How to Achieve Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair Look

Emma Watson, the star of Harry Potter, became the talk of the town after her Pixie Hair look. What’s special about Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair is that it reminds people of the 1960s. The short hair along with fringes that are almost unrecognizable was seen very widely around the 60s. In 2010, Emma Watson had the same hair which was restyled a little differently in 2022. 

As popular as the hairstyle is, that’s not the only achievement that Emma Watson’s Pixie Cut has. In fact, the impact it has had on people around the world is unheard of. A lot of women around the globe tried the Pixie cut on their hair. The time when Emma Watson revealed the Pixie cut was the time she was endorsing the global brand “Prada”.

Many critics even believe that the fact that Prada always tried to push the boundaries when it comes to stereotypes in fashion could be the inspiration behind Emma Watson’s pixie hair. 

Preparing for the Pixie Cut 

One of the two things can be done when considering a Pixie Cut. You can either do that haircut on your own at home, if you are confident enough or you can definitely look for a stylist that can do it for you. Even before you find a stylist though, it is important to keep in mind a few factors that will help you get the right cut.

If you have long hair, the Pixie Cut could be too large of a chop for you and that is the reason why the decision is supposed to be taken after a lot of considering and re-considering. Here are the three things you must know be aware of before finally letting the scissors do their magic:

Analyze your Hair Type and Face Shape Suitability

Without a doubt, one of the most important things that you should look out for before thinking of getting a haircut like that of Emma Watson Haircut in 2022, is the type of hair you have. A lot of women around the world have curly or messy hair and in that case, the Pixie Cut wouldn’t be that good of a choice. Of course, this is based on the majority and if you still think you can carry Pixie Cut with curly hair type, then you must go for it.

With that being informed, straight hair is the best for Pixie Cut and if you have wavy hair textures, it would look just as good too. Emma Watson with short hair definitely inspired a lot of women around the world to cut their hair short too. 

If you have been wondering if Pixie Cut is the right one for you based on your face shape, you should read this. Taking into proper consideration all the common people’s face shapes with Pixie hair and celebrities’ face shapes with short hair, Oval, Square, and heart-shaped faces are the ones that carry Emma Watson’s short hair, the best. In fact, if your face is heart-shaped, there is a huge chance of pulling off Pixie Cuts that are shorter. Women with short hair, after the revelation of Emma Watson with short hair for Prada in 2022, has become a trend. 

Research and Collect Inspiration Photos to Show your Stylist

Most people would not want to experiment with their haircut on their own since that could very well go wrong. That is why having a stylist do it for you is much safer. Explaining to a stylist what haircut you really want after you have analyzed your hair type and face shape, can get a little difficult. Collecting proper photos showing what you exactly desire and how short you want it to be to the stylist is indeed a good idea. This way, there’s not much chance of miscommunication.

Even if your analysis is slightly wrong about the hair & face type, a stylist can even guide you and let you know what sort of a Pixie haircut would look good on you. Trust your instincts and make sure you’re also logically questioning your choices.

Consider the Maintenance required for A Pixie Cut

A Pixie Cut is not that easy to maintain since it would require fresh cuts every now and then. That’s definitely one way to put it, according to how fast your hair grows back in length but usually, 6 to 8 weeks is the time frame in which you would have to cut it back to short again.

Since Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair is kind of pretty short, we can assume that regularly maintaining the hair is important since problems regarding bulky and messy hair have been noticed with people that carry the Pixie Cut. Thinking of the maintenance routine and cost carefully, you can proceed with finding someone who can get you the haircut.

Finding the Right Stylist

The way to achieve Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair is to find the right stylist that does not mess up the job. You can trust most of the stylists around your house but more research is recommended. 

Ask your friends or Research Online to find an Experienced Stylist

Consulting with your friends that already have a short haircut can make you enlightened about a lot of factors that you may not have been considering yet. Even if you don’t have a friend that carries Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair or anything close to that, you can ask if they’ve seen stylists do a Pixie Haircut on any of the other clients while they were having their haircut done. If that does not work too, the most lenient and amazing way to find the right stylist is to look for them in online platforms.

There is no way that you’re not going to find the right stylist if you’re looking online since there are plenty of websites that feature these stylists. Some of them may be hard to get an appointment date with but as long as you’re at the grind, it’s totally worthy.

Consultation Appointments 

After you think you like the profile of a certain stylist, look out for if they have consultation appointments available to be taken. Once you figure out you can consult with them, and tell them that you want Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair.

Your expectations of the hair should be fully conveyed to the stylist so he can guide you with the pros and cons as well as the more suitable Pixie haircut for you. In other words, consulting the stylist before going for it, is important.

Make sure the Stylist Understands the idea of Replicating Emma Watson’s Pixie Hair

Short hair can be of different types pulled off by different celebrities but if you are inspired by Emma Watson with short hair (specifically the Pixie Cut), your stylist should have a proper idea about that inspiration. Replicating the right haircut would match the expectations you have of it.

