Fashion That Cares: Discover Sustainable Fashion Brands In London

London is considered a global fashion capital and it is put on display every year during London Fashion Week. there was a time when sustainable fashion refers to images of unflattering and suspiciously scratchy styles. However, there are various brands that challenge this concept. Of course, you must look for brands that match your size, style, and value. Somehow, finding sustainable brands is challenging. 

How can you know the brand that claiming as sustainable itself, is originally sustainable or not? But fear not! we are here to help you to head to the best sustainable fashion brands in London. Some of the top fashion brands achieve sustainable status through the fabrics that they use, they opt for recycled or natural fabric, minimize the industry’s carbon footprint, and implement ethical practices too.

Others by reducing or slowing down their production, are making pieces on very small batches. So, if you are buying new clothes, we recommend looking for local, sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical purchases. Read this article to discover sustainable fashion brands in London. So make happy shopping and be sure to put them for resale as well.

Sustainable Fashion Brands London:

#1. Hide the label:

Hide the label

Category: Garments
For: Women
From: London, UK

Hide the Label is a London-based fashion brand, it is an eco-conscious womenswear brand that focuses on creating effortless silhouettes. these silhouettes fit well and you can wear these silhouettes on every occasion and event. This brand uses sustainable material to make the items and they aim to offer a wardrobe that has longevity and wearability. The fabric that they use for making the items include certified Global Recycled Standard, recycled polyester, and viscose. These have a low carbon footprint and are sourced very carefully. 

Plus, their packaging is completely plastic-free and they use 100% paper recycled products and compostable bio-based film for packaging. 

#2. Albaray:


Category: Outfits
For: Women
From: London, UK

Albaray was founded by an all-female trio during the pandemic. Albaray is a sustainable fashion brand that offers womenswear with a mission to offer the best quality product to women that perfectly suit the modern lifestyle without any compromise. They always aim to uplift styles and designs with uncompromised attention to detail, this brand showcases a collection of versatile styles that are designed for every woman. 

the brand uses a range of responsibly sourced fabrics and they put sustainability at the forefront of their products. These fabrics include viscose, deadstock, and so on. Albaray also maintains a transparent relationship with the suppliers, also they give assurance to all the customers that all the items have been manufactured ethically and thoughtfully.

#3. Molby The Label:

Molby The Label

Category: Handmade dresses on order
For: Women 
From: London, UK

Molby The Label is a British slow fashion brand that focuses on making beautiful, fun, and timeless outfits that can be worn on any occasion or event. They believe that making high-quality and timeless garments enable fabric wastage and carbon emission, as people can wear these dresses again and again. The brand initiates sustainable shopping and works towards reducing the need of the fast-fashion market. 

Additionally, they prepare the products handmade by order so each customer has the opportunity to alter each piece so that they look fantastic in them.

#4. People tree:

People tree

Category: Womenswear
For: Women
From: London, UK

In Pioneer’s sustainable fashion trade fair, People Tree assures that every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards. They produce a collection of versatile pieces with exclusive prints inspired by the V & A  archives. They make stylish, innovative, and affordable fashionable products while respecting the planet as well as people. 

they use organic cotton such as TENCEL Lyocell, responsible wool, and more to produce sustainable products through hand weaving, and through traditional artesian skills like hand knitting, hand embroidery, and hand block printing. People Tree is focused on maintaining the principles of fair trade, equality, and transparency all while creating amazing products. 

#5. Align:


Category: Womenswear
For: Women
From: London, UK

Aligne believes in first fashion, not in fast fashion. This sustainable brand believes in creating contemporary collections that are produced from planet-friendly sources and foundations. They use sustainable fabric to produce the items, these sustainable fabrics include breeze organic cotton, soft LENZING, and ECOVERO viscose. 

They create premium items with sustainable finishes, people choose their items for high quality and low environmental impact. They also thoughtfully designed every little detail such as swing tickets and labelling using recycled material. The brand designs versatile, stylish, and affordable pieces that are praised by many.

#6. Gung Ho:

Gung Ho

Category: Embroidered on Order
For: Women
From: London, UK

Gung Ho is an inspiring and planet-friendly fashion brand that weaves messages within its designs. They also include prints in their items to spark conversations. From plastic oceans to precious insects, they different environmental issues every year and they weave these issues into their garments. They initiate change. They focus on conveying messages through their garments and want to create movement through their products.

They want to minimize the social impact by supporting wonderful people and championing the charities the brand work with. They also have introduced a rework system so that you can lengthen the lifespan of your clothes. The more your clothes will be used, the less fabrics will be used and carbon emission will be reduced. 

