Can You Wear a Blue Suit to a Funeral? Exploring Dress Codes

Whether you are attending a funeral or just sending your condolences, it is important to follow the etiquette and dress code. Since long ago, even from the time of Victoria Queen, people considered dark or black suits to be suitable funeral attire.

But now the time has changed and people also have changed their minds and they prefer a more comfortable and relaxed dress at the funeral. but still some people have a question on their mind can you wear a blue suit to a funeral?  Now, blue is a popular substitute color for black suits especially for younger men to wear at funerals.

In this article, I will discuss whether can you wear a blue suit to a funeral. how to dress properly at a funeral and what color you should wear, I will also explore some tips about what to do and what should not on attending the funeral. No matter who passes away is your near one or a family member or you are attending a funeral to pay your respects, dressing properly is important.

Can you wear a blue suit to a funeral? 

From the time of Victoia Queen black was the most popular option when her husband passed away and from that time people continued to wear black suits at funerals. Still, there is a question about whether can you wear a blue suit to a funeral, and the answer is Yes! Nowadays blue or navy suit in funeral is becoming the most popular wear alternative to black color. 

While some people think that black is the only color to wear at the funeral, at the same time many people accept the blue color as a perfect alternative to wear.
Here are various reasons you can wear blue or navy blue, here are:

1. Blue color can work for those who are not directly related to those who passed away.
2. In case you don’t have any other color to wear then you can go with blue and no need to buy a new one to participate in the funeral ceremony.
3. Blue color is not at all disrespectful in any way, so blue is acceptable as someone doesn’t want to wear black.

Pattern to wear in Blue

Go with the plane pattern

  • At the funeral, you should be in your best formal wear and dress properly, so you need to stick with a plain rather than polished suit.
  • It is also acceptable to wear a pattern with slight dots and strips can be worn without hesitation.

Don’t wear bright patterns

  • This should be on your what not to do list at the funeral.
  • Don’t wear flashy or bright patterns on funerals it will look disrespectful.

Avoid colorful shirts and go with traditional colors

  • Avoid colorful shirts to wear with a blue suit, don’t wear fancy and decorative go with sober and simple.
  • You can wear a plain white shirt with a blue suit.
  • Match your shirt with the suit shade and just dress lightly and cleanly.
  • You should not look too well dressed so don’t wear a pocket square and cuffs
  • Silent colors like brown, dark burgundy, and dark blue also can be acceptable to wear with a blue suit
  • Before you wear something wrong conform to a dress code first.

Choose a gentle and nice coat

  • On rainy days or in shivering weather if you need to grab an overcoat then you must go with solid dark colors
  • It will match with formal attire and a touch of desolation at the funeral

What to wear with a blue suit at the funeral?

  • You can wear a pair of shoes which suits your navy funeral dress, black oxfords are the perfect choice with a blue dress. They should be in good condition to wear.
  • You can wear a tie in dark colors like black, deep maroon, and blue suit in funeral
  • If you are wearing a watch it should be simply a diel and dressy band
  • You may use sunglasses if needed but they should be traditional so go with a black or metallic

What not to wear at the funeral?

  • Funeral is not a time and place to adorn yourself so do not wear too much jewelry here
  • Do not wear jeans and casual wear
  • Avoid t-shirts with logos and any graphics to wear at funeral
  • Do not wear bright-colored dresses and short-sleeved shirts at funerals it will not look appropriate.
  • Avoid wearing hats and flip-flops 

Important tips to keep in mind while wearing blue suits at funerals

Check with the deceased’s family about the dress code

  • Some religions have strict rules about what to wear at a funeral so ask the deceased’s family about their preferences.
  • Also, check if the deceased’s family has any special requests for clothing and do appropriate to honor them.

Make sure you wear appropriate dark

  • Darker shades of blue are more suitable for funerals than bright shades
  • Avoid a pastel blue as it looks like a casual
  • Charcoal and dark gray are also the best alternatives for blue.

Wear an overcoat if needed

  • Wear a navy blue overcoat in a clod 
  • You can also wear a suitable hat which will maintain your dignified look

Do not draw attention to yourself

  • Do not wear something that draws attention to yourself
  • Remember your goal is to honor those who have died, you should look solemnity of this event

You should be well-groomed

  • It’s important what you are wearing is neat, clean, and ironed.
  • The well-groomed look shows respect and politeness toward those who died and his family


A funeral can be a tough event to dress up because you need to maintain a balance between your presentable look and offering honor and respect. Always remember your attire shows respect towards the deceased and their relatives so choose wisely.

With the help of the above guide, you may be familiar with what should wear, what to avoid, and how your attire will be at a funeral event. I hope now you feel confident enough to carry appropriate attire and hope you got the answer about whether can you wear a blue suit to the funeral. 

Now you will be better able to focus on your attire and their legacy without having any worries about how to dress and what to wear at the funeral, so choose wisely and offer your deep condolence to the deceased.