What are Some Best Ideas for A Messy Layered Hairstyle

Do you search for the latest ideas for a messy layered hairstyle for women?

So, there’s a reason that layered hairstyles have stood the test of time. There is also no reason to look no further than layered hairstyles which are trendy, chic, and also go perfectly with all types of hair and length.

Don’t have any idea how to start? Here we are going to round up some medium, short, and long hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

Best hairstyle ideas for messy layered hairstyle:

The best thing about layered hair is its versatility. Layer hairstyles work very elegantly with any length of layered haircut. Here, we are going to list down some of the trendy and face-framing layered styles for your inspiration:

Some of the messy layered hairstyles to try:

Long layered hairstyles:

Long layered hairstyles:

You can achieve long layers by leaving your locks long and cutting your hair for a couple of inches from the end. The aim of achieving long layered hairstyles is to avoid choppy, various lines, and long layers will do the task.

Your long layered hair will provide you with extra volume and texture. Ask your hair expert to accentuate some long layers by feathering on your face depending on the shape of your face.

Medium-length layered hairstyles:

Medium-length layered hairstyles

Medium-length layered is perfect for thicker hair women with naturally wavy hair. The layers will begin around the face and sometimes can be started above the cheekbone.

These layers will move your hair naturally, you need to do minimal hair styling.

The Bouncy blow-dried layers:

The Bouncy blow-dried layers

A volumized bouncy blow-dried layered hair is perfect for everyone. This hairstyle is great and easy to achieve. You need to show up with flicky ends.

To get this volumized flicky hair you only need to mist your hair with volumizing spray and then round brush on your hair to make tension and flicks as you dry on.

The tousled shag layered hairstyle:

The tousled shag layered hairstyle

Tousled shag layers are an excellent thing to know about how to style layered hair. You need to combine it with the 19070s shag style.

You can use a medium-thick curling wand and wrap your hair loosely around the barrel.  You can keep this look relaxed and modern by leaving the ends and the roots out of the curl.

The soft layered pixie cut:

The soft layered pixie cut

Nowadays pixie hairstyling is trendy and also immensely growing. The trick of making the pixie haircut is using fairly firm products. You can use wax or pomade; you only need to warm a slight amount in your fingers and gently ruffle through your layers.

You can twist and tweak the layers into place.

The shoulder-length layered hair:

The shoulder-length layered hair

Some shoulder-length hairstyling can be trickier than others. However, you can add some layers to your tresses that will have a greater impact.

Opt for the amazing layers started at the jawline for some structure and shape. And to mix up your look you can experiment with some different parts to be perfect for your face.

short layered hairstyles:

short layered hairstyles

if you want to be more fashionable then you need to opt for this hairstyling. For a fashion statement, get fine layered cuts throughout the length of your hair, beginning with the fringe line.

The short layered hair gives bounce and movement to your hair and accentuates your hair too.

The layered Wolf cut styling:

The layered Wolf cut styling

This is how you can style your layered hair to be bold, and funky. The wolf cut is very on-trend. It is part shag and part bangs. To achieve this styling you need to take your layers at the centre place by rough drying and combing with a slim vented brush to get the volume.

Then you need to mist your hair lightly with salt spray to inspire your natural texture and flicks.

The Air dried Chunky layers: 

The Air dried Chunky layers:

A longer shag is another trendy hairstyling to show off your multiple layers. This styling will provide your hair with a chic, chunky, and choppy look.

To style this look, you need to use a frizz-proof styling spray and twist your layered hair around your fingers to have a natural tousled effect when they air dry.

The soft blow-dried layers:

The soft blow-dried layers

The soft blow-dried layers are perfect for anyone who is more subtle with their layered hair.

To achieve this styling you need to dry the hair with one of the best hair straightening brushes to create gentle flicks. Then touch up with a small amount of shine serum or light oil, after warming between your palms.

Long layered layers with heavy Bangs:

Long layered layers with heavy Bangs

You can opt for this look as it can be combined with simple highlights for extra dimension. You can also contrast the heavy block fringe with the long feathery hair.

To achieve this look, you need to hydrate first your hair with serum, you can also apply a hair mask before blow drying. Then finish your look using a curling iron on the ends of your hair. You need to get a maximum number of curls.

Graduated straight layers:

Graduated straight layers

Layered straight hair with graduated face-framing pieces is the hairstyling that is inspired by some of the 90’s celebrities like Jennifer Anniston, Meg Ryan, etc.

If you have a variety of lengths then you must try out this styling. The different hair lengths will give you an effortless finish; you can rough dry the hair for an undone effect. Otherwise, you can use a straightener to have a sleek finish.


What to opt for when you layered your hair?

Ans: Long layers are most suitable at the back or face-framing layers at the front. This same principle also goes with short layered hair. There is a variety of layered haircutting trends that you also can opt for.

Does a layered haircut damage your hair?

Ans: Layered haircut may look your hair frizzy with many flyaways. Also, you may look intentionally older with the layered haircut sometimes. In some cases, layered haircuts also take a longer time to grow.

Does layered haircut hair grow faster?

Ans: No, if you cut your hair frequently then it will not grow faster. But, a layered cut does make your hair seem thicker, shiner, and healthier.

Wrap Up:

There are tons of extremely cute and trendy layered hair styling you can opt for. Layered-cut hair will add a little more bounce to your hair. Layered haircuts take out the weight of the hair as needed.

So, if you want to create volumized, bouncy, flicky hairstyling; you can follow this guide to achieve the best hairstyling ever.