#7. Birdsong:


Category: Womenswear
For: Women
From: London, UK

Birdsong is a fashion sustainable brand in London that produces eco-friendly clothing by talented local women. Birdsong takes inspiration from nature, art, and culture to make unique and innovative collections for women. They take pride of making hand-sketching every silhouette, and detail, and they post the print of the designs online to get feedback from their community all throughout the designing process. 

They make colorful designs in bright colors, original prints, and silhouettes using natural fabrics. They focused on minimizing waste by using innovative materials, and they also use recycled packaging material to make a circular and closed-loop economy.

#8. Wolf & Badger:

Wolf & Badger
Wolf & Badger

Category: Menswear, Womenswear, Jewelry, Luxurious homeware
For: Men & Women 
From: London, UK

Wolf & Badger has everything from epic fashion styles to housewares, to luxurious beauty products. The extensive range of handpicked independent brands makes it the ultimate destination to get effortlessly fashionable items. From officewear to outwear, Wolf & Badger has everything for its customers. The brand is also focused on making products without making any harm to the planet and animals.

Wolf & Badger has recently gained the coveted B-Corp certification. They focus on producing sustainable products by providing fair wages, traceability & transparency, taking care of the garments they produce, and looking for natural fabrics and dyes. also, they focus on the product’s longevity as they believe the longer you will use the product the lesser fabric will be required for manufacturing items. It will also reduce carbon emissions. 

#9. Vivienne Westwood:

Vivienne Westwood

Category: Clothing, and Accessories
For: Men & Women
From: London, UK

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood is a UK-based fashion designer who initiated a fashion brand that promotes luxurious, and high fashion without harming the planet and the animal of the earth. She focuses on working hard to stop climate change and the extinction of life on the earth. This sustainable clothing brand produces a sustainable and eco-friendly collection of beautifully crafted bags, jewelry, apparel, and accessories for men and women.

The sustainable clothing designer is more passionate about the environment and she considered fashion as a vehicle for activism. Vivienne Westwood produces collections, catwalk shows, and collaborations to promote the brand’s innovative designs, mobilize people around climate change, and champ for protecting life on the earth. She also has a target to produce organic and recycled sustainable luxury items for people. It uses good quality fabric and implements strategies to reduce carbon emissions by the industry.

#10. Beaumont Organic:

Beaumont Organic
Beaumont Organic

Category: Ladieswear
For: Women
From: London, UK

Beaumont Organic is a sustainable luxury ethical brand that designs womenswear by combining classic style with a contemporary twist. It is one of the most renowned sustainable fashion brands in the UK. They produce unique silhouettes with contrasting luxury and eco-friendly fabrics, You can see their transitional pieces through each season, including from day to night.

The brand introduces two collections every year with a collection of accessories that encompasses the brand’s contemporary style. This brand is on a mission to create a more sustainable fashion. They are more curious to gather more knowledge on how they can produce more ethically, and reduce wastage. They are finding more ways to become more transparent.

#11. Cossack:

Cossack. co

Category: Feminine and versatile apparel
For: Women
From: London, UK

Cossack promotes the minimalistic concept of the capsule wardrobe, and they offer a curated selection of contemporary threads and redefined basics with a sass edge. They design all the products by following sustainability and focus on producing items ethically. They aim on producing every item intended to be tran seasonal while intended to be minimizing wastefulness.

They target maximizing the usefulness of their products. Cossack is an emerging eco-fashion brand that rejects the mainstream practices of fast fashion. Rather they offer items to women that are design-led conscious fashion to help draw attention to the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. Cossack makes it easier for women to make better choices. 


Is H&M is 100% sustainable clothing brand?

Ans: H&M has set a rule for the industry that they only use 100% recycled components by 2030 to produce their garments. Also, they claim that the figure is 65% at the present time. The goal seems like a good approach, however, there are many brands across the UK using 100% sustainable fabrics for making garments in 2023.

How can I find a sustainable clothing brand?

Ans: If you want to find out sustainable clothing brands then you need to research the industry ethics through their homepage. Also, you can check the customer reviews about the brand. You can check if the brand is listed as an ethical company as well as you can also check the certification labels they provide.

How much is the sustainable fashion market worth in the UK?

Ans: According to some statistical reports, the ethical clothing sales revenue from 2014 to 2020 in the United Kingdom rose from 29 million British Pounds in 2015 to 57 million British Pounds in 2020.

Which country is the most sustainable in fashion?

Ans: According to research, the United Kingdom is the most interesting country that follows sustainable fashion in the entire world. 


A sustainable and conscious fashion brand is kind to the planet, people, and animals. If you are looking for transparent information about a fashion brand then you can check on the company’s website. You can look for details, ethics, values, policies, and initiatives too.

A good place to start is by reading this article, as here we have put together 11 local and responsibly-made sustainable fashion brands that are making waves in the scene of global fashion with their efforts for the planet, people, and animals.