5 Tips For Rocking a Blonde Buzz Cut With Confidence:

Do you think choosing a men’s buzz cut is as easy as choosing a number? When we think about a buzz cut most of us think it’s the military men, but the concept has gone now. The buzz cut is one of the staple haircuts that every barber in the world knows. If you are looking for a daring look then you must go forward with a blonde buzz cut. Blonde buzz cut is one of the most striking and edgy hairstyles that make you look like a work of art.

Also, changing things up with a hairstyle is a great way to boost your confidence. If you feel confident in your new haircut then your self-esteem will be boosted instantly. So combining a buzz cut with blonde hair is such a daring look. So, if you are interested to learn more about blonde buzz cut then you are on the right path.

Here, in this article, we are going to wrap together embracing your decision to go blonde, find the perfect buzz cut style, take care of your blonde buzz cut, accessorize and enhance your style, and build confidence in your new look. Let’s dive into the deep!

Embrace Your Decision to Go Blonde:

The blonde buzz cut is a technique that makes a statement for you. But before going ahead, you must look for an appropriate blonde hair color, it will be daring. A blonde hairstyle never goes out of fashion. But, you must remember that the wrong shade can wash you out. So, while going forward with coloring your blonde you must pick the right shade according to your skin tone. 

Selecting the right shade of blonde for your skin tone:

Here, we are providing some tips that you can follow while picking the shade for your skin tone. 

1. Try to find out whether your skin tone is cool or warm-toned:  It will help you in deciding which blonde tones perfectly suit your skin. To do so, you can simply look at the veins of your wrist and if the veins are mostly purple and blue then you have a cool skin tone. Otherwise, if they are mostly green then you have a warm skin tone. If you found you have a mix of both then you have a neutral undertone. So, you will have more choices.

2. Paler, pinky skin tones perfectly suit delicate, and cool blondes: In this case, you can go forward with ash, beige, and baby-blonde.

3. Darker, yellow, or more golden tones suit golden or honey hues: You can think of butter, golden, or caramel tones.

4. Blonde Hair colors for Wheatish skin tone: You can think of a root smudge such as Malibu or ash blonde. You can also add platinum highlights to brighten the look.

5. Blonde hair color for Tawny skin tones: You can think of shades like pearl and diamond blonde, medium champagne, sunflower blonde, and light golden blonde hair color. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Going Blonde:

Everyone has a different hair color desire. However, if you are not sure about whether you should go forward with blonde or not then you can check out this list below. Here, we are providing some of the positive as well as negative sides of going blonde. So, you can consider these points:


  • Gentlemen prefer blondes
  • You will look younger than you are
  • You can get away from dandruff
  • You look charming and always in style
  • You will be more likable


  • Get ready to hear many jokes
  • can be expensive
  • Unwanted attention
  • Routine maintenance and keep up

Tips for finding the Perfect Buzz Cut style:

Finding the appropriate buzz cut style that can perfectly balance between the cut and the blondes is sometimes stressful. So, you can follow these below buzz haircuts that will go perfectly with blondes. Here are these:

Different Buzz Cut Styles Appropriate for Blondes:

#1. Buzz Cut fade:

In the early days, men in the military could be easily recognized by their shaved heads. However, men’s style has progressed over time. The Buzz cut fade style is fully embraced by a number of people in the world. To achieve this look, the back and sides of your head will be shaved and the barber will keep a very little length on the top. 

If you want to personalize this style then you can ask your barber for a more intense fade that will start higher up on your head. 

#2. Induction Blonde Buzz Cut:

This is the iconic buzz cut that has even length of your hair all over the head. The length of the hair is very short. And to achieve this blonde buzz cut look you just need to trim your hair using a hair clipper with no guard on. If you are the kind of guy who doesn’t like to spend more time on grooming then this style is for you. Only you need to do that you should trim your hair using a hair clipper each week. 

Also, this style is perfect for that kind of guy with a receding hairline. If you have receding hairline then you should not do much for it, but you can camouflage it with a blonde buzz cut. 

#3. Burr Blonde Buzz Cut:

This style is a variant of an induction cut that is a bit longer. To achieve this look, you need to grow your hair for a week and then trim it using a hair clipper with a number 1 or 2 guard. Burr blonde buzz cut is perfect for those guy who don’t prefer to put much time on grooming. All you need to do is just trim your hair once in a week with a hair clipper and keep equal length all over the head.

