How to Find the Perfect Modest Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Summer is the wonderful time of the year when we can make a plan for vacations that involves sun, beach, sand, and a good time with friends and family. So, perhaps you are on last-minute shopping for swimsuits and may have ended up with fear-how to find the modest swimsuit that suits your body perfectly.

Don’t worry! We are here to guide you in buying the right swimsuit that perfectly complements your body type. There are a variety of swimsuits for different body types. So, you should not be stressed about finding the best swimsuit that fits you well.

Everyone should wear the right clothes that make them feel happier and truly themselves. You must keep in mind that we all are gifted with a wonderful figure; it’s just a matter of knowing what will flatter your shape the most.

In this article, we are going to wrap up the best ways to find out the modest swimsuit for women in the UK that perfectly suits your body type, is high-quality, flattering, and actual to your sense of style.

Modest swimsuit as per your body type

Modest Swimsuit

We all have different body types so providing swimsuit advice may not suit everyone. If you don’t know what body types you have, here is a guide for you. Here, we are providing the general categories of different body types; still, there are variations within these categories.

However, take a look at the following body types and explore the best swimsuit suggestion.

#1. Modest Swimsuit for Apple body type:

Modest Swimsuit

If you have an apple or circular body type; we will suggest you go for swimsuits that flatter your busts. You can avoid bikini swimsuits or tube tops. But you can opt for bikini tops with flattering cuts and thicker straps that will perfectly good with your busts. If you select a lower neckline swimsuit then it will also flatter your chest.

You can opt for high-waisted bikini bottoms that will go perfectly with your body type as they will show off your slim legs. If you are more conscious about your bottoms you can try dark colours on your lower half because these have a slimming effect.

#2. Modest Swimsuit for Strawberry body type (inverted triangle):

Inverted triangle body types tend to have narrow hips and broader shoulders. If you have a strawberry body type then you must balance your body in such a manner that everyone put attention on the lower part of your body instead the top half of your body.

You should avoid bandeau tops as they will leave you looking flat-chested. You can go with V-neck swimsuits and triangle-shaped bikini tops with bottoms with prints.

#3. Modest Swimsuit for Hourglass body types:

If you have an hourglass body type then you tend to have shoulders and hips at equal width with a smaller and defined waist. So, if you have an hourglass body type then you must try to draw attention to your waist and avoid looking baggy.

You can avoid loud prints or mix-and-match prints when you are shopping for a modest swimsuit. Instead, you can opt for bold, and block colours; because these will highlight your curves. Swimsuits with waist cutouts or asymmetrical swimsuits are the perfect option for you.

#4. Modest Swimsuit for Pear body type:

Modest Swimsuit

If you have a Pear or triangular body type, you must accentuate the upper portion of your body. Thus you can balance your figure. There are various available good options for pear body types. You can opt for halter necks, bikinis with strings that tie up, and ruffled tops are also the perfect pick.

You must avoid things like bikinis, and high cuts; because these will look your wider hips wider. You can choose solid bottoms with printed tops as it is a great option for a pear body type.

#5. Modest Swimsuit for banana body type (rectangle):

Modest Swimsuit

If you have a rectangle body type then your shoulder and hips are of equal width but your waist is not defined. You must work to make the illusion of curves balance your body.

You can opt for waist cut-out swimsuits to draw attention to the waist area of your body. Ruffles and prints are great options for your body types because these will draw attention to your busts. You can pair these with side-tie bikinis, it will properly balance your look.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Modest Swimsuit

Modest Swimsuit

There is a variety of modest swimsuits available for women with different body types. No matter what body type you have, you have the perfect body type that is right for you.

So you need to choose the perfect swimsuit that makes you feel good. Some women look for the one that provides them full coverage whereas others look for the right one that gives them the balanced look they desired.

Now, here we are going to cover some basic styles that you may consider, check out the key features of what to look for in a modest swimsuit so you can easily pick the right one this summer:

#1. High necklines:

If you want full coverage then you can opt for high necklines. It will conceal your cleavage and provide a smooth look to your busts while keeping a flattering appearance. If you pick a high-neckline swimsuit then it makes you feel more confident and you can be ready for the swim.

An additional benefit of a high-neckline swimsuit is that it protects your skin from the extreme heat of the sun.

#2. Bandeau and halter necklines:

Bandeau necklines provide you with a shiny and modest look as they are designed to place flat and straight across the upper bust area, it prevents showing the cleavage area and also prevents dips and pulls in the top of the suit. It provides a streamlined appealing look in a one-piece or tankini top.

