Are Sunbeds Bad for You? Unveiling the Risks and Realities

Doing Sunbed is a fun experience for many. For vacations, clicking pictures, or to go with the trend, many people try Sunbeds. The tanning booth produces UVA and UVB waves that do the work of the sunlight and boost melanin in the skin. And as it’s a high-intensity UV radiation machine that’s why people get their desired tanning faster than sunbathing.
However, they don’t know that sunbeds and skin cancer are two sides of a coin. If someone doesn’t try Sunbeds properly, then there are many negative consequences that they may have to face. Therefore, people need to know about the bad side of Sunbed as well. 

How bad are Sunbeds?

 Some people have used sunbeds and gotten visible benefits; however, many experience serious health issues because of the sunbed sessions. 
For example,
Among teenagers, there is always a styling trend; because of that trend, many young people go through Sunbeds. Now, the thing is, UV exposure can lead to skin diseases, and if anyone experiences burned skin during childhood while growing up, the skin will get more sensitive and vulnerable without proper treatment. For this reason, sunbeds are not allowed in many places for people under 18.
Most importantly, it can cause age-related cataracts, conjunctivitis, and many other eye issues if the eye protection is not used properly.
People should understand that there is no such thing as safe UV tanning. No matter where people try to do sunbed sessions, it exposes the skin to high-intensity UV radiation. Those who have tried sunbathing know it takes much longer, but UV tanning produces quick results and can cause skin issues quickly. It exposed the skin to serious diseases like melanoma, skin cancer, and many others.

Do Sunbeds cause cancer?

 Sunbeds don’t cause cancer almost instantly, but a single or few improper uses of sunbeds do cause skin cancer. Because of the high-intensity UV radiation, it directly affects the skin and damages skin tissues and cells. Once the skin is damaged, it’s hard to recover from that. In the United Kingdom, UV exposure is the third biggest reason for cancer; therefore, damaging the skin just like that doesn’t make any sense. 
When it comes to the skin, people must understand that it requires protection. By visiting cheap quality parlors to save money, people are exposing their skin to more harmful UV rays. They must be wise and use proper guidance to have a Sunbed experience.

What are the Risks of Sunbeds?

 For many people, Sunbed is a fancy and preferred option to get tanned. But to look tanned and look incredible in the dress, there are so many risks that sunbed users can go through.

Skin inflammation 

Due to the UV rays from the Sunbed, the user will experience skin inflammatory diseases that will affect the skin tissues. It will cause rashes, swelling, etc. For many, it can be a long-lasting issue that could take months to cure.


Doctors suggest people avoid sunbathing for too long because of the UV rays. But sunbeds are all about UV rays. By having sunbeds, people are directly exposing their skin to UV rays, which is an active way of getting melanoma. The Sunbed’s radiation will play the role of solar exposure radiation. 
They are not only skin, but they are also people who are experiencing melanoma in the eye. Also, there is evidence that young people got melanoma of the eye because of the Sunbed. 

Affecting immune system 

By having sunbed sessions, if it affects the skin tissues or cells, it will cause an abnormal immune response. So, if any person is under any medication, sunbeds can cause abnormal organ reactions. 
Also, the UVB radiation will directly affect the body’s immune response. It may make the body immensely weak and cause severe skin and health problems for physically ill or weak people.


Some people try sunbathing and sunbeds simultaneously to receive fast results. After Sunbeds, try to do other activities that are outside the home. These activities lead to overexposure to UV rays, which can burn your skin deeply and affect organs.

Premature Aging signs 

Another side effect of using Sunbed is premature aging of the skin. UV rays make the skin rough and loose, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging symptoms.

How do you avoid Skin issues from Sunbeds?

 Now, people who really want to try Sunbeds can do that, but they have to maintain and follow the instructions to ensure no skin damage. 

