How to Avoid a Mullet When Growing Your Hair Out?

Do you worry about growing your hair out? All you need to put in some time and keep patience if you don’t mind going through such awkward stages. Mullet is becoming more preferable day by day and becomes more mainstream by the day, but that does not mean everyone will rock with mullet when their hair is out.

If you want to avoid a mullet then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss how to avoid a mullet when growing your hair.

How to avoid a mullet while growing your hair out

Growing out a short haircut is a procedure, but that does not mean every stage is flattering-includes an unwanted mullet. We know very well that mullet is in so don’t take us wrong. Mullets look fabulous on the right people.

But you must keep in mind that the look is not appropriate for everyone. However, there are several things that you can do to avoid mullet when your hair growing out. Are you ready to find a few ways?

Avoid a Mullet

Let’s get deep into it.

1. Trim the back frequently than the front:

A trademark shape of hairstyle makes a mullet a mullet. Mullets have a long, flowy back that is paired with a shorter top, front, and sides. To secure a mullet from taking shape, you can get back cut shorter than the front, and more frequent than the front and side.

You only need to do is that you need to trim your hair from the back, more frequently than usual.

2. Pile on the products:

Typically, less is more when it comes to product application to your strands. But, if you are growing your hair out, more is more; gels, waxes, and holding sprays can change the way your hair falls. It can help you disguise a mullet.

You can also go forward by slicking your hair back, moulding it to your scalp, and adding some mullet camouflaging texture. Also, you can use volumizing and texturizing mosses that can add more volume to your hair. The more lift you will add to your hair, the shorter it will look.

Thus, you can blend the hair with the back without having to cut it.

3. Thin out your ends:

You can notice that when your hair starts to grow out, the ends of your hair stick straight out. So, if you are finding some way to manage your locks, you can consider thinning out your ends.

Thinner ends will soften any disjoint layer and it will help you to develop mullet more subtly. It will give your strands a few much-needed movements.

4. You can try out a protective style:

Avoid a Mullet

Growing out your hair can take several months or years. But, if you are just bored with your shorter locks then you must try out a protective hairstyle.

Protective hairstyles are the types of hairdos that keep your strands protected as well as tucked in. You can get a protective style in your normal hair or you can add extensions.

You must opt for extensions that are more similar to your natural strands or you can take the opportunity to try out a new shade. Also, you can go forward with a new cut that you have always had your eye on.

The protective styles will not influence to your hair grow faster, it will help you to skip awkward phases. You can get a long-term protective style from the following list below:

  • Wig installations
  • Knotless braids
  • Sew-ins
  • Cornrows

5. Pull your hair back:

There is a good strategy to hide your developing mullet is slicking all of your hair back. This trick will help you to blend the shorter pieces with the rest of your hair. You can continue this trick until the shorter hair goes enough longer to style.

Slicking back the hair also makes you look like all the hairs are of the same length. Thus, the longer back will become less noticeable. You can give it a try.

To follow this trick, you can apply a little amount of mousse or gel to the damp hair, and you need to brush it straight back. Your shorter strands may not be easily manageable if your back hair is too long. In such cases, you can slide on a headband to team them.

6. Throw in some curls:

Another excellent way to avoid an unwanted mullet is by adding some more texture to your hair. Curls make look your hair shorter than its actual length. Curls also help camouflage your longer back.

The tighter your curls are the more shorter your hair will look. So, if you want to avoid mullets, you can try to create tighter curls in the back as well as looser some looser curls in the front. After that, you need to blend everything by gently brushing or combing through two halves.

7. Take a little break from heat styling:

Another important aspect to avoid growing out of your hair is breakage. Unfortunately, if you keep breaking off your hair, your hair won’t be able to grow. If you are fond of heat styling then you are most probably using some of the most damaging tools such as flat irons, blow dryers, and so on.

These damaging tools dry out your strands and make them more brittle. As a result, you can experience more damaged and split ends.

But damage just does not stay on the end parts of your hair, your split ends will creep upwards. We are also prone to heat at the front portion of our hair as it is more visible. If the front hair is getting continuously worsened because of the heat it will remain shorter. So, you will end up with a mullet until you cut or recover your damaged hair.

8. Get familiar with hair accessories:

Avoid a Mullet

When you want to avoid unwanted hair mullets then you must familiar with some hair accessories. Hair accessories play a vital role to manage mullets. Hair accessories can hide your shorter stands as well as pull them into a more flattering shape. There are plenty of hair accessories that you can try.

Hair accessories come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and styles. You can take just one or two from the following list to make things simple.

Also, you can go crazy and create a unique, and eye-catching look. We are sharing some of our favourite hair accessories below:

  • Hairclips
  • Bobby pins
  • Headbands
  • Scarves


Growing out your hair when you are trying to avoid mullet is sometimes challenging. But it is possible. It may seem like plenty of tasks, but the fact is not like that.

You only need to have a little patience and you can achieve your goals. Here, we have provided various ways that you can follow to avoid mullet when growing your hair. Hope, this article is going to be helpful for you, and we wish you the best with your hair-growing goals.


Can heat styling result into more mullets?

Yes. If you want to get rid of the mullets during a haircut, please avoid heat styling. It can damage the front ends of your hair. As a result, your new hair will grow unevenly. Therefore, heat styling can give rise to several mullets.