indie designers like Dora Larson Lingerie. You can get colourful woven bags by Freckle London.

D.A.Y. Boutique offers Menswear, women’s wear, and home wear including affordable kids’ wear pieces for kids in London.

Location: 43 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4DH

#9. Luna & Curious:

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Luna & Curious is a luxurious London boutique that was founded in 2006 by three creatives, Kaoru Parry, Polly George, and RheannaLingham. This boutique brand is an independent London shopping counter offering a variety of trendy women’s wear, kid’s wear, men’s wear, home wear, and accessories.

They also showcase their line of knitwear, jewellery, and ceramics. They focus on hiring new talents beyond the UK. Each product bears a story of the designer, material, or process.

Some of the renowned products include wollen baby wear by Joha, brightly coloured enamelware by Bornn, and jewellery by London-based Wolf & Moon.,

Location:  24-26 Calvert Ave, London E2 7JP

#10. Hub:

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Hub is an independent boutique run by two sisters, George and Lou. This boutique sells women’s wear from British and international brands. They offer an extensive range of brands including Levi’s, Veja and Ganni, Birkenstock, and so on. You can also get California brand Le Bon Shoppe and jewellery from Rachel Jackson, Georgiana Scott, and Wolf Circus.

In 2021, they launched their in-house label Allsea. Garments are made in London’s Blackhorse Lane Ateliers. The knit wears are made by Harleys in Scotland exclusively for Hub. They offer a great collection of wardrobe staples including Corduroy trousers and fairisle jumpers.

Location: 49 Stoke Newington Church St, London N16 0AR


What are famous shopping brands in London?

Ans: Some of the famous brands or stores in London are- Hamleys, the Apple Store, John Lobb, and Benson & Clegg.

What is the most expensive shopping in London?

Ans: The most expensive shopping in London is Harrods, it is the world’s leading luxury department store.

Is London expensive for shopping?

Ans: London is not considered as the cheapest city in the world. But it does not mean that you cannot find any bargains in the city.

What is the most famous fashion street in London?

Ans: Bond Street is a mecca for fashion-skilled people who love the finer things in life. It is arguably the most famous fashion street in London.


If you are looking for something special then head to one of London’s independent fashion boutiques, here you will get handpicked collection and good advice while shopping.

If you compare larger merchandise retailers, a boutique is often considered a hidden gem of a store. Boutique stores a deep assortment of one specific product.

Whenever you feel some retailing therapy you must look forward to supporting the local London boutiques. And once you switch to boutique shopping in London, you may never go back.