Modest Swimwear for All Ages and Body Shapes: Inclusivity in Fashion

Modest swimwear is a type of swim outfit that provides you full coverage during pool or beach time. Generally, Muslim women used to put in modest outfits at the beach or poolside. But modest swimwear now has become a trend among the majority of women throughout the globe.

In the 18th century, women used to wear linen outfits as bathing suits. These traditional swim outfits were made from cotton and wool; these became very heavier when they get wet. Later, in 2019, when Halima Aden first graced the pages of sports illustrated with images of wearing a burkini; it was the first time when a modest swim dress was receiving such evident representation.

Now, modest swimwear has become a trend all through the globe and women are more interested to purchase modest swim dresses. Various reputed brands are designing varied designs of modest bathing outfits for all ages that fit all body shapes.

Here, in this article, we are going to cover the growing demand for modest swimwear, the benefits of modest swimwear, the inclusivity of modest swimsuits, styles of modest swimsuits, and how you should shop for modest swimwear.

The Growing Demand for Modest Swimwear

Various reasons raise the demand for modest swimwear high in the recent past few years. Here they are:

Modest Swimwear

Cultural or religious reasons:

In some cultures and religions, women dress modestly in front of the public that includes in swimwear.

Personal comfort:

Some women simply want more coverage while they are having fun at the pool or beach side. In these outfits, they feel more comfortable and confident. They may feel conscious or shy in the traditional swimsuits or they may be seeking additional sun protection for their skin.

Body image concern:

We all have unique and different body types from each other. Most women can feel more comfortable in swimsuits that provide more coverage of their bodies. Modest swimwear allows women to focus on beach activities and have a lot of fun as these outfits provide more support and remain in the same place.

Lifestyle preference:

Some women lead an active lifestyle and participate in various fun activities at the beach side. So, they require more coverage than traditional swimwear can provide. Modest swimwears are the practical solution for these women.

The Benefits of Modest Swimwear

There are various advantages of wearing modest swimwear; here are a few:

Provides full coverage:

Some so many women look for full coverage when they are at the pool or beach side. It may arise for many reasons such as culture and tradition, religion and beliefs, sense of fashion, etc. So modest swimwear provides the right coverage as you opt for and satisfies your desired beach look.


In the world of modest swimwear, accessibility catering to personal choice, religious reasons, and comfort often has been set aside for various fashionable mainstream ideals. Modest swimwears facilitate women who don’t prefer body-revealing swimsuits to have the chance to swim and enjoy the water’s fun activities.

So, the design of modest swimsuits perfectly suits these women means more inclusivity. These modest swimsuits allow women to access a hobby, sport, and much more. So, women enjoy freedom when they feel more comfortable even trying.

Skin protection:

Modest swimwears provide much more skin coverage to your skin from the sun’s rays. As we know, as much the effect of sun rays increases on our skin, our skin suffers from various diseases. UV lights cause rashes, redness, skin allergy, sunburn, and even skin cancer.

The most frequent place where we wear swimsuits is the beach or poolside. There are skin gets more exposed to the UV lights of the sun. Some modest swimwear even comes with UV 50 protection so, there will be no need to reapplication of sunscreen lotion at the beachside.


Modest swimsuits for women are designed by some renowned designers in the UK. These dresses are made of good quality fabrics that are stretchy and provide much comfort. As these swim outfits are worn for a long time under the extreme rays of the sun; you must be looking for items that provide much comfort.

The modest swim dresses sometimes work as rashguards, so the surfers, sports, and other beach sports protect themselves from the sun. Besides, it protects your skin from rashes and abrasions.

Conservative culture and beliefs:

No two people are the same in this world. All of us have unique body shapes. There are various aspects of different cultures, religions, faith, and beliefs among people. Religious and personal beliefs also play a vital role in the fashion industry. So personal beliefs and desire for an outfit also come in when enjoying the water.

Here comes modest swimming dresses. It is the appropriate pick for women who want more body coverage outfits also in the water. Modesty is very much influenced by cultural norms. So, the expectation of the percentage of coverage varies from woman to woman. There is a wide range of swim dresses that provides different levels of body coverage. So, you can pick any of them according to your desire.

Inclusivity in Modest Swimwear

Everyone likes to wear an outfit that perfectly suits their personality and makes them feel comfortable. In the variety of the world’s cultures, there are various aspects such as personal beliefs, cultural, sociological, religious, and so on. At present time, accessibility caters to religious reasons, personal beliefs, and comfort has been taken as more fashionable ideals.

Producing a modest swimsuit means allowing someone to do her sport, hobby, or any water activity. So, this outfit allows them to do whatever they want to do in the water fearlessly. So, they feel more comfortable and confident in modest swimwear. Modest swimwear facilitates women to enjoy their hobbies or also makes them comfortable with their desired swimwear. That means more inclusivity for everyone.

