24 Mystifying Japanese Style Tattoos Design With Their Meanings

Japanese Style Tattoos are renowned worldwide for their one-of-a-kind and creative presentation style.

Zumi is the name of the traditional ink used in the traditional method of Japanese tattooing, which is known as Irezumi.

Dragons, samurai, tigers, geishas, and kabuki masks are some examples of the common motifs that can be seen in traditional Japanese tattooing. The primary colours used in traditional Japanese tattooing are grey and black.

However, because of the stringent rules that have been imposed in the past against the practice of getting tattoos, it is difficult to locate a tattoo artist that does traditional Japanese Style Tattoos in this day and age.

Most of Irezumi’s traditional artists lead a covert existence, so they may avoid being investigated by the government.

24 Mystifying Japanese Style Tattoos Design With Their Meanings

#1. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Style Tattoos

Dragons are a metaphor for a power that is sympathetic. It is considered that having these traits contributes to a man’s general improvement, as well as to his insight and power.

This incredible dragon tattoo is a work of art due to its level of detail. Applying a light pink wash colour gives it an even more alluring appearance. The design features a dragon with a fearsome expression, which contrasts well with the delicate flowers growing around it and gives it a touch of femininity.

#2. Japanese Crane Tattoo

Japanese Style Tattoos

Cranes, also known as Senbazuru, signify longevity and wealth in Japanese culture. This charming artwork depicting a crane with its wings spread out, perched above a pink lotus, is captivating.

This sculpture is even more captivating because of the intricate pattern and the use of colours reminiscent of a sunset. It is the ideal design to be tattooed on the top of your back.

#3. Japanese Geisha Tattoo

Japanese Style Tattoos

A geisha tattoo is said to symbolize the strength of women. It embodies everything mysterious, beautiful, and hidden. This exquisite tattoo of a geisha removing a cat mask to reveal her face is breathtaking.

This design is brought to a higher level by her flowery headpiece as well as the tattoo that is located on her neck.

It is the ideal tattoo for you if you enjoy designs that are both simple and complex at the same time. Make sure that a seasoned tattoo artist specializing in portraiture does this work for you.

#4. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Japanese Style Tattoos

Cherry blossoms are often considered among the most stunning flowers, and their delicate pastel pink hue makes them a desirable component of any garden design. They do not survive for long, making the bloom a representation of life and the transience associated with them.

Because of its stunning appearance and profound significance, the flower is often employed as a design element in Irezumi. This is due to the art form’s appreciation of the flower’s many qualities.

#5. Japanese Samurai Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

A samurai tattoo on your body conveys values such as honour, respect, heroism, and commitment. These Japanese Style Tattoos warriors defended the people of Japan against any aggressors who could have come their way.

This timeless pattern depicts a fierce conflict between a samurai on horseback and a dragon. The two foes are engaged in combat with one another.

It is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that stands out due to its extensive colour palette and well-defined contour. It will look wonderful running the whole length of your leg.

#6. Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Are you looking for a significant tattoo to cover the whole of your sleeve? You should try out these amazing Japanese Style Tattoos that have exquisite shading.

The skull of an ogre is shown at the top of this full-sleeve tattoo that incorporates a lot of wonderfully painted fish swimming over waves. One of the earliest examples of Japanese tattoo art is this monochromatic pattern, which uses shading and highlighting.

#7. Japanese Turtle Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Turtle tattoos, also known as Minigames in Japanese culture, symbolize stoicism, longevity, good fortune, and safety. This one-of-a-kind turtle tattoo is unique.

This tattoo adds a bit of mystery thanks to the inclusion of Roman numerals on the outside rim of the shell, which gives the impression that it is a clock. This would be an excellent addition to a tattoo sleeve.

#8. Japanese Cat Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Cats often connect with prosperity and good fortune, making fantastic tattoo subjects. There are many different approaches to the creation of a cat tattoo.

Although some individuals choose the more conventional method, others may choose elements of the Japanese culture that they like and include them in their designs.

This might refer to everything from the cuisine to the manner of clothing or even the tattoos. Your design mustn’t offend anybody, and avoiding using anything considered holy or religious is always preferable.

#9. Japanese Cloud Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

If you want a magnificent and colourful tattoo, the Japanese cloud pattern can be what you want.