#4. The Blonde Butch cut:

The blonde butch cut is a longer variant of the burr blonde buzz cut. The only difference between this cut and the burr blonde buzz cut is the length. You should trim your hair with a clipper with a number 3 guard on to get this look. 

This style is perfect for those guys who want to keep their length shorter but don’t prefer the skin-faded look. to maintain this hair you only need to trim your hair with a clipper with a number 3 guard each week.

#5. The Blonde Brush Buzz Cut:

This is the longest variation of blonde buzz cut. The only difference between it from the others is the length. To achieve this look, you only need to trim your hair with a clipper using number 4 guard on the hair clipper. If you are the kind of guy who wants to keep hair shorter but doesn’t like showing off too much of their skin then this is your style. This blonde buzz cut makes your head look fuller and thicker. 

It is perfect for the guys who have thinner hair on their heads.

#6. The blonde Crew Cut:

This blonde buzz cut is different from the other buzz cuts that we have discussed in this article. In this style, the hair is not evenly cut all through the head. the difference between this style and the others is that the hair is longer on the top. 

This style is perfect for those guy who have thicker hair on their head because it will make the appearance of hair even fuller. To achieve this look, you need to visit a barber and get your head professionally trimmed. It is not as simple as trimming your hair with a hair clipper on your own. A barber will give you a symmetrical look by fading the sides and back of your head. 

 Take Care of Your Blonde buzz Cut:

Various people follow blonde buzz hair cut because it comes with low maintenance. In this hair styling, you are simply altering your approach, keeping your short hair follicles hanging dry. These hair follicles still need some nourishment. So you need to follow some healthy hair practices that keep your hair healthier, and smoother. 

Here, we are going to provide a few tips that you can follow while initiating maintenance of the blonde buzz cut. 

1. Embrace scalp shampoo:

Regular shampooing helps you to clean your hair, but in this case, you must focus on the root of the hair. Since you don’t have long-length hair, you can focus inward. You must focus on the strong, dense, and prolonged growth of your hair. 

Washing your hair at least twice a week will be very effective. It will prevent fungus, and bacteria from proliferating, so your scalp remains healthy. You can also rinse your hair in the shower daily. Apply conditioner after shampooing your hair.

2. Incorporate a scalp mask for extra boost:

You must think of your scalp like your face. So, it is recommended to take care of your scalp just like you do with your face. For extra nourishment, you can use a scalp mask, it will work as a serum on your head. Doing a scalp mask for once or twice a week can enable stronger, softer, and healthier hair growth. 

3. Wear Sunscreen:

Yes, you need sunscreen lotion for your hair to protect it from the harsh sun rays. the excessive heat of the sun can damage your hair including the sculp. A quality sunscreen lotion prevents the follicles of your hair from damaging. So, you can grab a spray-on sunscreen lotion, it will be easier. You can reapply the lotion every two hours if you are under sun rays. 

4. Use actual hair clippers, not a beard trimmer:

Never go forward buzzing with a beard trimmer, since hair clippers have much stronger clips that can manage the density up top of your head. The beard hairs are ticker and firmer individually but they are less denser than your hair. You can invest in a cordless professional hair clipper to do any dye-buzzing activities. 

Building Confidence in Your New Look with Blonde Buzz Cut Style:

If you want to be successful in your life then it is necessary to play your roles with confidence. If you are happy with your haircut as well as your attire then it will make a sense of who and what you are. If you perceive that you are looking good in your haircut then you will feel more confident and you will be able to put the best of yours everywhere.

A  haircut may work in boosting your level of confidence since a haircut gives you a new look and improves your appearance. In this way, a blonde buzz haircut makes you look more attractive. It will enhance your personality. Also, other people give you compliments about your new look, which also helps in boosting confidence. 

Blonde buzz hair cut is not only a way to look better but also they can create a new image. This can initiate a new chance and a new beginning of your life. Many believe that blonde buzz haircuts speak a lot about your personality, so you must try out a new buzz hair cut that will help you to find a new version of yourself.


If you are thinking about trying a new blonde buzz haircut but are not sure then just go forward with it. There are no other such hairstyles that make you look as stylish while modern. Here, in this article, we have talked about various blonde buzz haircut styles including every aspect of the blonde buzz hair cut style. 

Just gather more knowledge about blonde buzz haircuts from this guide and go ahead to look modern, stylish, and rebellious. So, just pick one haircut from our pick, your blonde buzz cuts awaits. Also, you can pair this buzz styling with a cool beard to look even more stylish.