How to Style Dungarees: 7 Tips for Effortless Fashion

There are so many types of fashion available all over the world, and among them, Dungaree is a trendy fashion. For so many years, Dungaree has existed in the fashion industry, and it never gets old. The Dungaree first came to people’s notice during the 1850s.

It used to be a comfortable clothing option for working-class people. And with time it became a famous fashion trend that even Princess Diana, Ronnie Wood, Whitney Houston, and many other prominent personalities tried it.
Dungaree fashion is pretty interesting, and many people find it very comfortable and stylish. Not only that, you can experiment and try unique styles with Dungaree. So if you have questions about how to wear dungaree, then this article can help you. 

Different types of dungaree

Slim fit 

The slim-fit Dungaree is the original version of this outfit fashion. Like normal skinny jeans, the bottom part of the Dungaree is slim-fitted and ankle-length. The upper part of the dungaree is mostly a bit loose-fitted, but slim fits are available as well.


Now, there are dungarees available that are made of different materials, and among those dungaree options, those that are comfortable and made of thin fabric are called relaxed dungarees. It’s breathable and stylish.

Wide leg 

Those who have worn wide-leg dungaree know that by wearing this type of dungaree, they can move their leg freely, feel comfortable, and also it’s breathable. In a leg dungaree, the upper body of the dungaree is well-fitted, but the bottom part is wide. 


Short Dungaree are always in fashion. This Dungaree is mostly preferred at the Thigh length. And it can be slim fitted or relaxed.


As classic dungarees are made of denim, let’s look at why they look good as dresses as well. Risk can be thigh, knee, or ankle length. Also, it can be A-line, flowy, or any other style.

Here are the 7 tips that can help

Tip 1: Choose the right fit

A. Understanding different styles -relaxed, slim fit, wide-leg

Dungarees are always a comfortable clothing option that many women love to try. And whether it’s trendy or not, one will find a dungaree in their wardrobe. So, for those who don’t know, there are plenty of dungaree styles available, but the most popular of them are the relaxed, slim fit and The wide leg one. 
The relaxed Dungaree is made of thin fabric; hence, they are pretty comfortable. The relaxed dungaree looks a lot like straight pants; they are loose-fitted but not too tight and also breathable. So if you don’t like fitted or loose clothing, then a relaxed dungaree is the perfect fit. 
Then there is the slim-fit dungaree that is loved by so many. If you love to wear skinny jeans, then you will love slim-fit dungarees as well. They are stretching so moving around won’t be that difficult, but they are not that breathable as they cling to the skin. But it will give your body a prominent shape and look.
Based on the style and comfort, the Dungaree option women preferred the most is the wide-leg Dungaree. Not only that, but an amazing characteristic of a wide leg is that it makes you look taller and enhances your body curves.

B. Consider body shape and personal preferences

While wearing a dungaree, people worry about their body shape and whether it will suit them or not. But the body shape doesn’t matter as a dungaree will suit every body type. The only important matter is to find a preferred style of dungaree for yourself. 
Well, if anyone prefers comfort more than style, then people most of the time, they should go for a relaxed dungaree. Most people don’t want to wear a dungaree made of any material other than denim. So, in that case, they prefer a wide-leg dungaree more than a relaxed one. 
People prefer relaxed or wide-leg dungaree, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love slim-fit dungaree. The slim-fit dungaree is the original that allows the woman to show off their curves and look fabulous.
Besides this, there are other styles of dungaree available, like dress dungaree, jogger dungaree, etc., and as the user, you can just choose the style of dungaree you love the most.

Tip 2: Opt for the perfect fabric

 A. Denim options – classic, distressed, colored

There are many different fabrics available, but everyone knows that denim dungaree is the original. So, if you want to purchase an authentic dungaree for yourself, then it has to be the classic Denim dungaree. 
Now, if you are comfortable, you can also try Denim dungarees that are ripped or torn. For a relaxed fit, straight leg, or wide leg dungaree, the distressed design is on Trend. 
Not only that, but you can also decide what shade of Denim you like the most. The classic blue, then navy blue, black, or any other shade. If you try a little hard, you will find denim dungaree in any of your preferred colors and styles. 

B. Other fabric choices – corduroy, linen, cotton

Besides denim, there are many other dungaree outfits available in different fabrics and designs. And those who don’t like to wear Denim dungarees all the time can try these fabric dungarees. 
Corduroy fabric dungarees are a choice for the winter season. This fabric is a bit thicker than denim and most other fabrics. That’s why it won’t be comfortable during summer. But if you wear it during winter, then you will feel warm and look stylish at the same time.
For the summer season, a cotton relaxed fit dungaree is something you should have in your wardrobe. Cotton is always the most comfortable and readable fabric, and by purchasing a cotton dungaree, you can try unique colors and designs as well. 
There are even linen dungarees available in the market, and they are very comfortable and elegant looking. But it would be difficult to find the linen dungarees in stores. You have to look for them online.

Tip 3: Experiment with layering

A. Styling dungaree with different tops – casual t-shirts, crops, knits

Now people often get confused about what to wear with a dungaree to wear a dungaree, it’s very important to layer them properly. If you wear something nice and appropriate, then the dungaree you are wearing will look good. So underneath the dungaree, the most preferred and suitable clothing can be a white crop top.

And everyone knows that nothing can go wrong with white as it suits every type of clothing. So this way you will look good and feel comfortable as well. 
If you are not comfortable, then you can wear a plain T-shirt, preferably white or black. You can also experiment with other colors to make the dungaree look unique. And if the weather is cold, then you can wear a dungaree with knits or a pullover, and for a funky look, you can try a hoodie. 