The striking wisps are known as Kumo and may be inked on their own or used as fillers in conjunction with other artwork. The clouds represent fundamental ideals such as masculinity, impermanence, and change.

They are also a beautiful part of nature to admire. They appear their best when kept in the dark, and their statement is quite striking.

#10. Japanese Demon Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

The design of a demon tattoo may not be to everyone’s taste, but its associated connotation is fascinating. The most well-known representation is that of an Oni, which is a sort of ogre or demon that appears in Japanese mythology.

Your ink may serve as a reminder that terrible deeds will not go unpunished and may also represent the balance between good and evil.

Body art may also intimidate people and convey that the wearer should not be trifled with. The wearer may have this intention.

These paintings are also very detailed and often include additional imagery, like cherry blossoms or a snake, which helps to make the inking a statement.

#11. Japanese Frog Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Not your typical design for an animal, Japanese frog tattoos are unique. They are vivid and colourful and often seem to have a particularly menacing appearance. Gold coins could also be included in some works of art. They have many symbolic meanings, which adds to the visual appeal.

How you choose to depict your frog or toad is entirely up to you, and the imagery that you choose might cause the meaning of your work to shift. In common parlance, it is believed to be a fortunate animal that brings wealth, success, and good fortune to its owners.

#12. Japanese Foo Dog Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

A foo dog should be the subject of your next tattoo if you want a design that simultaneously conveys safety and good fortune. The legendary beast appears like a lion and has a significant place in Japanese culture. It is a decorative element of architecture that was created to watch over significant structures and shrines.

They are an excellent option for a tattoo since they stand for wealth, protection, and good fortune and look amazing. This fascinating beast also inspires individuals in the Western world.

If you like the symbolism that is related to it, selecting it as the subject of your next tattoo would be a fantastic idea.

#13. Japanese Flower Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Flower tattoos are beautiful body art that may look great on a man or a woman. You can get one or multiple flowers tattooed on your body, or you may include them in a more complex design with other symbols, such as a dragon, phoenix, or koi fish. Several different types of flowers have significant meanings in Japanese culture.

These include the lotus, the peony, and the cherry blossom. Although each of these flowers has meaning, plants are frequently connected with life and beauty. Because of the use of vivid colours in the Japanese style, your ink will be difficult to overlook.

It is an excellent choice if you want something that will attract attention.

#14. Japanese Women Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Geishas have a significant historical significance in Japan and are often connected with alluring qualities like femininity and delicacy. A geisha tattoo, also known as a Japanese lady dressed as a geisha, is a kind of inking that is popular among men and women.

It is a symbol of perfection, respect, and extreme beauty. Additionally, it is considered a representation of Japan’s culture. Because most of these components are huge and intricate, many people position them on the back because it provides sufficient room for them there.

Depending on the significance that resonates most strongly with you, you may include other traditional imagery, like a cherry blossom or a samurai.

#15. Japanese Temple Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

 Most of Japan’s religious buildings, particularly its temples, are considered architectural marvels. They represent a link between this life and the next and a location of spiritual enlightenment and progress.

It might be a method to show respect for the culture, a sign that you are staying on the correct road in life, or a reminder to honour your beliefs and do good in the world.

It is not difficult to see why a picture of a temple would make such an attractive tattoo, but some individuals may find it disrespectful to get a tattoo that depicts a place of worship. As a result, it is always advantageous to study in advance.

#16. Japanese Sun Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

 The vivid red motif of a rising sun has been included in the flags of Japan because it is considered a symbol of divinity, bravery, and vitality.

For some people, this emblem serves as a representation of the nation. Various designs are available; some show warriors, while others include waves or temples.

However, it is a picture that has generated a lot of debate. Note that some individuals may find this design very insulting since this is a crucial consideration to keep in mind.

It was employed as the flag of the troops, and for the nations that were invaded during this period, it marks a very sad moment in the history of those countries.

#17. Japanese Letter Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Sometimes, individuals want to be tattooed with a word or phrase, but they do not want the meaning of that word or phrase to be clearly understood by others.

Because of this, it is common practice to prefer foreign languages and symbols. The use of Kanji characters may result in a tattoo that is both visually appealing and rich in meaning.

