Best 11 Romantic Restaurants in Manchester for Dinner Dates

Were you and your significant other lucky enough to get one of the winning Irish Lottery tickets available in the UK? If so, then a romantic dinner is in order.

Ready for a delightful date night? Everyone deserves a treat, whether you’re out with your friends or your special someone.

While sweatpants might be the current wardrobe favourite, we’re all about polishing up for a night on the town, especially when it involves one of these beautiful restaurants in Manchester.

Continue reading for our selection of some of the most charming places in the city, perfect for any occasion or a well-deserved special treat.


Experience unparalleled dining in Manchester at Tattu, where every visit becomes a journey into romance, especially when you secure a spot beneath the enchanting Cherry Blossom Tree upstairs.

The atmosphere is filled with undeniable charm and grace, and the contemporary Chinese menu continues to impress, standing the test of time.

Elevate your experience with some captivating cocktails featuring an extra touch of drama with billowing dry ice. Your perfect evening is just a sip away.

20 Stories

Perched high above the city skyline, 20 Stories provides an unparalleled romantic setting. With panoramic views of Manchester’s iconic architecture, this rooftop restaurant and terrace offer a glamorous backdrop for a romantic evening.

The menu, curated by Executive Chef Brian Hughson, features a blend of modern British dishes with a touch of international flair.

As you dine among the clouds, savouring exquisite cuisine and handcrafted cocktails, you and your partner will surely be swept away by the city’s romance below.

Adam Reid at The French

Few places rival the romantic allure of The Midland Hotel, exuding a luxury that stands the test of time. Its timeless elegance has captivated even German leaders in the 1940s.

Blend this enduring sophistication with the delectable British creations crafted by Chef Adam Reid, and you’re poised for a truly enchanting evening in every way imaginable.


For those seeking a romantic escape to distant lands, Australasia offers an exotic dining experience with a touch of luxury.

Located beneath the bustling streets of Manchester, this subterranean oasis boasts a chic and contemporary setting. The menu features a fusion of modern Australian and Southeast Asian flavours, with sushi and sashimi that are a feast for the senses.

The dimly lit ambience and stylish décor create an intimate atmosphere, making Australasia a top choice for couples seeking a unique and romantic dining experience.


Cottonopolis stands out as a genuine gem in Manchester for those who adore dancing on dates. This lively eatery offers Asian-inspired menus, creating a perfect setting for a night filled with delightful flavours.

DJs spin tunes in the listed building every weekend, paying homage to Manchester’s industrial history. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a fantastic spot for a lively weekend bash with your friends.

The Sparrows

The Sparrows captivates diners with its enchanting ambience and exquisite culinary offerings.

Nestled in the city’s heart, this charming eatery exudes an intimate atmosphere adorned with soft lighting, tasteful decor, and a cosy setting that sets the stage for a truly romantic dining experience.

The menu at The Sparrows is a testament to culinary artistry, featuring a carefully crafted selection of dishes that blend flavours and textures to create a memorable feast for the senses.

From decadent appetizers to indulgent desserts, each plate is a masterpiece, prepared with precision and a touch of romance.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff adds to the overall charm, ensuring that every visit to The Sparrows celebrates love and fine dining in the heart of Manchester.

Dakota Grill

Dakota exudes sophistication and chic vibes, creating an ideal backdrop for a romantic rendezvous.

Elevate the experience with Champagne and delightful cocktails on their charming heated terrace, and if the night unfolds beautifully, consider a stay in one of their exquisite upstairs rooms.

The restaurant boasts an impressive array of dishes, featuring delights like Wagyu Steaks, Red Deer Loin, and a decadent Squab Pigeon adorned with beetroot, foie gras, and truffle.

63 Degrees

Across the globe, there’s a universal understanding that the French truly excels in the art of romance. After all, Paris isn’t hailed as ‘The City of Love’ without good cause!

And where else could one savour a romantic dinner than at the delightful 63 Degrees in the Northern Quarter? You can expect a flawless meal paired with some of the world’s finest wines. Pure romantic bliss!

The Black Friar

In the heart of Salford, The Black Friar stands out as one of the city’s freshest dining spots. This place is a real gem with a diverse menu of delectable treats and a unique twist on traditional pub favourites.

The warm and inviting atmosphere inside embraces the historical charm of the building, and when the sun shines, the beer garden becomes the perfect spot for sipping cocktails.

Whether you’re in the mood for an exceptional meal or just want to feel at home, this restaurant has you covered. It’s a fantastic spot to indulge in a delightful dining experience combining modern flair and a cosy ambience.

The Oystercatcher

Nestled in a cosy neighbourhood corner, The Oystercatcher promises a delightful setting for a romantic rendezvous.

Picture this: a sumptuous Seafood Platter generously adorned with an abundance of Oysters. Talk about aphrodisiac goodness—what more could you ask for in a romantic dining experience?

El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro is a tapas restaurant that oozes romance and charm. The rustic yet stylish décor, combined with the rich flavours of Spanish cuisine, creates a lively and intimate atmosphere.

Share a selection of small plates with your loved one, from classic patatas bravas to succulent chorizo, as you savour Spain’s vibrant and bold tastes.

The extensive wine list and attentive service add the finishing touches to this Spanish love affair in the heart of Manchester.

Do you have a hidden gem in mind that deserves a spot on this list? Share your recommendations with us!