B. Adding layers for a chic and versatile look – jackets, cardigans, blazers

Then, taking the dungaree styling to the next level, people also layer their dungaree with a jacket cardigan, or blazers. Pairing dungaree with the appropriate blazer can be a little bit difficult for people who are trying dungaree for the first time. As it requires proper accessories and footwear to complete the look. 
If anyone wants to try a denim jacket with the Denim dungaree, then it will look great. So, among its unique styling, the most interesting and good-looking one is pairing a long cardigan with the dungaree. So, with a blue denim dungaree, you can wear a black, cream, or dark blue cardigan. 

Tip 4: Accessorize for maximum impact

A. Choosing the right footwear – sneakers, sandals, heels

Now comes the most interesting part of styling, which is footwear. Without proper footwear, no styling is complete. So, based on your comfort level, you can wear any footwear you prefer with your dungaree outfit, but stylish, appropriate shoes are required. 
So with any type of dungaree sneakers, converse, vans, etc., they will look great, they are easy to carry, and Crocs are the most comfortable. Then sandals can be worn as well, but people don’t wear sandals with dungaree that much.

But Heels look pretty elegant with the Dungaree. If you are thinking of wearing a ripped or plain slim-fit dungaree, then no other footwear will look as amazing as a pump or t-strap heel. Also, with relaxed or wide-leg dungarees, you can try Gladiator heels or heel boots. 

B. Accentuating the outfit with belts, scarves, hats

Even though adding excessive accessories to the dungaree is not necessary, there is no harm in experimenting a bit. As a result, women can try chunky belts with the dungaree that is the same color as an outfit or a bit darker.

Then, if you are wearing heels with the dungaree, you can add a matching scarf to the outfit as well. Finally, hats are not necessary, but for a holiday, if you want to wear one, then a Fedora, chupalla hat, cartwheel hat, etc. would be fine.

Tip 5: Play with proportions and silhouettes

A. Balancing loose-fitting dungaree with fitted tops

Then those who are trying Dungaree for the first time should understand that to look stylish and presentable in a Dungaree, it’s important to pair the clothing appropriately. If anyone wears a loose-fitted dungaree with a loose-fitted t-shirt, then it will look bulky and odd.
Therefore if you are planning to wear a Dungaree, then with a loose-fitted dungaree, you should wear a well-fitted crop top, tank top, or t-shirt. That doesn’t mean with a slim-fit Dungaree, you should wear an oversized t-shirt. With a slim fit, Dungaree can also wear a fitted crop top or t-shirt with slightly loose sleeves. 

B. Creating visual interest with contrasting shapes and lengths

Many women who are shorter in height prefer to wear wide-leg dungaree with the crop top. This way, they look taller than usual, and they won’t look bulky. You are, and if you are pretty slim, then to achieve a well-fitted look, you can pair a loose t-shirt with a well-fitted or slightly loose dungaree it will look great on you. 

Tip 6: Dress your dungaree up or down

A. Casual day looks – pairing dungaree with basic tops and sneakers

As a regular wear or hanging out with friends, dungaree is a great option. Dungarees are stylish, comfortable, and easy to handle. Even if you are not in the mood to dress up, you can simply put on a simple plain t-shirt and then wear your favorite dungaree, and the look is done.

And with the outfit, wear something comfortable like a Sneaker, converse, or Crocs and it’s done! You are now ready to go out. It’s effortless and takes less than 5 minutes for you to get ready.

B. Elevating the outfit for evening or special occasions – adding heels and statement accessories

If there is a special occasion coming and that dress code is dressy casual, then it’s a golden chance to wear your stylish Dungaree. For the occasion, you can wear a wide-leg dungaree with a white spaghetti strap crop top and white boots. Then you can try heels with the slim fit and wide leg dungaree, and with them, carry sunglasses, a small handbag, and a nice watch.

Then, for the hot weather, if you are wearing a short dungaree, wear high-knee boots or white sneakers with it. Besides these, there are many other styles which you can try on an occasion. 

Tip 7: Embrace creativity and personal style

A. Adding personal touches like patches, embroidery, or pins

Experimenting with new styles never gets old when it comes to clothing. In Dungaree, you have the freedom to design the outfit the way you want. You can paint some Graffiti on it and add some designer patches and pins that represent your personality.

Also, if you want, you can showcase your embroidery skill on the front and back of the Dungaree as well, or you can create a beautiful design on the leg fabric of the dungaree, which would look amazing.

B. Experimenting with different colors, patterns, and textures

If you look on the internet, you will notice that people DIY a lot with dungarees. There, you can experiment with new colors, patterns, and textures. You can add patches of different fabric patterns, or you can simply dye your dungaree in a way that will create an interesting pattern.

And you can try different equipment to achieve a unique texture on the dungaree. But it’s pretty difficult, so it would be safer to experiment with different colors and patterns.


 Dungarees are the preferred clothing for many women, but those who are new to this fashion or outfit get confused about how to achieve the perfect look. Well, only by following these tips can you easily achieve the perfect dungaree look you want.

As a beginner, always purchase a perfect Dungaree outfit in which you will feel comfortable, then accessorize and experiment with the dungaree look; it depends on your choice.
You need to be expressive and bold when it comes to fashion. Don’t just stop yourself because you are confused. Fashion is all about experimenting, so purchase a Dungaree of your choice and style it, or add some experimental piece that will go with your personality.

Also, once you add these tips to your mind, then dungaree fashion will automatically become effortless for you.