 However, acquiring this kind of design has a few limitations you should be aware of. It is simple to be tattooed with something that has a whole different meaning than what you first meant it to have if you have not studied enough and do not grasp the language.

It might happen if you do not comprehend the language. It might be a method to show respect for Japanese culture if it has been a source of inspiration for you.

#18. Japanese Skull Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

It is possible that getting a tattoo of a skull, a generally known emblem of death, may seem to be a gloomy option. However, this is not always the case since it may also be seen as a metaphor for how fleeting our lives are and, as a result, the significance of appreciating what we have and making the most of it every day.

 The Japanese skull tattoo is a symbol of transition and transformation. Various pictures can complement it; one of the most common options is flowers, which may contribute to the overall meaning of your ink. Additionally, colour plays a part, so make an informed decision.

#19. Japanese Snake Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

The snake tattoo is sure to be one of the most common and well-known designs that you come across in Japanese work. It can be seen as a sign of transformation, protection against diseases and illnesses, and prevention of bad luck.

Given the fearsome aspect of the snake, which is often shown as being coiled and ready to attack, this may surprise you. On the other hand, the creature is not considered evil and is said to bestow good fortune and vigour to whoever wears it.

#20. Japanese Lion Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Many individuals choose to have Lion Japanese Style Tattoos because it symbolizes bravery, monarchy, and strength; however, in Japan, lions have not represented the same way you would see them on the African plains. Instead, they have pointed ears and a wispy mane, which gives them the impression of being somewhat threatening while still being mythological.

It is standard practice to station these sculptures at the entrances of significant locations, where they are intended to ward off evil and provide protection. The same concept may be conveyed via the body art you choose.

For those who desire something ferocious and powerful to keep them safe and encourage them to remain on the right road, this design, commonly shown with its fangs bared, is a good option to consider.

#21. Japanese Tiger Tatto

japanese style tattoos

Tigers are feared, and revered predators and are often seen as guardians and symbols of strength and power due to their intimidating nature and long history. In the culture of Japan, tattoos are believed to have the power to ward off bad energy, as well as evil spirits, illness, and disease.

These magnificent huge cats are often portrayed as being vicious and menacing, which makes them the ideal subject for a piece of body art for a person who wants a meaningful tattoo that has the potential to make other people afraid.

The tiger tattoo design is recommended to be completed in colour, as this results in remarkable and eye-catching work. A big surface area of the skin is necessary to display all of the beauty and intricate detail of the design.

As a result, the back or the thigh are both excellent choices.

#22. Japanese Lotus Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

Many people choose to get a lotus tattoo because it has a diverse range of meanings. They are highly esteemed in Japan, and you will often come across examples of them being tattooed on their own or in conjunction with a water-related subject.

Take, as an example, an artwork that depicts a koi fish. Enlightenment and spiritual awakening are concepts that are often connected with the bloom.

On the other hand, it is also symbolic of purity and power. The fact that the lovely flower can flourish even in murky water is a source of motivation for many people. It serves as a timely reminder that even amid adversity, it is possible to discover beauty in the world.

Alternately, it is a method of never giving up and continuing to endure even when things become difficult.

#23. Japanese Peony Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

 The peony is featured prominently in the design of many Japanese Style Tattoos. It is a stunning blossom that is often tattooed in various vivid hues to create an eye-catching and significant tattoo.

It is associated with life, persistence, courage, and honour, as well as a sign of wealth and good fortune.

You can get a sequence of these blossoms tattooed on your body, or you may add a variety of other pictures, like a geisha or a crane, which gives your body art an even deeper level of significance.

#24. Japanese Phoenix Tattoo

japanese style tattoos

 The concepts of birth, death, and rebirth are often connected with having a phoenix tattoo. The Japanese mythological phoenix, also known as Hou-ou, is a legendary bird that embodies the qualities of might, justice, and fire.

It was also used to adorn dwellings, and persons who lived there were seen as trustworthy and devoted to their communities.

Since it is a stunning bird that is also loaded with meaning, getting a tattoo of one of these birds is among the most common options.

Final Words!

We hope that this Japanese Style Tattoos collection has inspired you and that you’ll consider adding one of these one-of-a-kind animals to your Japanese tattoo collection.