7 Best Fashion Schools in England

Are you looking for one of the best fashion schools in England?

The UK fashion schools are highly creative and equip you with the skills that you need to work within the various facets of the textile and design industry. Fashion is 4th largest sector in the world. At present, the industry is expanding to new dimensions more than ever.

So, it can be a very rewarding career for you. if you learn fashion skills from one of the renowned fashion schools then you will have various career options including fashion designer, fashion stylist, fashion marketing and PR, fashion photography, fashion illustration, textile design, fashion retail management, and so on.

Once graduated, you will be industry ready to work across these various sectors. Learn about the & best fashion schools in England below to choose from.

Top 7 fashion schools in London:

#1. Kingston University:

Fashion Schools in England
Image Source: www.kingston.ac.uk

Kingston University is one of the top global destinations for students who want to learn fashion in London. This school offers the BA (Hons) fashion program where you can get the opportunity to be awarded four badges of excellence by the business of Fashion.

These badges including for Best Overall, Best in Global Influence, Best in Learning Experience, and Best in Long-term Value.

The fashion courses of Kingston University have covered all the aspects of fashion skills and the designing process-from research and design development to creating attires.

They teach the students every aspect of fashion skills in a creative manner. They encourage all the students to get engaged in professional practice related to studio work.

  • Course to consider BA (Hons) Fashion.

#2. University of the Arts London:

Fashion Schools in England

London College of Fashion is a segment of the University of the Arts London. This fashion school was founded in 1986 and it is one of the 5 colleges under UAL.

This university offers undergraduate and postgraduate fashion programs. Courses from business to design and fashion curation are available.

More than 17500 students are studying at this university throughout the country. This university has ranked 2nd in the Art and Design category of the 2022 QS World University Rankings. Besides practical training, they offer studio practice that is beneficial for industry work.

The course consists of 200 hours of learning time and included a tailored program of independent study and assessment.

  • Course to consider: BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing

#3. University of Westminster:

Fashion Schools in England

The University of Westminster was founded in 1838 as the Royal Polytechnic Institute. The University of Westminster is one of the ancient higher education institutes in England. This university has 5 campuses and it offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate fashion courses in various fields.

As the university is located in the centre of the city so it is easily accessible by an extensive range of students. Along with providing practical fashion training, it conducts various fashion exhibitions, shows, and events. So, the students can stay up-to-date with the current trend and learn from leading industry professionals.

Fashion courses at the University of Westminster enhance creativity and imbibe work-related skills and practical learning.

With individual design space and dedicated work studios, this university ranked at the top of the best fashion schools in the UK.

The university works closely with some of the international fashion industry where the students can secure internships with world-renowned names such as Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Marc Jacobs.

  • Course to consider: BA(Hons) Fashion Design

#4. University of Central Lancashire:

Fashion Schools in England

The University of Central Lancashire provides BA (Hons) Textile Design course that consists of real-time training and experience while students learn the foundations of textile design.

Students can learn a vast amount of techniques that help them to understand each aspect of designing and make them industry ready.

The University of Central Lancashire functions closely with some of the renowned international fashion industries where the students can secure their internship course and also can learn from industry professionals. These world-renowned names include Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen.

  • Course to consider: BA(Hons) Fashion Design

#5. University of West London:

Fashion Schools in England

The University of West London has a rich history of education with its roots and it was founded in 1860. Nowadays, the university offers a wide range of fashion courses and presently it ranks the best in London for student satisfaction with its fashion programs.

The University of West London is attainable to a wide range of international students. They offer advice and assistance with funding and careers. Accommodation, and academic and well-being support.

 Along with various fashion programs, it offers BA (Hons) fashion program that is a future-focused, and design-led course by JCA. JCA was founded by renowned fashion designer Jimmy Choo, and it is run by industry professionals. JCA takes the students seamlessly from education to vocation.

  • Course to consider: BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Accessories

#6. Royal College of Art:

Fashion Schools in England

Royal College of Art is one of the most prestigious and oldest fashion institutions in the world, it was founded in 1837.

This fashion school in London is particularly well-known for its various fashion programs, industrial design, and architecture. Royal College of Art has ranked first in the QS World University ranking. 

The fashion degrees of the college offers the students a comprehensive education and the courses are including everything from design to management, marketing, and so on.

During the programs, students attend various fashion shows, and events, as part of their curriculum. They attend fashion shows both locally and internationally so they gain a real-world perspective.

The fashion courses have a diverse student body around 2,000 students. Many of the students go on to successful careers in design, art, and related fields.

  • Course to consider: BA(Hons) Fashion Design

#7.  University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge is a popular institution known by students worldwide. This university offers a wide range of fashion skills to the students. It provides a solid foundation to all the students that are essential in their career.

Students of the University of Cambridge are provided a chance to showcase their fashion skills at industry-focused fashion shows, and events. 

Many of the students from this university have gotten a chance to work and establish their careers at global brands such as Esquire magazine, and Vivienne Westwood.

A renowned fashion designer, Holly Futon, teaches this fashion course with an intensive practical focus that makes this course valuable to pursue.

The students who learn fashion courses at the University of Cambridge can enjoy an array of opportunities enabling them to acquire the essential techniques about the industry and get an overview of it.

  • Course to consider: BA (Hons) Fashion Design


Where can I study fashion in England?

Ans: There are various renowned fashion schools in England from where you can pursue fashion courses and can establish your career in the industry. Some of the renowned fashion schools in England are- Kingston University, University of the Arts London, Royal College of Arts, and so on.

Which country is best for studying fashion design?

Ans: If you are serious and passionate about studying fashion design in some of the best fashion design schools in the world then you must stop in London. London is the heart of the fashion world. The United Kingdom is the best country for studying fashion design.

How much does it cost to study fashion in the UK?

Ans: The tuition fees for studying an undergraduate fashion degree from a renowned UK university may range something between £17K to £20K/year. The fees for the postgraduate courses range from £20K to £25K.


If you are a student who is serious to learn fashion design and wants to establish your career as a world-class fashion designer then England is the country you are looking for. Various fashion schools cover a variety of fashion technology branches. These fashion schools provide excellent academic knowledge along with live training sessions that make the best platform for students to go from students to experts.

This article has explored the 7 best fashion schools in England and chosen from the list provided above. Hope, this article will be helpful to you to open up a world of opportunities to pursue a career in this field.