Roar with Style: Discover the Secrets of the Wolf Haircut

The wolf haircut has already been setting trends, and it’s time for us to familiarize ourselves with this bold and edgy style. Hairstyle trends keep changing, and the most impactful of them set waves across the country. So, if you love presenting yourself with a bold and stylish cut, you may consider getting this wolf hairstyle!

The unique and fierce appearance that this haircut delivers to you makes it so popular. Most importantly, this is a unisex hairstyle that can suit both men and women. The concept of this wolf cut is rooted in the natural and untamed look of a wolf’s mane. Naturally, the wolf haircut has turned out to be a symbol of self-expression and individuality.

Let’s take a closer look at the wolf haircut, including the quality of your hair needed to get this cut and its tentative cost.

What is wolf-cut hair?

The wolf haircut is a trendy hairstyle that has already gained popularity among young people. The hairstyle draws inspiration from the untamed yet natural look of a wolf’s mane. The unique hairstyle blends shaggy layers, textured ends, and face-framing tactics. Professional hairdressers, thus, create a captivating and dynamic look in both men and women.

In a wolf cut, the layers are strategically placed to add dimension, movement, and volume to the hair. This versatility and texture of the haircut make it a popular choice for people willing to project a bold style statement.

What face shape suits a wolf cut?

The versatility of the wolf haircut makes it suitable for people with different face shapes. However, if you have a round, oval, or heart-shaped face, the haircut might complement your looks exceptionally.

The volume of hair and its layers add balance and dimension to the face shapes. This makes the natural facial features look profoundly bold. Besides, the hairstyle gives you a flattering look. The softness of the layers creates sharp angles around your face. This way, the wolf haircut creates an appealing vibe.

Is wolf cut good for thick hair?

If you have thick hair, you should consider yourself fortunate! The wolf hairstyle looks exceptionally great on individuals with thick hair. The thickness of your hair adds bulkiness and weight to the hair. In ordinary hairstyles, this might have made it challenging to achieve a manageable or sleek look.

However, with the wolf hairstyle, the layered structure helps to remove excess weight. Thus, it creates a more textured and lightweight appearance. In this haircut, the layers add movement and boost the natural texture of the thick hair. This explains why it is so easy to maintain the wolf hairstyle.

Is wolf cut good for thin hair?

Both wolf-cut men and women look great if they have thick hair. However, individuals with thin hair can also adapt to this new hairstyle. Incorporating strategic layering techniques into thin hair can add volume, creating an illusion that the individual has thick hair.

Hairdressers need to be careful while placing the layers and incorporating texturizing techniques. Thus, even if you have thin hair, you can achieve a fuller and more textured look with the wolf haircut.

You may consider using styling products such as texturizing sprays or volumizing mousse. These products can help in enhancing the thickness of your hair and add to the dimension of the hair.

How much does a wolf cut cost?

Wolf Haircut

Several factors determine the cost of getting a wolf haircut. Consider the location of the salon, the experience of the hairdresser, and the condition of your hair determines the cost.

On average, be prepared to shell out anything between £40 and £100 to get a wolf haircut in the UK. These prices can significantly vary, considering the reputation of the hairdresser, the complexity to shape your hair, and the expertise of the stylist. To get an accurate estimate, you need to reach out to one of the reputed salons in your city and check out the cost.

Is wolf cut good for diamond face?

If you have a diamond-shaped face, the wolf haircut would be a great choice!

Individuals with diamond-shaped faces are featured with a narrower forehead and jawline, along with wider cheekbones. The volume of hair and the number of layers in this hairstyle can make the angles of your face look softer. This would give you a more balanced and harmonious appearance. This applies to both wolf-cut men and women.

 The textured layers and face-framing techniques highlight the jawline and the cheekbones. This enhances the natural facial features and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Is wolf cut good for medium hair?

Yes, the wolf cut suits individuals with medium-length hair. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, the texture and layers of this hairstyle can bring movement and life to your locks.

In medium-length hair, the stylist can incorporate layers that add volume and dimension. However, this doesn’t require you to sacrifice the desired length. The wolf haircut is versatile, which explains why hairdressers can tailor the style to different individuals. Besides, you can get both formal and casual looks from this hairstyle.

Is it difficult to maintain a wolf cut?

There’s no denying that maintaining a wolf cut requires some effort. However, this won’t be overtly challenging once you know how to take care of your hair. To prevent split ends and maintain the desired shape, go for regular trims. Therefore, you need to visit the salon once every six to eight weeks to keep your hair in proper shape.

Apart from these touch-ups, you need to use proper hair care products. This would help you maintain the volume and texture of the hair. For instance, hairdressers recommend using styling creams, mousses, and texturizing sprays to wolfcut men and women. This way, you can control the texture and volume of the hair, looking fresh and stylish.


Who should not get wolf cut?

Not everyone might look good with the wolf haircut, even though it is versatile. For instance, if you have very fine or thinning hair, the additional texturing and layers might make your hair appear even thinner. In these cases, you must consult the hair stylist for alternative cuts.

Who invented wolf cut?

Although there’s no concrete information on who invented the wolf cut, Davis Bowie made it famous, along with his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Miley Cyrus further re-established this hairstyle in 2020. Also, the wolf haircut has gained popularity through different social media platforms.

Therefore, various hairstylists and influencers might be credited with the recognition for inventing the wolf haircut. It might be a collective creation, involving the innovation and efforts of several hairdressers

What is another name for a wolf cut?

The wolf haircut is also known as the wolf cut or wolf cut. Hairdressers and fashion enthusiasts often use these terms interchangeably to refer to this dynamic and edgy style. Regardless of the name you use to call it, this hairstyle continues to deliver the same essence. You would enjoy the wild and captivating look that serves as a specimen of individuality and confidence.


The wolf haircut has carved a niche for itself in hairstyling. People love the fierce and bold look that unleashes their wilder side. Considering the versatility and adaptability of this hairstyle to different face shapes and types of hair, stylists can customize this design for different individuals.

So, if you are willing to roar with style and embrace your inner wildness, fix an appointment with a reputed hairdresser. This hairstyle should redefine your look with untamed charm!