Stylish Bumps: 9 Petite Maternity Clothes For Fashionable Moms

Are you looking for new clothes to accommodate that growing baby bump? It is possible to find cute petite maternity clothes that perfectly match your body type.

If petite, you can experiment with form-fitting maternity dresses in bold colors and prints. Just because you are sporting a growing baby bump, there does not mean you need to give up cute, and stylish fashion choices for nine months. 

Yes, indeed, all the changes that your body will go through may not be glamorous, but you need to focus on a confidence-boosting fashion statement. Fortunately, some brands design maternity clothes, especially for shorter women. If you pick some trendy maternity clothes for a petite size, you can feel amazing about yourself and your changing body.

So, if you are interested in gathering some knowledge about petite maternity clothes, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, I am going to put together 9 petite maternity clothes for fashionable moms. 
Let’s dive into deep!

1. Maternity Padded Faux Fur Trim Coat: From Boohoo

Keep your growing bump toasty this season with this maternity coat. This coat is specially designed for petite women and it will fit comfortably around your growing bump. So, you and your baby can step on fashionably! 

Whether you are heading to a movie theatre or a park, or on a date with your bestie, this coat will keep you snug all day long. You can pair this coat with some of the over-the-bump leggings and put on your most comfortable flats. You are just sorted! 

This coat is made of 100% recycled high-quality polyester, so you can have great comfort in it. 

Price: 26.00 Pounds

2. Maternity Button-Down Knitted Midi Dress: From Boohoo

Keep aside jeans, and jumpers this winter. Instead, you can pick a maternity midi dress, which can be a staple for the winter. This button-down midi dress is soft, comfy, and endlessly versatile. This long-sleeved knitted dress is perfect for wearing when the temperature drops. 

You can pair this dress with chunky boots and tights or style with trainers and ankle socks for a look that you love. This dress is made of 70% Acrylic and 30% recycled polyester. You and your baby will have great comfort while wearing this piece.

Moreover, this piece is available in a wide range of sizes, so if you are a petite woman, just grab this piece.

Price: 12.00 Pounds

3. MAMA Before & After Ribbed Trousers: From H&M

If you are looking for maternity pants for petites, look no further than MAMA before & after ribbed trousers. These trousers are soft, and ribbed jersey with a wide foldover waist band. So, this piece makes a comfortable fit both during and after pregnancy. If you are fond of wide straight legs, just this piece is yours. This piece makes an illusion of longer legs. 

This jersey is made of cotton, elastane, and polyester. You can feel super comfortable while wearing this piece. You can pair a coat with these trousers in the winter months. These trousers will be perfect for winter night outs and parties. You will look more fashionable in this piece. This piece is available in a wide range of sizes. There are three color options including black, grey marl, and beige, so pick the right one according to your taste and personality.

Price: 27.99 Pounds

4. Short Maternity Linen Blend Dungarees: From Jojo Maman Bebe

If you are looking for a maternity dress petite size, make a fashion statement and stay cool all at once with this short maternity dungaree. This dungaree is crafted with a blend of linen and cotton, so you will feel great comfort while wearing this piece. these dungarees are specially made for pregnant women, so they will be loose-fitted. That means this piece is perfect for your growing baby bump. 

This dungaree comes with adjustable tie straps, so you can make the fit according to your personal preference. You can embrace a modern look with looser ties, and make it traditional with tight dungaree straps. Keep this dungaree look casual with a colorful t-shirt and sandals. Also, you can smarten this piece with trainers and a T-shirt.

Price: 39.50 Pounds

5. Maya Tie Back Linen maternity dress: from Tiffany Rose

Make a fashion statement this season with this Maya tie-back linen maternity dress. you will become obsessed with this dress from every angle. This dress features a fitted bust, gorgeous muted all-over floral prints, adjustable straps, gathered skirts, a tie-up back, and pockets. 

You can wear this dress for a dinner party, a picnic, a get-together with friends, and any occasion. This maternity brand offers high-quality fabrics, chic patterns, and trendy fashion you will fall in love with. If you want to enjoy high-fashion clothing during and after your pregnancy, this piece is yours.

this maternity wear petite size is available at the official website of Tiffany Rose. So, check for now whether it is available.

Price: 109.00 Pounds

6. 2 1 Maternity and Nursing Dress: From Seraphine

If you desire to look more stylish and want to create a fashion statement through pregnancy and beyond, opt for this maternity dress. This viscus skirt falls gracefully over your changing body. This dress comes with a knitted top with a jersey bodice underneath. It offers ease of access when you will be pumping or nursing. 

The knit is completely detachable, so you can easily miss these elements with other wardrobe staples you have. You can pair this dress with the comfiest shoes and layer up with a cozy denim jacket for easy wear. This look will be perfect for a get-together with friends, and picnic, and a candle-light dinner.

Price: 79.00 Pounds

7. Animal Plant Nursing and Maternity Dress: From Next

If you are looking for maternity wear for petite sizes, Don’t worry. Here is the solution for you. This maternity dress is specially crafted for petite women. If you are looking for such option that makes an illusion of looking taller, just get this piece. This piece is patterned with an animal print, and crafted in a midi style.

This dress will flatter your figure throughout your pregnancy. It features a collared neckline and front button fastenings. It comes with a finishing of a self-tie belt and 3/4 the length sleeves. So, don’t look further than this piece, just grab this piece.

Price: 50 Pound

8. JOJO Maman Bebe Marl Nursing Dress

If you want to make a fashion statement during your pregnancy and beyond, you may consider this JOJO maman bebe marl nursing dress. This marl nursing dress is a smart casual piece that enhances a put-together look with minimal effort. You can wear this piece during your breastfeeding period because there is easy nursing access. You can pair this piece with tights and loafers.

This dress features long sleeves, a round neck, a put-on style, and discreet feeding. This dress is made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose. This will make a great comfort for you and your growing baby. 

Price: 29.50 Pounds

9. Maternity Under The Bump Skinny Jeans: From Gap

These skinny jeans are soft, stretch denim, and come with classic 5-pocket styling. This stretch denim From The Gap is perfect for casual wear. This fits you well and it is low bump fitting. So, you just love its wearing during and beyond your pregnancy. These jeans are stretchy and comfortable.  The skinny jeans are made of 75% cotton, 23% polyester, and 2% elastane.

You can pair these pants with any sweatshirt and make a fashion statement in no time. There is a range of sizes available, so you can easily pick the appropriate one.

Price: 80 Pound


What should a pregnant petite wear?

Ans: There are petite clothes available to fit people who are shorter in stature. but, it is challenging to find out clothes when you are pregnant and beyond. But, there are brands in the UK that design maternity clothes, especially for petite pregnant women. To make a fashion statement, as a petite woman, you can wear the following outfits, including:

  • maternity midi dress
  • maternity cocktail dress
  • petite maternity jeans
  • petite maternity leggings

As a petite woman, how can I dress during pregnancy?

Ans: During your pregnancy, you can opt for well-fitted, and relaxed clothes to accommodate your changing body size. You need to choose lightweight, and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen to feel more comfortable. You should avoid polyester and other materials that can trap heat. Also, you must avoid wearing tight clothing.


As most clothing is designed for the taller and women keeping in mind, it is challenging sometimes to get the right outfits for a petite woman. However, some brands craft maternity clothes for petite women. 

Here, in this article, I have wrapped together 9 petite maternity clothes for fashionable moms, you just go through this article. You can pick one or more items from the article and give them a try! All of the mentioned outfits are from reputed brands in the UK. So, you don’t need to compromise with the comfort, fitting, and material of the piece. Enjoy your motherhood while making a fashion statement for others!