What to Wear under a See-through Dress?

In my opinion, transparent dresses in tulle, lace, and mesh are among the recent trends in fashion. We got your point, this see-through dress doesn’t aggravate the image of elegance, but you will have a celebrity look instantly.

The good news is, not only do celebrities look cool in this see-through dress but all we can look good in this trend. You can follow the below guidelines to wear under your see-through dress like the stylist you always want to be!

What to wear under a see-through white dress?

The white dress is one of our favourite outfits for all of us. There is something dramatic in the white ensemble and when it comes to party dresses, white is the best choice.

White is a tricky colour fabric and there are a lot of underneath that you can put on while wearing a see-through white dress. 

1. Nude or Blush coloured underwear:

You must be thinking to wear white underneath white, but this is not okay. According to fashion designers, when you are going to wear a white-coloured see-through dress, then you should aim for your natural flesh tones.

For light skin, blush or pink works better than any bright, or you can pick gold or chimpanzee colour also as your underwear. If you have darker skin tones then along with gold and chimpanzee, you can also try red, wine, deep violet, or even pure black.

2. Microfibres:

Microfibers are stretchy, smooth, lovely silk-like fabrics that are often made from polyester. Underwears made from microfibers are very unnoticeable and they don’t tend to catch with other clothes because of their slippery surface.

So, microfibers underneath are perfect to use for a white see-through dress.

3. Slip dress:

A slip dress is really not so much a used dress in modern times, but it adds lightweight and a smooth layer and you can easily use a slip dress underneath with any dress you pick.

Slip works well, especially with items that are made from sheer fabrics and it is slightly loose. You can also wear a slip with a bra and panties.

Nude-coloured slip will be the best option with a white-coloured see-through dress.

What to wear under a see-through maxi dress?

As the summer is approaching, maxi dresses are the best option. Being one of the most versatile clothing items, the right choice of undergarments is sometimes challenging. One of the biggest subsections is the see-through style.

You can see the below products to help to figure out what to wear under a see-through maxi dress.

1. Sticky bra:

The sticky bra is going to be your favourite one while rocking any type of maxi dress. A sticky bra is reliable, comfortable, and most importantly versatile.

With a double layer of replicable adhesives, this bra is going to match perfectly with a see-through maxi dress.

If you want to make a statement, you can choose a black or nude-shaded sticky bra for a see-through maxi dress.

2. Silicone Bra Flesh colour:

Trendy open backs and deep necklines are beautiful looking, but sometimes it may be tricky when you need to keep your bust in place.

One of the best options to use is a backless silicone bra that sticks to your skin. Silicone bras are available in flesh colours, so they will be a great choice if you have sheer or light-white fabrics.

3. Waist cincher:

If you want a much-defined waistline then you can choose a waist cincher. For a see-through maxi dress, ensure the waist cincher is made of snag-free material. A waist cincher is a very lasting thing you want to show through your clothing.

What to wear under a see-through bodycon dress?

As the summer months are knocking on the door, bodycon dresses are set to make a resounding comeback. Several options work on bodycon dresses perfectly without affecting the look of the dress. You can pick from the below lists:

1. Shapewear:

The shapewear is the most practical solution for a figure-hugging outfit. You can pick shapewear that tucks in your lower body pooch, and also support your bust, give shapes to your thighs, and also create a proportional shape of yours.

Shapewear is the best pick for a see-through bodycon dress as it fits you and provides more support and comfort.

2. Adhesive bras:

Adhesive bras are the perfect fit for a see-through bodycon dress. They feature a glue-like substance that clings to your bust. You can also try padded adhesive bras as they will give extra support to your bust.

If you don’t prefer to go out without bras, then pick up a quality adhesive bra to wear under a see-through dress.

3. Briefs:

Briefs are termed as granny panties and it provides you full coverage and a high waist. They are very comfortable to wear. Surprisingly, if you are looking for pretty ones, then you can try baby ribs. It is very attractive. Briefs are the perfect option for most casual dresses. It works perfectly with a see-through bodycon dress.

What to wear under a see-through linen dress?

Linen is a natural fibre made from the flax plant. It is an excellent choice for the summer days. It is a very popular and strong fabric.

As linen is a natural fibre, it is slightly sheer. That means you need to wear a slip or other such underwear beneath a linen dress to avoid showing too much skin.

Here are a few options I am going to list that will work on linen dresses. You can pick from the below list:

1. Seamless bra:

While showing the bra strap is no longer taboo, showing the visible lines of a bra is still a minor fashion trend. So, you can opt for a bra with a seamless cup that will not spoil the formal look of a linen dress.

Seamless bras come in padded, non-padded, wireless, and underwired varieties. You can compare a variety of available options seamless bras in the market according to the stability and lift you require for your outfit.

2. Thongs or G-strings:

You can also wear thongs or G-strings under the tight linen garment. G-strings are a type of thong that is much more comfortable and a little bit more intimidating because it is appropriate for a see-through linen outfit.

With less fabric, thongs are the material that doesn’t get shown and would be the better choice.

3. Buttock pads:

Buttock pads have come in a variety of options and styles. It is mostly made with silicone; you can get it either ready-made underwear with pads inserted by the manufacturer.

It gives you the best fit and gives you a proper shape for your figure. Buttock pads are one of the best picks for a see-through linen dress.


What to do if a dress is too see-through?

Ans: When a see-through dress is rocking then what to wear underneath depends on you. What amount of your body do you want to cover?

The upper choice will cover your upper half and the bottom choice will cover your lower half. But, still, you will be get shown a decent amount of skin.

How do I make my dress not see-through?

Ans: To make your dress not see-through you can try one trick that often works to purchase a nude, or match to your complexion shade of undergarments.

Another trick you may apply is that you can go with matching underwear for a see-through dress.

Wrap Up:

Here, in this article, I have rounded up a few underneath dresses that will go perfectly with a see-through dress.

Due to skin fitting nature of a see-through dress, you need to get the right kind of underwear for a flawless final look. While buying, make sure you feel comfortable wearing that item.