Discover Your Next Look: 10 Inspirational Female Chinese Hairstyles

When it comes to the hair game, the Chinese females have the advantage of being born with black, and silky hair. If you are looking for some ways to refresh your look, then this article is for you.

Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up 10 inspirational female Chinese hairstyles. While more Asian girl’s hair is thicker, shinier, and denser; it is also can be challenging to style with the slippery types of hair.

 Click through our gallery to discover some inspirational, and fabulous Chinese hairstyles that you can easily achieve.

Amazing Chinese female hairstyles to try:

#1. Blunt Bob:

To get this look, you need to start by applying styling lotion to the dry, and detangled hair. You need to start by sectioning your hair with the top back section and begin with the lower half of your hair. Take a small section of your hair and flat iron this portion.

Continue this process with the entire hair and finish with a quality extra-holding hair spray.

#2. Side braid and long bang:

If you have short hair and long bangs, you can go forward with the fabulous hairstyle with a small size braid near the front of the face. Also, if you are smart enough to try color over your hair, a single turquoise is unexpected but gorgeous for black hair.

#3. Long and straight layers:  


Some of the hottest Chinese hairstyles involve poker-straight hair that is timeless and chic. You should clean, and dry your hair before going forward with this hairstyling. First, divide strands into manageable sections and apply a heat protectant.

Then take a small portion of hair and start straightening your hair from the root, drawing it out towards the end. You can use a fine-toothed comb while pressing down the flat iron. You must be ensuring that you end with straight locks.

#4. The Crimp:

 We all love how the crimps give the hair a little blast from the past as it creates an overall texture that will plump up the flat hair.  You can start by spritzing your hair with a good quality heat Tamer spray to prevent your hair from any damage from the crimping iron.

Then, you need to make some small sections of the entire hair and start with the top area of your hair. Then clip it out of the way. Then, crimp down the crimping iron in one section at a time, working down the length of the hair.

After completing the lower section of your hair move on the top portion and complete. Now, you must loosen up these crimps and enjoy the newly made volume of your hair.

You can run your fingers through the crimps of your hair to separate the crimps and tease the hair to put a softer look. At last, you can finish your hairstyling with a good quality hairspray to set.

#5. High Ponytail:

You need to brush your hair well to make it smooth and tangle-free. To achieve this look, you need to pull all the hair in such a way that your entire hair goes up to the middle of the crown and secure it with a ponytail holder.

Also, you can go higher if you want. Last, you can smooth your hair by using an infusion styling oil for shine.

#6. Choppy and Flipped:

If your hair is very thin then you can pick this hair styling as it will put some extra volume on your hair that will make your hair look thicker. On freshly cleaned, and damp hair, detangle your locks using a wide-toothed comb to prevent breakage.

Then, you can apply a styling lotion on your hair that will help to hold its shape while blow-drying. You can combine a heat protectant. First, you need to section your hair and start with the top portion of your hair.

Then, begin to blow-dry the top portion of your hair using a round brush. Thus, you need to blow dry your entire hair following the same rule. Once, you have completed the entire hair then again start by sectioning the top of your hair in preparation for the flat-ironing process.

Begin flat ironing your hair in small sections as you flick the ends outward as opposed to under. Thus, flat iron the entire hair by following this procedure, and apply some holding spray for some movement.

#7. The Shag:

As the shag falls at your shoulder, this hairstyling is great if you have medium-length hair. You need to clean and detangle your hair. After that, you can apply a style infusion volumizing mousse to damp hair.

Then, blow dry your hair as you use your hands to scrunch the ends. Creating texture. At last, apply some mousse to your hair to set and calm any flyaway.

 #8. Shoulder length bob:

You can give your short bob a bit of classy curls. To get this hair styling, you need to clean and detangle your hair. Then apply a heat protectant over the hair. Using a paddle brush, brow dry your entire hair in sections from the root to tip to enhance its volume.

Then, you can place a round brush at the very end of each section and roll the brush around between your fingers during blow-drying to create a slightly curled bend at the ends. At last, spray some hairspray to tame annoying flyaways.

#9. Wavy Updo:

Create some natural-looking, and textured waves in your hair by crunching locks in an upward direction during blow drying. After washing the hair, dry it enough. Then pin the hair up section by section or you can bring your entire hair up and secure it with some bobby pins to create a wavy undo.

You can finish off the look by using a holding spray to keep your waves in place.

#10. Curled updo with some flowers:

Chinese updo hairstyles for females are often filled with detail and this hair styling is always elegant. The main feature of this hairstyling is two levels of ponytails and both ponytails must be loaded with graceful curls.

Some delicate colorful flowers can be pinned in for softness.


How hairstyle can change your look?

Ans: your new hairstyle can emphasize your facial features and also balance out your face. Your hairstyling has a great impact on your overall appearance. Fabulous hairstyling can completely change your overall look from head to toe whereas an incorrect hairstyling can lessen your beauty.

What is a Chinese ponytail called?

Ans: A Chinese ponytail is also called a queue; it is also written as a cue. The wearing of a cue is specifically associated with Manchu people from the northeast of China.

What is the traditional stylist Chinese hair bun?

Ans: Touji, is the traditional Chinese hair bun that is involved tying all the hair into a bun. This hairstyling is being worn from the earliest times up to the end of the Ming Dynasty. However, this traditional bun is still worn by Taoist priests and practitioners.


Chinese culture emphasizes the elements of reconstruction, and innovation into the hairstyles for the Chinese females. Every region has its unique sense of fashion. Fashion is the key component that expresses the region’s culture, and one of the mediums of fashion is hair.

Here, we have put together the top 10 fabulous hairstyles that are followed and inspired by the Chinese female. You can fearlessly choose one or more styles as a new hairstyle instantly change the way you look.