  • Never go for Sunbeds just because you want to. Before doing your Sunbed therapy, always consult a good dermatologist. Then, based on your skin quality, he/she will tell you how much time you should take Sunbed or whether you can use Sunbed sessions at all. 
  • To avoid melanoma in the eyes, people should always wear UV protection goggles and not only cover them with something else for an extra layer of protection. 
  • No matter how much you like Sunbeds, you should never turn it into a habit. To ensure your skin stays healthy, you must limit the Sunbed sessions to 5 to 10 sessions a year.
  • Use Tanning lotion and SPF to keep your skin safe from unnecessary harm and to keep it Moisturized. 
  • Instead of going to a cheap parlor for UV tanning, people should always go to certified Sunbed parlors or dermatologist clinics to use Sunbed. The quality of the machine matters a lot if you want to keep your skin safe.
  • Then don’t try to get Sunbeds before a vacation at the beach. Getting UV exposure through Sunbeds and sunbathing can damage your skin. Therefore, a base tan is not required to keep your skin safe.

Who should avoid using Sunbeds?

 You should avoid many things to keep your skin safe from damage. But what people don’t know is that Sunbeds are not for everyone. So, to protect the skin from Sunbed the people who should avoid using Sunbeds are,

  • For fair and sensitive skin, it is easier to get Skin burns, so it will be better for them to avoid Sunbeds.
  • If any person has a history of sunburns or stays exposed to the sun for most of the day,
  • People who have moles or freckles on their skin tend to get serious damage due to exposure to UV radiation.
  • If anyone has skin cancer or has a family history of it, then Sunbeds can make the situation even worse.
  • People who are using powerful medication should not try Sunbeds.

 Besides these, there are many other situations where people should not try Sunbeds. But to know about those, it’s important to consult a dermatologist.

How do you cure skin issues caused by Sunbeds?

 Due to Sunbed, having a skin issue can be possible, so if it’s not as serious as cancer, then with time, the skin issue can be reduced or cured as well. So, to cure skin issues caused by Sunbed,

  • The first thing you should do is consult a dermatologist. They will guide you and tell you about the procedures you must follow for your skin issue.
  • Try anti-inflammatory gels, creams, or medicines to soothe the skin.
  • Can use chemical peels if the sun damage is minor.
  • Try a cold compressor or wash your face with plain cold water a few times daily.
  • Use a gentle moisturizer, as the skin is sensitive now, to keep the skin hydrated and reduce irritation.


What are the Myths about Sunbeds?

 There are various myths about Sunbeds that people follow and believe. But people need to understand that so many things about Sunbeds aren’t true. 

Enough Vitamin D 

Sometimes, when doctors recommend going out or getting vitamin D, many people go for Sunbeds therapy. People should understand there is no need for that by walking the dog once a day, grabbing a coffee, watering the outdoor plants, etc. The amount of Sun exposure a person gets is enough vitamin D. 
For vitamin D, visiting Sunbed is an idiotic idea. Going with the daily lifestyle and taking Vitamin D supplements are enough for people. 

Sunbeds are better than sunbathing,

Many are influenced by the false fact that sunbathing is time-consuming; therefore, it exposes the skin to UV radiation more than sunbeds. However, that’s not true; Sunbeds produce high-intensity UV radiation, which produces fast tanning results and causes harm to the skin. 
Sunbathing may take longer, but it’s safer. But no one should expose their skin to radiation for long. 

Tanning lotion is unnecessary.

People think that by using the tanning lotion, they won’t get their preferred result of sunbeds. However, using good tanning lotion will keep the skin moisturized and protect it from damage.

Any glasses will protect the eye. 

There are many non-professional and inexperienced people available who run the Sunbed parlors. In that case, you must be intelligent and understand that special eyewear is available to protect your eyes from UV radiation. You mustn’t avoid it. Even though you will keep your eyes closed without those Sunbed goggles, the UV radiation can seriously cause harm to your eyes.

Reduce acne

Well, using acne does reduce it a bit, but people don’t understand that Sunbed is a temporary solution for acne, as the acne will never return. So, instead of trying Sunbeds, many other effective methods are available to reduce acne, and people should try those things. 


 Enjoying Sunbed sessions is fine only if the users follow the instructions perfectly. A person should never use sunbeds for more than 15 to 20 minutes; the time limit can also be lower based on the skin. So, people should understand that instead of experimenting on skin, they should consult a dermatologist. 

Sunbeds and skin cancer are two complicated elements that are connected. Therefore, it makes it clear that no styling is worth having a skin disease, so people should follow things that will keep them safe.