Styles of Modest Swimwear

Modest Swimwear

When it comes to styling your swimsuit, you surely prefer to enhance your bathing beauty vibes at the pool too. Whether you are preferring to wear such a bathing outfit that provides you full coverage of the sun, a modest swim dress is the right pick. For the sake of modesty, personal beliefs, comfort, and extra help warding off UV rays-the modest swimsuit provides all these benefits to you. Besides, you look fabulous in these dresses as various reputed brands hire professional designers for these outfits.

Here, we are listing down some of the steeliest modest swim dresses:

Long-sleeved swimwear:

If you are looking for eventual coverage then don’t look further than a long-sleeved swimsuit. It is the preferred item for surfers and snorkelers. This item is more popular on the beachside or in the pool as people are becoming more UV aware. This item is nylon-based and extra soft which provides you with much comfort.

You can wear this swimsuit inside as well as outside of the water. It is a great pick for spending a long time under the sun. If you are planning for a marine that doesn’t allow sunscreen then you must opt for a long-sleeved swim dress. It is also available in a wider range of available floral prints that you will love.

High-neckline swimsuit:

To get a unique look you can go forward with a high-neckline swimsuit option. You can look for a printed one with a halter neck style because the geometric pattern will enhance the boho touch as well as the halter neck makes your shoulder the focal point. Your tummy will be controlled and the lower half will be covered appropriately so nothing is peeking out.

High-neckline swimsuit is the best pick for women who loves water activities and swimming.


To get a more athletic style that provides you still more coverage then you can go forward with a two-piece tankini. It will perfectly cover the cleavage and your tummy area. You can adjust the fitting of this dress with the adjustable straps of the top provided. The top comes with a built-in bra that provides too much support to your busts.

it has an open back design so your shoulder will get some sun rays. So, you need to make sure that you are applying an extra sunscreen lotion so that your skin doesn’t get tanned. You will adore this swim dress and can confidently enjoy beachside parties, or activities. You can wear it for a whole day while feeling comfortable. Moreover, it dries so fast.

High-waisted bikini:

Two-piece high-waisted bikinis are available in various patterns, colours, and prints. The two-piece bikini is much more sophisticated with a twist front and side boning. The top of the bikini set will provide much support to the women and enhances their look their best. The bottom is also designed in a supportive manner to keep everything secure.

So, if you are very sensitive about the ravelling of your body parts but also want to be fashion forward then you can try two pieces high waisted bikini swim dress. Moreover, this item provides all the coverage to the right places while hugging your curves.

How to Shop for Modest Swimwear

Modest Swimwear

In the world of social media, everyone wants to look fabulous at their beach or poolside. There are plenty of brands that produce modest swimwear that makes you feel confident and comfortable as well.

Here are some tips to shop for modest swimwear:

Make a fixed decision:

Before purchasing swimwear, you can put some extra time to make a fixed decision. You can scroll down various patterns, colours, prints, and types of swimwear. Each type provides unique coverage. So, you should make a fixed decision regarding the style of the swimwear that perfectly matches your personality and also makes a sense of style.

You can also enjoy a fun time while scrolling the various categories instead of getting stressed.

Set your limits:

It’s important to set your limits regarding swimwear before purchasing. There are plenty of varieties of swimwear such as rash guards, tankinis, bikinis, full-sleeved tops, shorts, and much more. So, you need to make a fixed decision about whether you are going to purchase a one-piece bikini or a two-piece swim skirt.

You need to put cross marks on the items that seem not to be okay. Every time you are scrolling, you need to stay within the limits. Then, you will be amazed that how much you are getting appropriate options that suit your style and preference.

Stick to a budget:

How many swimsuits do you need? You need to make a budget for what you are going to purchase. Knowing how much you are going to pay to purchase modest swimwear, you can make a buying plan so that you purchase only what you need.

If you need to also purchase some accessories such as sunglasses, umbrellas, shoes, hats, and sunscreen; then you must make a proper expenditure plan. It will help you to stick to your plan.

Look for versatility and longevity:

We all have different body types, so you need to pick the right-sized swimwear so that it can perfectly create your curves. You can also look for stretchable swim dresses so that in the future you can make them perfect.

Also, you need to invest in high-quality pieces so that you can enjoy more time in the water instead of fussing over the outfits.

You need to shop for modest swimsuits on fashionable and functional swimwear dresses that keep you active and provide comfort all season long.


Women usually wear swimwear to the pool, lake, or beach. Modest swimwears are the perfect choice if you have delicate skin or if you looking for extra body coverage. Modest swimwears also provide you with personal comfort and fashionable styling when you are doing outside fun activities.

From tankinis to one-pieces, bikinis to two-piece swim skirts; there is something for everyone.