How to Style A Synthetic Wig to Look Natural?

Synthetic wigs are an excellent option for drastic hairstyles or color changes because they can be worn temporarily.

A common concern is that synthetic wigs will look too shiny or artificial. Fortunately, a synthetic wig can be done in a number of ways to make it look more natural and work with your own hair.

In this article, we will review tips on “How To Style A Synthetic Wig To Look Natural?.”

How to Style A Synthetic Wig to Look Natural?

Synthetic Wig

#1. Choose the Right Synthetic Wig

Getting the best synthetic wig for your requirements is crucial before styling it. Choosing a wig that matches the color and texture of your hair is one of the most critical steps in attaining a natural appearance.

Spend some time looking through the many wig choices and choose one that closely resembles the color and texture of your hair.

Consider the length and style of the wig in addition to choosing the appropriate color and texture. Get a wig comparable in length and style to your real hair to achieve a more natural appearance.

#2. Wash and Condition of the Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs may sometimes seem overly glossy and false, which is one of the most prevalent problems with them. It’s crucial to wash and condition your wig before styling it to address this problem.

Start by pouring a tiny quantity of wig shampoo into a sink or basin of lukewarm water. After a few minutes, gently swirl the wig in the water to remove any debris or accumulation.

After washing the wig, thoroughly rinse it with cold water before applying a small quantity of wig conditioner. Focusing on the ends, thoroughly spread the conditioner throughout the wig with your fingertips. Before washing it out with cold water, let the conditioner rest for a little while.

After your wig has been cleaned and in condition, gently pat it dry with a towel before laying it flat on a fresh towel to air dry. The wig should not be dried with heat as this might harm it and make it seem even more artificial.

#3. Use Heat Styling Tools

Your synthetic wig should not be dried with heat, but you may style it using heat-styling equipment like flat irons and curling irons. The secret is to utilize low heat settings and not heat the wig strands directly.

To curl or straighten your synthetic wig, split off the hair first. Next, style the hair with a low-heat curling iron or flat iron. Alternatively, you may use hot rollers to curl the wig without directly heating the strands.

Using heat-styling appliances, use a heat protectant spray to shield the wig from harm. Moreover, remember that using too high heat or keeping it on too long will harm or melt the fibers.

#4. Trim the Wig

Trimming your synthetic wig could help you get a more realistic appearance if it seems too glossy or phony. Identify any portions of the wig that are overly thick or strange, to begin with, and then gently remove any extra fibers with a pair of sharp scissors.

While trimming the wig, be careful not to cut too much since this might result in an uneven or unnatural appearance. Moreover, avoid using standard household scissors since they may be excessively dull and harm the wig’s fibers.

#5. Add Texture and Volume

Adding texture and volume to your synthetic wig’s hair is another technique to make it seem more realistic. The hair may be backcombed or teased to accomplish this, or volumizing treatments like hairspray or dry shampoo can be used.

To backcomb or tease the hair, split off a tiny part of the hair, and then backcomb the hair using a fine-tooth comb. Repeat this technique on various portions to add volume and texture to the wig. You may also apply dry shampoo or hairspray to give the hair more volume and structure.

Using excessive volumizing products might make the wig seem rigid or unnatural, so use them carefully. Regular hair products may harm the fibers of synthetic wigs, so be careful to use treatments that are made particularly for them.

#6. Style the Wig to Suit Your Face Shape

It’s important to consider your face shape and choose a synthetic wig design that highlights your best features when styling.

For example, you can opt for a wig with long layers or side bangs to provide length on a round face. If you have a square face, get a wig with soft waves or curls to soften your features.

Experiment with various cuts and lengths until you discover one that works with your features. Putting on a wig is an excellent method to test a new hairstyle or color without permanently altering your natural hair.

#7. Secure the Wig Properly

Ensuring a synthetic wig is correctly and firmly attached to your head is one of the secrets to making it seem real. This will stop the wig from sliding or moving, possibly producing an odd appearance.