Halter necklines are also similar as they cover the bust area but also provide a straight line across the top or middle of the shoulder.

#3. Surplice swimsuits:

A Surplice swimsuit is the perfect option for several things. The surplice swimsuit is pleasing but doesn’t dip down too far. Whether it could be a one-piece or tankini; the bottom area often falls a bit over the hip that provides a modest look.

#4. Modest Swim skirts and shorts:

Swim skirts and shorts are ideal for feminine style. They provide a sleek look and skims silhouette that works perfectly with a variety of swimsuits.  They are also cool and comfortable for shiny days.

For getting the most charming look just make sure the hem of the short or skirt falls at a length that perfectly makes you feel comfortable.

If you have an hourglass figure then you can look for swims suits with belts or other determining details at the core. It will provide you with a more defined shape.

If you have a pear-shaped body type, you can look for swimsuits with ruffles or other details around the buttocks and hips. It will balance out the proportions of your body and helps to look the lower portion fuller.

If you have a rectangular figure then you can go for a two-piece swimsuit rather than one piece swimsuit. It will provide an aid appearance for the longer legs. You can also opt for a suit that can draw attention to the bust area.

Where to Shop for Modest Swimsuits

Modest Swimsuit

Whether you are planning for your summer holiday at one of the pleasant beaches in the UK, a swimsuit is a must on your list. Here are the best swimwear retailers that you must put glance at:

#1. Hunza G:

Hunza G is a renowned swimsuit brand in the UK, it bears its reputation from they have launched. From high-waisted bikinis to bathing suits- all types of swimsuits are available at their store.

They have a variety of items that claim to fit all body types. Scoop necklines, spaghetti straps, one-shoulder silhouette- all items are made from stretchy crinkle fabric. All items are available in different bright colours. You can’t get a classy swimsuit much better than here.

#2. Marks & Spencer swimwear:

With a variety of bikinis and swimsuits, from sculpting to mix-and-match; Mark &Spencer is great for modest swimwear. You can surely get something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

#3. & Other Stories:

& other stories always come in the first ports when it comes to looking for the perfect summer dress. Midi skirts, and swimsuits. Here you can get metallic bikinis with designers inspired monochrome prints, retro-tinged polka dots, and romantic ruffles.

#4. Mellisa Odabash Swimwear:

Mellisa Odabash is one of the renowned swimwear brands. Here, you can find plenty of quality basics but also fresh cuts like a square neckline, bikini top set, and board shorts- all the items come at a reasonable price.

#5. H&M: 

The list will go out worth without saying H&M. You can get a variety of trendy swimwear designs that goes well with any body type. They provide fashions according to the current trends. So, you will be on fashion every time you shop in H&M.

Styling Your Modest Swimsuit

As summer is approaching, it means you need to unearth your swimsuit from the drawers and bring it into the light. Maybe you have a new swimsuit for the season ahead or you are swiping the dust from the one piece that you have already owned.

But without the right accessories, we can guarantee you that you will not be able to bring out the perfect appearance that you desired this coming spring or summer.

Take a look at the list:

  • Shell jewellery: From necklines, and earrings, to anklets, fashion girls can’t get enough of shell jewellery. They enhance the look of every swimsuit.
  • Bold sunglasses: Whether you go for small reflecting square frames or larger-than-life trending shield sunglasses; sunglasses are the statement accessory that will make your beachside look worthy.
  • A cool hat: A hat will protect you from the rays of the sun and draws attention to your bikini or swimsuit. You can opt for a wide-brim sun hat or a trending bucket hat.
  • Hair accessories: You can style your hair with some hair accessories this year. You can use hair clips and hair bands to remain trendy.
  • Layered Pendant Necklaces: A fashion girl always looks for layers of gold pendant necklaces. It will look gorgeous against sun-kissed skin and also makes your close-up photos cooler.
  • Sporty sandals: You can add an active aesthetic to your swimsuit with the season’s popular sporty sandals. This sporty sandal will make you look cool and feel comfortable. It is a favourite pick among the fashion set.


Finding the right swimsuit that goes perfectly to your body type, may seem sometimes challenging, but the effort is worthwhile. There is a variety of different cuts available in the market, so you need to put some time into searching for the perfect design that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable.

Hope, our tips will be helpful to you in narrowing down your options and picking the perfect swimsuit for you.