Preparing for the Big Chop

This could very well be a life-changing experience for anyone. Seriously, the significant change after a big chop like that can surprise you. Make sure you have all the following things in mind, before getting the Emma Watson short hair look.

Prepare Mentally & Emotionally for a change in Appearance

Yes, there is a significant change in appearance since it depends a lot on the hairstyle and length of the same. Do it, only when you are completely prepared to see yourself with short hair and know the consequences such as maintenance and products you’d need to use.

Be at Ease with the Idea of Short Hair 

A lot of women are not used to the idea of having short hair and if you think you’re one of them, the Emma Watson haircut in 2022 may not be for you. Being at ease with the idea of carrying it with confidence helps the process of preparation hugely.

Take as much time as you want to be at ease with it so that when you get it, you carry it with immense confidence & style.

Embrace the Excitement for a Significant Transformation

In simpler words, be excited about getting a new haircut that is unique and also inspired by a celebrity that you really like. With good research and energy, nothing much can really go wrong. 

Styling Your Pixie Cut

Emma Watson’s 2010 Pixie cut look

Once you have got the Pixie haircut and you achieved the goal of looking like Emma Watson with short hair, you should know how to style it. Styling is one of the main factors behind good-looking hair since you cannot expect your haircut to not be messy and out-of-place at most times.

Purchase the right Hair Products for Short Hair

Avoiding split ends with short hair is one of the few struggles. Getting the right hair products for reducing puffiness is what you should go for. Volumizing Texture Sprays and a good Styling Cream for finishing touches can give you a natural look, reduce puffiness, and so on. 

If your hair is curly, you should also go for Moisture Control Shampoos and Conditioners while also styling your hair using Wax for firm textures and shine.

More Styling Techniques to Achieve what you Expected

When your hair has a lot of texture, frizz-control sprays, and smoothening oils are really recommended. Using styling products like Wax, Clay, Straighteners, and so on, can help you look like how Emma Watson with short hair looks. 

Use of Styling Tools for Added Volume/Texture

Using a blow dryer and a flat iron (hair straightener) styles your hair really well. You must already be aware of the fact that styling a Pixie Haircut requires it to be straight but that’s not all. Good moisture and shine also add up to the hair looking better.

Curl-Enhancing Basecoat is one of the products curly-haired people with Pixie cuts are really fond of. Make sure your hair is not damp or dry and the texture is how you want to keep it.

Maintaining Your Pixie Cut

The maintenance routine was slightly discussed before but if you’ve got the haircut, you need to know more about the details that can help you maintain your Pixie cut.

Regular Trims

Every 6 to 8 weeks, consider trimming your hair to get a fresher look of the Pixie Cut every time. This might be too often for people with long hair usually but maintaining a look which is that of Emma Watson with short hair, definitely requires this. Split-ends are also removed when you get a fresh haircut.

Explore Different Styles

Maintaining versatility with short hair is not impossible. For instance, the Emma Watson haircut in 2022 is a little different than that of the time when she first got it. This just goes to show the versatility short haircuts have. Try slight changes in length or texture and be creative with your hair. 

Keep your Hair Healthy

Using nourishing masks and conditioners, along with smoothening oils and Oil Shampoos are good options in the quest of keeping your hair healthy. The healthier your hair is, the more styles look good on the haircut. Search for the right hair products always. Consider what your stylist recommended or look for the best ones on the internet.

Embracing Confidence & Individuality

Feeling confident in your hairstyle and carrying yourself as a unique human being is very empowering. Having a haircut that not a lot of people can or want to carry, comes with different perks which are discussed below.

Pixie Cut is Unique & Redefining

The impact this haircut/hairstyle has been proving to have is commendable. Showcasing who you are, in a unique way is what this is all about. You should carry it with confidence, knowing that it’s unique and not everyone’s cup of tea.

Reflects Your Personality

Bold, ahead-of-time, and confident are three of the many different character traits that this hairstyle instantly reflects. There is nothing wrong with being proud of showcasing your personality. Women of this generation are strong inside & out.

Carry it with Pride just like Emma Watson

The uniqueness and versatility of this haircut make it one-of-a-kind and no one should carry it with embarrassment. On the contrary, confidence and pride in your personality is what this hairstyle represents and one should carry it with pride. Emma Watson’s haircut in 2022 was a bold decision but the confidence she had, is undeniable. Taking inspiration about that too is not a bad idea either.


Now, you have a proper idea regarding how to go about Emma Watson’s Pixie haircut. Choosing the right hairstyle for your face type and according to your hair texture is an important step. Achieving the hairstyle just requires proper communication with your stylist. Maintain and style it differently for exploring more with short hair.

Trying new hairstyles that are not that common is empowering. Get used to the individuality and uniqueness that you feel after having this haircut. The confidence that you’ll ooze out and the boldness that comes along with the hairstyle are two very undeniable factors.