Start by putting the wig on your head and adjusting the fit until it is snug but not uncomfortable. Next, concentrate on the front and sides of the wig where it is most noticeable and fasten it in place using wig clips or bobby pins.

To assist in holding the wig in place and stop it from sliding, you may also wear a wig hat.

Avoid tugging the hair too firmly or creating pain using wig clips or bobby pins. For a smooth and natural appearance, use clips or pins that complement the wig’s color.

How To Choose Your First Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic Wig

There are several factors to consider while selecting your first synthetic wig, including hair type, style, color, and length. You may select the ideal wig. Nevertheless, that suits your preferences and demands with a little investigation and thought.

Determine Your Needs

Identifying your requirements is the first step in selecting your first synthetic wig. Think about if you are purchasing a wig for fashion, health concerns, or just for fun. This will let you focus your search and choose a wig that perfectly suits your requirements.

Consider a wig explicitly made for medical usage if you need one for a medical condition, such as hair loss brought on by chemotherapy or alopecia. These wigs often include breathable construction and are available in various sizes to fit various head shapes.

If you’re purchasing a wig for fashion or enjoyment, you could have more alternatives to pick from, such as various hair kinds, colors, and styles.

Choose the Hair Type

Selecting the hair kind for your first synthetic wig is the next step. Synthetic fibers are used to create synthetic wigs, which are intended to resemble the texture and appearance of natural hair. These fibers need less upkeep and are sometimes cheaper than human hair wigs.

Think about the hair’s texture and thickness while selecting a synthetic wig. Depending on your tastes, synthetic wigs may be thick or thin and have a variety of textures, including straight and wavy ones.

Select the Wig Style

Another essential factor is the wig’s design. Many wig styles are available, including a bob, layered, pixie, and long. While selecting a wig style, remember the form of your face and your personal preferences since certain types may suit your face better than others.

Consider the Wig Color

Another significant factor to take into account is the wig’s color. The colors of synthetic wigs vary from neutral tones to striking colors. While selecting a wig color, consider your skin tone and personal preferences. Try on several wigs or get advice from a wig professional if you’re uncertain about the color to choose.

Determine the Wig Length

Another crucial factor to take into account is the length of the wig. The lengths of synthetic wigs vary from short to lengthy. While selecting a wig length, consider your lifestyle and personal preferences. Longer wigs could be more appropriate for formal settings or special occasions, while shorter wigs might be more convenient for regular usage.

Choose a Reputable Synthetic Wig Retailer

Choosing a trustworthy wig supplier is crucial when purchasing your first synthetic wig. Choose a store that sells wigs exclusively and has many colors and styles.

Moreover, search for a store that provides wig styling assistance and services since this may be useful for wig maintenance and selection.


How do you make a synthetic wig not look fake?

To get a natural, realistic appearance, you may also ask your hairstylist to thin down the wig. Put on a wig hat. You may get a wig hat underneath your wig for only a few dollars. Your wig will fit comfortably and look more lifelike on your head.

How do you style a cheap synthetic wig?

Use low-heat equipment, such as a blow dryer or flat iron, to style a cheap synthetic wig and avoid oil- or alcohol-based products. Consider utilizing wig-specific products to assist with styling and upkeep of the wig, such as wig mousse or spray.

Do synthetic wigs look realistic?

Yes, due to technological advances that enable synthetic fibers to match the appearance and feel of natural hair, synthetic wigs can look reasonably accurate. 


The versatility of synthetic wigs makes it easy to try new hair colors and styles without making a permanent commitment, which may make wearing one a delightful and gratifying experience.

Finding the proper wig, washing, and conditioning the hair, using heat styling tools, trimming the wig, adding texture and volume, and shaping it to match your face may help you create a natural, even appearance.

Have fun with it, take your time, and don’t be afraid to test out a few different looks and styles before settling on one you like.